ED And Vitamins: Can Vitamins Help With ED?

ed and vitamins

In this article, we’ll discuss the impact of vitamins on ED.


Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a medical condition that disrupts the sexual life of men. Rather than getting to enjoy and partake in pleasurable sexual activities in bed, the ED victim and his partner are left confused due to ED causing a massive sexual communication gap between the two.

Every man would prefer to last longer in bed and satisfy their partner, irrespective of age, looks, and other medical conditions. ED victims fail to do this and thus look to buy generic Viagra online, or buy generic Cialis online, and consume them to boost up their sexual prowess.

Some ED victims prefer to stay away from medicinal therapy and opt for lifestyle changes. These lifestyle changes could come under the category of consumption habits, exercising habits, dietary changes, and even stress and emotion management.

However, many people have asked whether vitamins can contribute to their ED issues. The answer to this is yes. Rather than consuming medicines that have assured side effects, it would be wiser to choose natural solutions to lead a disruption-free and healthy sex life.

Which Vitamins Are Great For ED Or Impotence?

Consuming relevant vitamins for your ED issue will surely improve your penis-related problems and also the quality of your sex life. Healthy vitamins would mix with your bloodstream and pass on the nutrients to your cells, in the process also reaching your pelvic and penile region.

Eventually, there are a bunch of dilated blood vessels and a greater amount of blood is allowed to enter the penis. One thing to remember is that you must never mix the following supplements with medication as it can lead to random side effects within the body.

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1. Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9 is also known as Folic Acid. When an individual has low levels of folic acid in the body then the homocysteine levels increase. This increase in homocysteine levels leads to impairment of erectile function.

Consuming folic acid supplements leads to an assured increase in nitric oxide production. This increase in nitric oxide promotes the dilation of blood vessels and thus long-lasting erections.

Pasta, rice, beans, grains, cereals, leafy green vegetables, and oranges would increase folic acid levels in your body. Mild side effects can include a decreased appetite, bloating of the tummy, depression and anxiety emotions, and poor sleep.

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is responsible for boosting the immune system of an individual. This leads to safeguarding effects against clogged arteries and greater protection against high blood pressure issues from arising. Vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic Acid, is considered an exceptional supporting agent for the biochemical pathways in the body that are the prime reason for the release of nitric oxide. Once your body is equipped with the required amounts of Vitamin C, expect to have a spike in blood flow to otherwise deprived regions and eventually stronger erections.

Cauliflower, kiwi, kale, papaya, bell peppers (all types), tomatoes, strawberries, broccoli, etc. are a few of the many ingredients you can include in your diet. Mild side effects can include diarrhea, nausea, and headaches.

3. Vitamin D

Time and again, researchers have concluded that men who are victims of ED have some form of Vitamin D deficiency. Also, within the world of health and medicine, it is a known fact that vitamin D is attributed to the responsibility to maintain a healthy state of blood vessels.

If the body does not get sufficient amounts of vitamin D then blood vessels begin to die inside the arteries. This leads to chunks of dead blood cells forming plaque and restricting the smooth passage of blood within the arteries.

Eventually, blood pressure increases and there is damage to the arteries. Some organs also begin to exhibit lower functioning capacities and affect a man’s ability to get hard.

Consuming foods rich in vitamin D will keep your blood vessels in prime condition and assure hassle-free movement of blood within the body. Try consuming fortified foods, mushrooms, fatty fish, seafood, egg yolks, cheese, beef liver, tuna, dairy products, etc.

These items will definitely lead to a spike in your vitamin D levels. The side effects of vitamin D are extremely rare and may not occur in most situations. However, just for your knowledge – nausea, frequent urination, fast heartbeat, and constipation are possible issues that may arise.

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4. Zinc

Testosterone is a hormone that plays an important role in sexual stimulation. Did you know that zinc and testosterone levels are directly related? Zinc deficiency may be the reason that your body is portraying low testosterone levels. Consuming a diet rich in zinc will improve your life inside the bedroom and will also reduce the symptoms of your ED issues.

Consider adding some extra meat to your diet, even shellfish is an amazing low-calorie source of zinc. Seeds, nuts, whole grains, etc. – all these food items will cause a spike in your zinc levels.

5. Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3, also known as Niacin, is one of the primary vitamins that promote better blood circulation within the body. The lesser vitamin B3 levels, the more prone you are to being diagnosed with some level of ED. Usually, niacin is used to treat cardiovascular conditions. When heart health is improved, it is a symbol of a better and more efficient distribution of blood throughout the body.

You can add foods like avocado, peanuts, turkey, yeast, redfish (salmon, tuna, etc.) to increase niacin levels in your body. Rare but mild effects of vitamin B3 can lead to ulcers, gout, facial flushing, and arrhythmias.

6. Amino Acids

Just like vitamins, some amino acids have also proven to be great relaxants for narrow blood vessels. For instance, Citrulline is an amino acid that proves to increase the width of blood vessels in the arteries and increase blood flow to parts of the body that require more blood to perform their functions with ease.

Citrulline is also the precursor of Arginine that is another amino acid responsible for the dilation of blood vessels. You must eat more watermelons if you want an increase in your citrulline levels.


For the vitamins mentioned above, there is sufficient evidence of their contribution to ED. If you are done taking pills on a daily basis to improve your ED issues, then opting for naturally occurring vitamins in foods would be a wise option.

Some people have financial constraints that declare them unable to depend on medicines for their ED issues. On the other hand, some people fail to get prescriptions with ease and thus have to resort to online medication (which is not a trustworthy source due to low levels of regulation).

Be honest with your doctor and share your ED issues with the least embarrassment. Also, let the doctor know of your existing medicinal palette to ensure that no interactions between the medicines and the vitamin can harm you.


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