Shipping & Refund Policy

Guarantee Delivery:

Secure Pharma Online will notify you by email as soon as your order is shipped. This notice will give you an estimate of the number of days within which your order will arrive. In case your delivery is delayed beyond a time or lost you are advised to contact us by email at mentioning your phone number and the order details.

A Customer Support representative will get back to you with the courier’s tracking number for the shipment and the directions for using this number to learn the status of your shipment. If the courier is unable to locate your shipment and give you an expected delivery date, the delivery guarantee for the pharmacy will take into effect. It will immediately investigate the status of the case and contact you or reship the order again with no additional charges, or else refund your total purchase cost.

Refunds will be made by electronic credit charged back to your initial source of payment. We will credit full amount back to your credit card account in case of lost shipment.

Notices you will receive:

Once an order is placed, you will receive two notifications- one from our payment processor, acknowledging the receipt of your payment, and the other one will be from Secure Pharma Online, acknowledging the receipt of your order thereby sending you a copy of the detailed invoice.

In case if you do not receive these emails, check your junk or spam folder on your email. Still, if the emails are not there in your junk or spam folder it should be considered that your order was not registered into our system and hence it cannot be processed and shipped.

Within 1-2 business days of your order, you will receive a notification from our Shipping Department, advising that your order has been shipped, with average delivery time within 15 to 20 business days.

Free Shipping:

Free shipment is available all over the world for bulk orders. Standard time frames and careful packaging is the criteria irrespective of order size and cost.

Priority Mail Express Delivery transportation (US to US) is available and the delivery time is with in 1 to 2 days.

Overseas shipments are typically delivered within 15 to 20 business days due to Covid19.

When to Expect Delivery?

Once you have placed the order, our payment merchant will notify you about the successful transaction within 24-48 hours. This notification should be regarded as a final approval for the payment.

Within 1-2 Business Days of your Order Approval, we will ship your order and we will send you the shipping details.

This notice tells you the date we shipped your order and average delivery in 15 to 20 business days.

What do you do if delivery is late?

If for any reason your order fails to arrive within 21 days of estimated time or it is unable to locate your shipment, you should notify the pharmacy about this at the earliest.

We will get back to you with the courier’s tracking number for the shipment and directions for using this number to learn the status of your shipment. If the package is not located, the credit will be charged back to your credit card, equal to the amount of your purchase, or a replacement shipment will be sent to you.

If the package cannot be located, please see the first section of this page for information about our Delivery Guarantee.

How does the track option work for shipped products?
Upon confirmed orders, Secure Pharma Online provides a tracking number/consignment number as our reputed shipping partners initiate the process of shipping. The tracking number helps in knowing the status of shipment & delivery.

Shipping partners might vary depending on the country for which the product has to be delivered. But Secure Pharma Online provides complete information of shipping associates via mail for the confirmed orders.

Refund Policy:

We offer a full refund policy, which means in case an order isn’t fulfilled or delivered on time, we reimburse you all of what you have been charged.

The amount will be refunded back to the originating credit card / bank account. You will receive the credit within a certain amount of days, depending on your card issuer’s policies.

Alternatively you may ask for a re-shipment.

For Shipment:

If the consignment did not arrive within 45 days from the date of shipment, you can request for a refund or a reshipment.

If you encounter a problem like “Pills Not Working” & “Shipment not Received” then kindly contact our customer support on the Toll Free Number 001-415-524-4133.

Refund is only applicable if the pills are not working even after sending a new package.