MTP Kit usage for women at home – Step by step guide!

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Pregnancy at an unexpected time is surely not desirable. We all wish to have kids at some point in life. However, unless we are prepared for it mentally, pregnancy is not desirable. Different factors may come in the way of making a pregnancy desirable for the couple. Here are some examples when the couple may not regard pregnancy as desirable:

The Couple is Not Committed:

The man and the woman may be together in a relationship just for fun. The no strings attached relationship is good but surely cannot afford children in it. If an unplanned pregnancy occurs, the couple would want to put an end to it early.

The Couple is Not Financially Stable: Financial stability is essential if the couple decides to have children. If they are going through financial turmoil, it is best to plan children later. This could be an important reason why the couple may plan to terminate a pregnancy.

Mother’s Health is Not Suitable: Pregnancy takes a huge toll on women’s health and life. Once the child is born, the woman must invest most of the time in childcare. This is the reason why women should not consider pregnancy unless they are energetic, fit and healthy. If the mother’s health is not good, it is better to terminate pregnancy than go for the child.

The Couple Is Too Old: If the couple is too old, they may not have the energy or health to take care of a child. In such cases, it would be a wise decision on the part of the couple to avoid unwanted pregnancy. 

The Couple Already Have Desired Number of Children: You may already have children with your partner. In such cases, you may not want another addition to the family. Terminating the pregnancy before it progresses is a wise decision to take.

Due to any of the above listed reasons or other reasons, the couple may wish to end an unwanted pregnancy. The best way is to terminate it early on by using the MTP Kit. You can Buy MTP Kit Online and have it delivered right to your door. There are several online pharmacies that offer MTP Kit at the best prices.

Here are Some Tips to Buy the MTP Kit Online:

Once you have decided to end the unwanted pregnancy at home, you can look for a Cheap MTP Kit on the internet. Here are some things to keep in mind while ordering the same:

Always Order from Reputed Online Pharmacies: You will find countless stores online offering MTP Kits at unbelievable prices. However, each of these are not reputable or trustworthy. You need to make sure you order the Cheap MTP Kit only from trusted online stores. A reputed store will have positive feedback and good reviews. On the contrary, a disrepute store will have multiple negative reviews and poor ratings. This could indicate that the store is not trustworthy. You may also consult some of your friends to know which is the best online pharmacy for medicine purchases. 

Check the Expiry Date: Just like all other medicines, MTP Kits also expire. It is important to check the expiry date of the medicine before you place your order. If the medicine has crossed its expiry date, it is not useful to you. Some of the expired medicines also show adverse effects. It is best to buy medicines well within their expiry date.

Verify the MRP of the MTP Kit: Do not get cheated by MTP Kits sold well below the MRP. Authentic medicines cost a certain amount termed as MRP. This is the money invested by the company to pay the researchers and for the production of the medicine. If the medicine is available at a price much lower than the MRP, you must become suspicious. The medicine may be adulterated.

Read the Terms and Conditions and the Shipping Policy of the Pharmacy: Make sure to verify the terms and conditions and the shipping policy of the online pharmacy before you place your order.

How to Use the MTP Kit: A Step-By-Step Guide!

Now that you have decided the pregnancy is untimely, here is how you can terminate it using the MTP Kit:

What is Included in the MTP Kit?

The MTP Kit contains 1 tablet of Mifepristone 200mg and 4 tablets of Misoprostol 200mg. 

Step 1: Once you have confirmed unwanted pregnancy, you must first use Mifepristone 200mg. This medicine must be used orally. Some doctors recommend you to use the medicine in their presence. This is because the medicine may cause unexpected effects like dizziness and uneasiness. The medicine actually works to stop the progesterone that plays a vital role in the healthy progression of pregnancy. Once you have used this medicine, the doctor may recommend rest from 24-48 hours. The next dose of the MTP Kit should not be used sooner than 24 hours. 

Step 2: You can move to this step at least 24 hours after step 1 is successfully accomplished. In this step, you need to use 4 tablets of Misoprostol 200mg. The doctor may recommend you to use this medicine vaginally for quicker effect. The termination of pregnancy will be complete when you are done with this step.

Some Special Precautions to Take:

It is best to consult a doctor while undergoing abortion using this method. You need to inform your doctor about past drug interactions. This will help the doctor decide whether this method of abortion is suitable for you. You also need to inform your doctor about any health complications of the past like kidney and liver damage. When the doctor has a clear idea about your health history, he will be able to prescribe the right method to terminate the unwanted pregnancy.

Recovery After Abortion:

You may require some rest to heal from the unwanted abortion. You must wait for at least sixty days before penetrating after the abortion. This rest plays a valuable role in recovery.


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