Erectile Dysfunction: 6 Early Signs Of ED In Men

Early signs of ED

In this article, we’ll discuss some early signs of ED in men.


Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a genital-related medical condition that occurs mainly in elderly people. When a man fails to generate or even maintain an erection it is known as ED. There is also a fair chunk of younger individuals who are victims of ED.

There is a bodily condition known as Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) or enlarged prostate. Sometimes the prostate gland present in a man’s body can expand and prove to be too large, causing immense pain in the bladder and pelvic region. The urinary tract gets affected and inflammation occurs, frequent bed-wetting incidents take place, and the man fails to completely empty his bladder.

Surgery for BPH is where the possibility of ED arises. Often during prostate removal surgery, the nerves in the penis region get damaged due to which the penile nerves fail to receive signals from the brain. This leads to the complete loss of erection-generating abilities by a man.

Early Signs Of ED: Do you have Erectile Dysfunction?

Poor lifestyle habits can also give way for ED to arise. Excessive alcohol consumption, smoking tobacco, sedentary lifestyle, high-in-fat diet, taking too much stress, depression, etc. are some common reasons. Are you wondering if you have ED? You may want to check out the early signs of ED and find some relief, if at all!

1. Spike In Your Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Levels

Issues like these occur when you are eating fatty food, consuming unhealthy substances, and have do form of exercise. The arteries get clogged due to excess collection of plaque and dead blood cells. This leads to a rougher path for the blood to flow and in turn high blood pressure.

Anything above 130/80 mm Hg is considered as high blood pressure and anything 240mg/dL or higher is considered as high in cholesterol. If these ratings are off then there is a chance that your blood vessels can burst and lose their elasticity. Thus, there will be a lesser flow of blood to the penis and an inability to get hard.

2. Reduction In Erection Intensity

Do you think that you have been getting weaker erections? When you are in the bedroom with your partner, do you feel that although sexual activity is great, it is getting harder to maintain your erection? These are minor and possible traits of ED. But if you notice that these issues persist and you have no logical reason such as stress, depression, exhaustion, etc. to explain it then you may be a victim of moderate to severe ED. It’s one of the most common early signs of ED.

If you are wondering whether there is a particular amount of time that an erection can last that is termed as the “safe-region” then I’m sorry to say there is nothing as such. Look at it this way – if you are sexually aroused but yet fail to maintain a firm erection then consider it an ED symptom.

3. Less often “Morning Erections”

If you are a male reading this, then you should know that “morning erections” are no joke and they actually do occur! Neither does it have anything to do with arousal. Do you know why this happens? Because at night when your body is well-rested blood flow normalizes within the body. At times excess blood circulates in your penis region and you may land up getting hard. Don’t worry. This is not a sign of ED and is completely normal.

If you are having extremely rare occurrences or no occurrences of “morning erections” at all, then you may have a slight reason to be worried. This means that probably your blood vessels are too clogged within the arteries and are not being able to function in a normal and healthy manner.

4. Quicker Ejaculation

Are you facing even a mild or moderate issue of premature ejaculation (PE)? It is one of the most common early signs of ED in men. There could be multiple causes of Premature Ejaculation. PE and ED, both have a psychological connection. When a man begins to ejaculate within a minute or two of penetration, it can be due to the fact that he wants to hurry things up.

Do you know why does he want to hurry things up? Because his body and brain are giving him signals that the erection is diminishing. In this worry, the man strokes harder and forces an orgasm, ultimately leading to premature ejaculation too.

Do not overlook the issues of premature ejaculation. When matters go out of hand, you may want to try new positions with your partner or even indulge in some fantasy-based foreplay.

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5. Blood Pressure Or Antidepressant Medication

There may be a chance that you already have some high blood pressure issues like Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) or other cardiovascular problems.

This might have led you to begin the consumption of medicines to widen your blood vessels and re-establish normal blood pressure. Obviously, this is a good solution to solve your high blood pressure problem. But due to a drop in blood pressure, your penis may also struggle to get enough blood flow and ED can arise.

Antidepressant medication, on the other hand, is known to lift your brain out of a depression or stressful state. In the process, hormonal balances take place and it becomes difficult to transmit sexual excitation signals to the penile nerves. This leads to a loss of the erection-maintaining capability and also lower libido.

6. Reduced Interest In Sex

Do you have a lower desire to indulge in sexual activity? Are you less attracted or concerned by an opportunity to have sex? If yes then there is a good chance that there is a drop in the testosterone levels within your body. What do you expect if the hormone responsible for your sex drive is being released in lower quantities?

This means you will not be in the mood to have sex and the chances of sexual arousal completely vanish. In this case, there is no possibility of getting an erection either.

Testosterone levels also contribute to erections and to sperm production. If something goes haywire with this hormone then mild to moderate ED symptoms are not a distant possibility.

Early Sign Of ED: Conclusion

Now, you can try to buy generic 100mg Viagra online for your ED issues and give it a try; but it’s best first to discuss it with a doctor.

The best step to take in such situations would be a visit to the doctor and a face-to-face consultation regarding all your ED symptoms. The sooner you inform a medical professional, the sooner you can diagnose and reduce the chances of ED worsening.

Never start consuming random ED medication without the consultation and approval of a doctor. You never know what medicine suits your body and what can interact with your existing medication. Leave the expert opinion to the professionals.


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