14 Women Reveal What Turns Them on the Most On The Bed

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Sex is an important activity in our life. However, in our society, we all feel ashamed to share our sexual feelings with others. Hence, it is important to have sound knowledge regarding sex education. According to the survey, we get to know that women have a higher desire for sex rather than men. Other than that, only sexual intercourse is not enough to get satisfaction. By taking some of the medicines, a woman can feel orgasm and enjoy the sexual moments. 

There are several ways by which you can get satisfaction in bed. Before intercourse, one of the main things is foreplay. It increases sexual hormones. Then only the women get satisfaction. You can try using some lubricants or gel to have smooth sexual pleasures. 14 women reveal what actually turns them on the bed most of the time. Here we are going to state the important sexual facts. There are some important west’s by which you can turn on a woman on the bed. Check it out. 

What Turns Women On The Bed?

There is a myth that it is harder to turn on a woman on a bed than a man. However, it is not true. Men as well as women, both have physical needs. The difference is that men express their sexual feelings while women often hesitate to express their feelings. With the help of Lovegra 100mg the sexual desire can be fulfilled. 

  1. Hold the hands: The pure form of love is to hold hands. Holding the hands of the woman creates emotion and sentiments. It means that women feel safe and are ready to trust you. Other than that, the nerves in the hands and palms get excited. Besides, holding hands is a pure form of gesture and you might feel excited too. That is why you must share your love and bondings with them. This is the first step that turns the woman on in bed. 
  2. Give a lift: The idea of lifting a woman is very special. They feel special and like to get pampered. Before taking her to bed, you can lift her and do some cuddling. It will help you. Other than that, it will increase the love and bonding between you. We know that life is not like movies. So, you should not have to be highly romantic. That is why you may do small things that will make her feel special. These situations will help you to create good bondings. 
  3. Turn on music: Music and romance go hand in hand. You can turn on the music to make your partner feel happy. However, the music should be soft and light. It will create both of your moods. She will feel romantic and will like to have you in her arms. Even if you are not a good dancer then you can also dance with your partner by doing small steps. It will help you to have good feelings. This way both of you can cuddle and hug one another. You will also feel happy and have fun with one another. 
  4. Hugs and kisses: Start with hugs and kisses. First, see whether she is interested in making love with you or not. Start with light and tight hugs. Slowly kiss her arms and lips. She will enjoy it and her sex hormones will rise again. This way you can start to make love. However, never force her. Try to understand what she is trying to say. Women generally never try to say anything with their mouths. They like you to understand what she is trying to say. It will help you to stay happy with your partner. 
  5. Flowers and gifts: If you want to make the moment special then you can give her chocolates, flowers or whatever she likes. It will help you to stay happy. She might like the smell of the flower. Other than that, chocolates might create her new mood. So, you can try all these things. This is the beginning. You should never try to do sexual intercourse at the beginning. It will not help you to create the moment special. However, you can also give the other things that she likes to have like books, perfume, or other things. 
  6. Decorate the room: Another way to make love with the woman is to decorate the room with flowers, chocolates and other decorative items. It will automatically create your mood. Other than that, you can decorate the rooms with all her favorite things. Hopefully, she will like it. Now, your role is to give perfume to your dress and body. You should not smell bad. If possible, try to brush before meeting her. This will help you to have great feelings. A nicely decorated room will provide extra privilege. 
  7. Foreplay: The most important thing is foreplay. We have stated earlier that indulging in sexual intercourse at the beginning might not help turn on a woman. So, you need to do lots of foreplay. If you are doing sex for the first time then foreplay will play a great role. Foreplay means to raise the orgasms in your body. Women always like to cuddle and like to get love and affection. In the long run, it is safe. Try to do foreplay for at least 15-30 minutes depending upon the situation. This will help the woman to have fun. She will enjoy the moments with her partner. 
  8. Sex:  Now, the most important thing comes. That is sexual intercourse. You can try several types of positions to make her feel comfortable. Generally, women feel shy to say their sexual needs in front of men. So, you must understand the needs of the woman. Try to make love with your partner and make her feel comfortable. You have to look into the matter of whether she is feeling comfortable with all the sexual postures or not. This will help you to have a good sexual memory with your partner. 
  9. Provide medicine: If you are suffering from the problems of ED then try to take medicine. However, you can also tell the woman to take Ladylove 100 mg. This medicine is good in the long run. Other than that, the medicine will increase orgasms in females. She will enjoy the moments. Hence, you can give the medicine and make the moments special. However, you must select the dose by consulting with the doctor. This will help you in the long run. Other than that, the medicines might create some side effects in the body like body aches, muscle pain, etc. Be aware of all those things.
  10. Use condoms: Sex is not safe if you want to avoid pregnancy. That is why you should use condoms. Using condoms will help you to get rid of pregnancy as well as diseases as well. If you are not comfortable using condoms then you should ask your partner to take 72 pills after sexual intercourse. Try to play safe so that it would not create any problems in the future. 
  11. Make her comfortable: Your duty doesn’t end here. After sex, many men leave the place without saying any words. No, don’t do that. After sexual intercourse, many women like to spend some time with each other and their partners. So, make her comfortable and feel that you are happy with her. Try to listen to what she is saying. This will strengthen your relationship. Other than that, you can crack jokes to make her feel happy. This will make her feel reliable and you can stash happiness.
  12. Dress: Generally, after sex, both men and women try to dress and leave the place. However, in this case, help the lady to dress. If you dress her then she might develop feelings for you. At the same time, give her a goodbye kiss. It will help both of you to develop an understanding of feelings. Other than that, you see the expressions and changes in her physical appearance. 
  13. Make her feel special: Lastly, try to make her feel special which makes her happy. This way you can stay happy. When you will meet her again next time then she will remember the past incidents. That is why you must stay happy with her. Try to understand what she likes. Generally, women don’t like to say their feelings. So try to understand all these things by yourself.

Final Thoughts 

Finally, in the end, we must say to you that with the help of Lovegra 100mg you can impress your partner. Other than that, you can follow all the above-mentioned tips. These tips will help you to turn on the woman in the bed. 

Moreover, love and affectionless very important for you to make your partner happy you must make your partner happy with the help of your gesture. Remember, sex is very important to maintain a healthy relationship. That is why you should not commit any such mistakes that will create problems in your sex life in the future. 



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