Erectile Dysfunction Exercises: 6 Exercises That Might Help With ED

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best exercises for erectile dysfunction that anyone can perform easily.


Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is not a rare disease. In fact, there is a surprisingly large (tens of millions) number of people who suffer from this problem. Some are victims of ED due to undergoing surgery for Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH), also known as Prostate Enlargement.

Whereas some have other problems with blood flow to their heart and kidneys. To solve these blood flow issues they consume medicines like Viagra that reduce their discomfort by diverting more blood to the heart and kidneys so that they can live comfortably. But what is lost in the process, directly impacts their ability to perform well in bed. They lose their erection-maintaining capabilities.

Best Exercises For Erectile Dysfunction

Men with ED usually opt for medication that stimulates erections due to increased nitric oxide levels in the body. This spike in nitric oxide levels increases blood circulation to the penis while also relaxing the arterial walls of the penile structure.

This, accompanied by dilation and formation of new blood vessels proves as a perfect channel to increase blood flow to the penis – thus generating an otherwise impossible erection.

If not medication, people also opt for other routes such as role-play, unique positions, sex toys, a complete change in diet, and the elimination of alcohol and nicotine consumption.

One method that helps in improving the overall physical health (including ED) in men is exercising. Below we have curated a list of a few exercises that have proven to help men who struggle with erectile dysfunction.

1. Pelvic Curl/Butt Bridges

If you have been part of a few Pilates classes, then the odds are you already know this exercise. Start by lying down on the floor with your knees bent, arms wide, and feet flat. Ensure you have left some space between the floor and your lower back. Now, you must exhale and engage the pelvic floor muscles. Lift the pelvis higher towards the belly and make sure your back is stuck to the floor. This activates the pelvic muscles.

To make it harder and more effective, you can continue by lifting the buttocks from the floor while pressing your heels down. If your body weight is resting on your shoulders then you are on the right path. Hold for 3 seconds and continue. Exhale when you rise and inhale when you come back down. Doing 3 sets of 10 repetitions daily can help in generating erections.

2. Activating Pelvic Floor Muscles

You start the same as you do in a Pelvic Curl. Lay down with your knees bent and hands and feet flat on the surface. Breathe out and squeeze the pelvic floor muscle for 3 seconds, then inhale. One vital point to consider is that you contract the correct muscles and not the legs, buttocks, or stomach.

3. Pelvic Floor Activation while Standing

Stand up and maintain your feet at the width of your hips. Keep your arms by the sides of your body, you can lift them if you want to exert slightly more. Rise on your toes and exert your pelvic muscles. Hold for three seconds and then slowly inhale when your back on the ground. This same exercise can be performed while sitting also.

4. Various types of Kegel Exercises

Performing Kegel exercises 3 times a day regularly brings positive symptoms related to your erectile dysfunction issue. Strengthening the muscles of your pelvis proves effective in tackling ED symptoms.

When Kegel exercises are performed by males, the main target is the bulbocavernosus muscle. It is due to this muscle that the penis is allowed to receive greater blood flow, leading to a prolonged erection.

In fact, the bulbocavernosus muscle is also responsible for emptying the urethra post-urination and pumping sperm during ejaculation.

Think about it, the more you strengthen and work on this muscle, the longer, harder, and more satisfying your erection and overall sexual performance will be. If you are not sure that you are focusing on the right muscle then here is a simple trick to identify the bulbocavernosus muscle.

You must abruptly stop multiple times while urinating and you will notice a specific muscle around your abdomen is taking the stress. That’s the muscle you have to focus on. Gradually stress the muscle for more seconds and when you can successfully reach the 10-second mark, you can say you are on the right path.

5. Knee Fallouts

Start by laying down on the floor with your hands and the sole of the feet touching the floor (which can only happen with bent knees). While your body is straight, leave some space between your back and the floor. Now that your posture is perfect, you must slowly exhale and squeeze your pelvic muscles. Move your knee sideways as close as you can to the floor, hold for a few seconds and then bring it back to the center. The same process has to be followed by the other knee. Ensure to inhale while you recenter your knees. You must do 10 repetitions (on each side) for the best results.

6. Supine Foot Raises

Just like most of the exercises mentioned above, you need to lay down flat on the floor and keep your hands by your side. Make sure your knees are bent and your spine is in a neutral position, while also maintaining a gap between your back and the ground.

Now that your posture is perfect you can exhale and contract your pelvic muscles. Slowly and gently raise one leg from the ground (making sure your pelvic muscles and spine feel the stress) and make sure it is straight (unbent knees). Hold it at a 45-degree angle for 3 seconds and bring the foot back to the ground while inhaling. Perform the same movement with your other leg and try and achieve 3 sets of 8 repetitions each to achieve the best results.

Erectile Dysfunction Exercise: Wrap Up

For a quick solution, you might want to buy generic Viagra online or even try to buy generic Cialis online or Sildenafil citrate 100mg but keep in mind that these exercises do not completely erase erectile dysfunction for a lifetime. All they do is lower the symptoms to an extent that allows a man to indulge in sexual activity while also successfully satisfying his partner. If you abruptly stop doing these exercises, then the muscles naturally weaken once again and ED can come back.

You may also want to take part in some boxing or rowing lessons. Getting yourself to go for frequent runs, achieve a 100 count in skipping, cycle for 30 minutes, or enrolling in spin classes can be an additional measure to help you men who are victims of erectile dysfunction.


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