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The common belief regarding the sexual concept is that people believed men get into sexual activity easily because their estrogen levels are high compared to women. However, it is not like that. Everybody wants to get sexual pleasure be it a man or a woman. 

Research states that it is difficult to predict the nature of women. Their sexual skills are difficult to measure as it is full of complexities. Though there are several kinds of medicines available. All these medicines are reliable and any woman can take them. However, before taking any medicine, it will be better for you to consult with doctors. One of the best medicines is Lovegra 100mg Pills

It helps to create sexual awareness among women. 

Who Have Higher Sexual Desire: Men Or Women?

Sex is very important in our life. Without sex, life seems impossible. Moreover, people can even go insane without getting a proper sex partner. It is difficult to say who has the higher sex: men or women.

Research states that both men and women have a strong desire for sex. However, exceptions are there and vary from individual to individual. Sexual drive or libido is independent of gender. It means both genders have equal sexual drive. 

One of the common questions that strike the mind of every individual is what drives sex in our minds. The answer to this question remains a mystery. Scientists and researchers are unable to solve the mystery. The exact meaning of libido and how can it be measured in men and women is still a big question. 

All men and women have sexual hormones. During orgasm, sexual hormones become active. Sexual hormones play an important role in driving sex. Common belief states that women feel shy to share their sexual drive with men. Moreover, some women suffer from problems. Those who are suffering from these problems may take Ladygra 100mg pills

These pills are effective and can provide you with sexual desire. There is no discrimination against women or men. Research states that all of them have a desire for sex. 

Problems Of Women

Women generally face problems with low libido and loss of interest in sex. Often they suffer from extreme pain during sexual intercourse. That is why it is essential to treat these problems. Women think what society would think. Due to fear and shame, the women often don’t want to share their problems. The result and effect are that these problems remain untreated for several years. That is why it is essential to discuss the problems.

As soon as you detect the problem, consult the doctors. The doctors will prescribe some medicines. The common medicine is Lovegra 100mg Pills. This medicine is highly effective and helps in arousing sexual desire. Though this medicine might have some side effects. If the problems are treated effectively then you can feel better.

What Is A Libido? 

The desire for sex or orgasm is called libido. Our mind plays an important role in sexual interest. The hormones and our brains send the signals and that is why we feel sexually attractive. So, we can say that libido is influenced by sexual hormones and other acquired behavior.

Libido depends from person to person. It is the biological needs and the basic sex orientation among gender. Just like men and women, everyone has a desire for sex. Moreover, it is necessary to take care of it. 

The sexual desire in the case of men and women does not remain the same throughout the year. It fluctuates in different states. The youngsters will have more sexual desire. Whereas as people started to age their sexual desire started to reduce. However, if anyone does not find not at all interested in sex then it is a serious problem. 

One of the main factors is age. However, research states that several older women have high sex compared to younger women. One of the treatments is to take Ladygra 100mg pills. Before taking the pill, consult with your doctor. 

However, it has been seen that low libido is responsible for relationship problems. Sex is very important to maintain a good and sexy life. 

Different Types Of Libido

Generally, doctors stated two types of libidos. They are spontaneous and responsive. The spontaneous libido means which comes instantly. This type of libido is mainly seen among young people who are in their twenties. 

They feel to have sex every time and enjoy it. They don’t let any opportunity to have sex with their partner. 

The second type of libido is the responsive libido. This is mainly aroused by watching porn movies or by getting touched by someone. 

Generally, women usually get affected by responsive libido. This often affects their relationship as they don’t respond spontaneously. The partner may want to have some more closeness towards them. Lack of physical excitement creates problems. The solution for this is Lovegra 100mg Pills.

Why Do Women Have Low Libido?

Not all women have low libido. Several women react spontaneously. The majority say that they need an external stimulus then only they can react. Sometimes taking pills like Ladygra 100mg pills will help you to increase your libido. 

For sexual enjoyment you need foreplay, watching porn, and other things to arouse sexual desire. If these things are missing then naturally the sexual desire will not be fulfilled. 

However, several females take boosters and doses so that the sex can get aroused. Taking medicines daily is good for your health. To enjoy sexual activity, it an essential to take medicines.


After reading the entire article we are sure that you must have gotten an entire idea regarding sex. Take the Ladygra 100mg pills and get satisfied. You will find your sexual desire getting increased. Moreover, sex is one of the important requirements in our life. Without sex life seems uninteresting.

Before taking the medicines, consult the doctor. They will suggest you the dose and you will get relief and find interest in having sex. 


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