7 Ways To Last Longer In Bed

last longer in bed


Are you a victim of premature ejaculation? Do you struggle to maintain an erection for a prolonged duration? Is your partner dissatisfied with your performance in bed? Do you think you can do much better? Do you find it difficult to indulge in multiple rounds of sexual intercourse?

All these sexual issues can be blamed upon your unhealthy dietary habits, consuming excess alcohol and nicotine, watching too much porn or even consuming medication that affects your sexual performance. There is a multitude of solutions you can adopt to ensure you last longer in bed and your partner is satisfied.

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How To Last Longer In Bed

Women have almost a negligible or no refractory period at all. The period after ejaculation, when a man restores energy until he can comfortably regenerate an erection is known as the refractory period. The only solution to the last longer in bed is by delaying your orgasm.

Many people want to break through the modern-day ‘quickie’ culture of enjoying a quick moment of sexual intercourse. Sex should be a fluid affair that awards both genders with enough time to enjoy and explore their sexual desires. Keep reading to know more about a few ways to last longer in bed.

1. Don’t Be A Pounding Horse

Most men are fast-pounders and opt to go extremely fast during intercourse. I mean, sexual activity is one of the rare few areas in life where ‘coming’ first can give you a poor ranking. Prolong the affair, especially the intercourse part of it.

Slow and steady intercourse has time and again proven to be more sensitive, effective, sensuous, intimate, pleasurable, and desirable.

In fact, slow intercourse not only increases the sensory pleasures but also rewards the couple with a longer duration to stay indulgent in persuading their sexual activity.

2. Frequently Alter Intercourse Positions

There is a term known as proprioception. It is a process where the body understands its standing in space and what muscles can be depended on. Activating this process can be easily done if you opt for intercourse in positions that you normally would not indulge in.

Medical researchers have proven that the body takes a longer time to establish an orgasm if the sexual position is an unfamiliar one.

For example – if you generally indulge in the Missionary position, then using the Lazy Dog position will definitely prolong the ejaculation time as the body is new to such a position. Four of the best positions for men to opt for are cowgirl, spooning, sitting, or anything that is generally not preferred.

3. Religiously Perform A Pre-sex Ritual

Aren’t the most unusual solutions the ones that always work? Here we have an absurdly effective solution for men who wish to last longer in bed. Making use of the refractory period concept to your benefit can be an innovative way of using your own body to better your performance.

Try it once, just once, and you are assured to satisfy your partner for a longer duration. Masturbate before you begin the action with your partner. This puts your body in a phase of limbo when you just begin the sexual activity and also pushes ejaculation time ahead by a reasonable duration, allowing more time for you and your partner to partake in the sensual pleasures of life.

4. Attempt The Squeeze Technique

Back in the day, Masters and Johnson, 2 globally acclaimed sex researchers, had figured out an exceptional way to treat victims of premature ejaculation. They believed that just before experiencing the arrival of an ejaculatory moment, if the male squeezes his penis in the region amidst the shaft and the glans, the episode can be postponed.

The intention here is to delay the ejaculatory response and continue to indulge in intercourse for as long as you can make your body hold it. Your partner may not even know the purpose of this little tweak and for you all you know, you may land up giving your partner a unique dose of sensual pleasure.

5. Make Use Of Sex Toys

Sex toys have been a thing for decades now. Couples excite each other by performing intense role-play, foreplay and enacting seductive episodes created by their imagination. Sex toys can prove to be an added medium of pleasure for both, the male and the female.

The best option for lasting longer in bed would be the inculcation of a cock ring. Cock rings can be either vibratory, rock-solid, adjustable or stretchy.

It is an O-shaped ring that is known to prolong erections and ejaculation by restricting the blood from flowing out of the shaft of the penile structure.

To add some spice, try wearing a cock ring on your testicles. Researchers have claimed that just before ejaculation, the male will sense that his testicles are getting tighter and closer to the base of the penis. Wearing a cock ring will put a limited restriction on this contracting act by the testicles and eventually lead to a prolonged act of sexual activity.

6. Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises focus on the bulbocavernosus muscles in men. This muscle is the bulb present in between the anus and the testicles. Stressing these muscles can instill a greater influence of blood supply to the pelvic area, beneath the abdomen.

The best way to get an idea of how stressing this muscle feels like – you must stop and continue your urination during a urinatory session.

Another solution is to try and lift your testicles using your bulbocavernosus muscles, hold for 10 seconds and then let go. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions thrice a day.

Researchers claim that over 60% of men who suffered from premature ejaculation and 75% of men who suffered mild to moderate erectile dysfunction were cured to a great extent by including ED exercises in their day-to-day lifestyle.

7. Satisfy The Female First

Relieve some of the pressure from your mind of performance anxiety. This can be done by helping your partner achieve an orgasm before you do. Either your fingers, your tongue, or some sex toys can help you achieve this.

This rewards you with greater activity by your partner and if you get lucky, some fantastic foreplay is in store for you.

Also, think of it as a way to keep your orgasm at bay while you try and induce one for her. These activities lead to a major increase in bed-time during sexual activity.

Wrap Up

There are a number of unique ways to last longer in bed. Some people even opt for male enhancement pills like Viagra or Cialis that release hormones in the body promoting greater libido, increased stamina, and elements to prolong ejaculation. In fact, if you want, you can even buy generic 100mg Viagra online or even buy generic Cialis online.


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