6 Techniques To Increase Blood Flow To The Penis

increase blood flow to the penis

In this article, we’ll discuss some techniques to increase blood flow to the penis.


Do you think your erections do not last long enough? Does it take you an awkwardly long amount of time to generate an erection? Or you can’t generate an erection at all?

Doing pelvic-focused exercises, altering your dietary habits, refraining from alcohol and nicotine, indulging in roleplay, new intercourse positions, and other such methods can help in relieving you of your erection issues.

These are all solutions to help regain the normal blood flow to your penis and sustain your erections as an ordinary man. But if you are a patient of erectile dysfunction (ED) due to benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), also known as prostate enlargement, then these methods will not help in you the short-term.

Increase Blood Flow To The Penis With Exercises

Consuming medication and adopting the habits mentioned here together relieve you of your ED issues in the short-term. You can also opt for ayurvedic medication or man-made medicine. We have curated a bunch of different routes that you can take in order to increase blood flow to your penis.

1. Supine Foot Raises

Lie down on the floor with your hands by your side and your feet flat. 2 things you need to ensure are your knees being bent and your spine in a neutral position. For maximum effectiveness, make sure that each time you do this exercise, there is a gap between the ground and your lower back.

Slowly raise one leg by straightening your knees to a 45-degree angle, stay in that position for 2 to 4 seconds. While your leg comes down you must be inhaling. Repeat the same movement with your other leg and work towards 3 sets of 8 repetitions.

The purpose is to stress the pelvic area. Each time you maintain your leg in a 45-degree posture, your pelvic section feels stress and gets activated. This leads to enhanced blood flow to the lower end of the torso, eventually helping in greater blood supply to the reproductory organs such as the penis.

2. Butt Bridges

The goal here is to stress your pelvic area by putting pressure on it in a curly posture. Start the same way as you do in supine foot raises. Engage your core pelvic muscles by lifting your butt off the floor, as high as can. If you can make it flat like a bridge then nothing like it.

Ensure your back is on the floor while you do repetitive movements. While you put pressure on your butt and glutes to pull your body up, the pelvic muscles get activated.

This loosens up the pelvic area and the connections with arteries from other parts of the body to the pelvic area. Resulting in great blood flow to the lower body and an opportunity to maintain prolonged erections.

3. Kegel Exercises

The main focus of these exercises is your bulbocavernosus muscle. The bulbocavernosus muscle is present in the middle of the anus and your genitals. The bulb section in that region can be contracted to push out the last bit of semen or urine. To get a better sense of where this muscle is located, you can stop and resume urinating a couple of times and you realize which muscle is involved.

The exercise is simple, all you have to do is squeeze those muscles and hold on for 4 to 6 seconds, then breathe out and relax. Continue this exercise 3 times a day in reps of 20. For maximum effectiveness, you must do it while sitting, standing and laying down.

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Increase Blood Flow To The Penis: Medications And Other Remedies

Those were some exercise options for you. Don’t want to exercise and looking for some other remedies to increase blood flow to the penis? No worries, we got you.

1. Penis-ring

This is an O-shaped sex toy that fits along the rim of a male’s penis. The purpose of the O-shape is to ensure that the blood flow is maximized and directed to the shaft of your penile structure. As long as blood circulation is constant in that region, one can sustain longer erections.

The sex-toy industry is way ahead of what you can imagine. You have 4 options to purchase from – a vibrator cock-ring, stretchable cock-ring, adjustable cock-ring, or a hard cock-ring. Not only can each type help different people, but their partners will also experience a unique sense of satisfaction.

2. Indulge In Role-play

Often the issue with men is that they want to get straight to the action! Yes, I mean intercourse. The initial stages of sexual activity are usually skipped or very little time is given to them. Indulging in role-playing not only prolongs the session, but also brings in a sense of excitement, intense seductiveness, and greater sexual arousal.

While the couple is using props, accents, words, or bodily jerks to excite their partner, the male goes through intense phases of erections and blood flow naturally increases to the penis.

The thrilling sensation that it calls for is sent in the form of a signal to the brain and this automatically leads to greater focus on your bodily needs.

3. Yohimbe or Lidocaine Spray

Both these solutions lead to greater blood flow and eventually harder erections. The former is a supplement for ED that is extracted from tree backs. It consists of properties that weaken the alpha-2 adrenergic receptors and better the blood cycle to and from the penis.

To top it up, Yohimbe herbs also help in releasing nitric oxide in the body, leading to dilation of blood vessels and smooth flow of blood to otherwise restricted sections.

The latter of the methods for increased blood flow to the penis mentioned above is known as Lidocaine spray. It is a topical anesthetic that is known to reduce the sensitivity level on sections of your penis that promote a substantial delay in ejaculation.

The blood that would be diverted to the less sensitive parts of the penile structure is now diverted to the nerves and veins that are crucial to generating and maintaining an erection.

Wrap Up

There are dozens of more solutions that you can use to better the blood supply to your penis. Medical researchers all over the world have concluded that consuming meals rich in antioxidants, L-Arginine, anthocyanins, and Vitamin B12 promotes great blood flow in the pelvic region, increases testosterone levels, and relaxes the penile walls. You have a range of options to choose from – sex toys, sexual positions, Kegel exercises, herbal supplements, medicines like Viagra or Cialis, etc.

In fact, you can buy generic Viagra online or you can even buy generic Cialis online from our online store and get them delivered to your home safely and without any hassle.

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