Morning Wood: 8 Common Questions & Their Answers

Morning Wood Causes

Morning wood is a term that many aren’t aware of, which relates to a routine activity in men. So this blog explains what it is, how, and when it happens.

What Does Morning Wood Mean?

Morning wood or Morning erections, or as it’s medically known, Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT), is a common occurrence that most youngsters and adults face with an erect penis early in the morning when waking up.

As many people think morning erections are a sign of sexual stimulation, it actually isn’t. Morning wood is one of the natural occurrences that the manhood faces as the day starts.

Are There Chances Of Men Getting Erections In Sleep?

Of course! Most men get three to five erections every single night, on average. As morning erections are a simple note, it is to say as a healthy and normal blood flow as they occur. Unknowingly, a quarter part of the night sleep has an erection, as few surveys reveal.

Is There An Age Criteria For Morning Wood To Occur?

Most men experience NPT irrespective of age. In fact, the phenomenon can be said as the proper functioning of the penis with blood circulation. Boys as young as 6 to 8 years old may experience NPT. However, this may extend up to the 60s and 70s. But as ED issues start with the age growth, morning erections become less frequent.

While few men experience erections for approximately 30 minutes, others may face as long as two hours during their sleep. But when the person wakes up, most erections fasten to go down.

What Are The Causes For Morning Wood?

NPT may occur due to several factors. There are a lot of theories from doctors that explain the cause of erection in the penis. Unfortunately, no proofs or evidence claim the consequences. Below are the few opinions included:

Physical stimulation

The body design and functioning are in a way that there’s a sense or feeling of what’s going on around you, although eyes are closed. In the same way, an unexpected touch on men’s private parts from the partner makes an erection. So, physical contact may be a factor of the happening.

Hormone shifts

As usual, testosterone levels can be at a peak level when you wake up in the morning. The highest level of the day that you observe is soon when you wake up from the sleep stage of Rapid Eye Movement (REM). This hormonal increase factor alone may be the reason to cause an erection.

The hormonal shift is also independent of any other factor, including physical stimulation. But with the age growth and entering into the 40s and 50s can mark a fall in the level of testosterone. The fall is natural, and leads to an NPT decrease, too.

Brain relaxation

When the body is in sleep mode, the brain is not active enough, and hormones are released in less quantity. But when you wake up from the bed, the body releases hormones to suppress erections. When both these statements, along with other reasons, may collaborate to experience an erection in sleep daily, and NPT is more likely to occur.

Why Do Men Get Morning Erections?

An erection that lasts around 20-25 minutes happens when going deep into REM sleep. The last erection of these regular nocturnal erections is the “Morning wood.”

Two factors that cause erections in the morning with increased blood flow are:

  1. Norepinephrine keeps testosterone in check and production of this chemical dips during sleep
  2. Nitric oxide that relaxes arteries in the penis increases during REM sleep. This chemical pumps blood flow with growth and causes an erection.

What Are The Consequences As Morning Wood Stops?

An erect penis early in the morning is a sign of healthy blood when you wake up. The sign of erection can also be read as the perfect nerve supply to the penis. Most importantly, in the study of sex, NPT clearly indicates the capability of gaining and maintaining an erection while awake.

On the contrary, if you can’t experience NPT as you wake up, the medical conditions might be on the negative side that needs a quick consultation with the doctor.

Lack of NPT may be due to erectile dysfunction (ED). There are several factors for the cause of ED that are not predictable as the body prevents adequate blood flow or nerve supply for proper erectile function. Few reasons for ED include having:

  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol levels
  • overweight
  • depression

Specific physical disabilities may also make the ED more likely.

You may not experience morning wood while using specific medicines. Some antidepressant medications and painkillers likely prevent NPT.

Are There Any Issues With Lack Of Morning Wood?

Health issues related to heart, hormone levels, blood flow, and sleep patterns may associate with morning wood. As regular morning erections signal a healthy body with proper blood flow, there might be severe issues underlying on the flip side.

Erectile dysfunction that includes several factors may cause an issue with a lack of morning wood or nocturnal erections. This drawback, in turn, is a sign of systemic health problems. Sometimes, stress or performance anxiety may associate with a lack of morning wood indirectly. Speak to the doctor about the disturbance or stoppage of morning wood that might also relate to ED.

When should I Visit A Doctor?

NPT has a significant role in estimating the best sleep quality and proper functioning of sexual organs. Hence, keep an eye on whether you have NPT often. Consult a doctor right away in case of less frequency or stop in NPT. Speak about all the applicable health conditions, such as ED issues, hormonal imbalances, sleep disorders, anxiety, or any others.

A symptom of ED can lack NPT, too. ED is a condition that indicates serious health issues, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes. A visit to the doctor is one solution. Another solution could be relying on ED medications like Tadaga, Caverta, Silvitra, Tadapox, Aurogra 100, Malegra, Zenegra, Poxet, Forzest, etc.

A long-lasting erection of more than 4 hours, a condition with the term Priapism can be a severe threat to tissue damage in the penis. If the issue of such an erection occurs, walk to the doctor as it may be a problem with sexual functioning.

Administration of few medicines may drive a person with difficulty in getting or maintaining an erection. So, NPT decrease or stoppage is also possible. A doctor visit is a must as the below medicines might lead to an ED condition or lacking NPT:

  • antidepressants
  • muscle relaxers
  • high blood pressure medications
  • seizure medications
  • hormonal medications
  • histamine H2 agonists
  • chemotherapy drugs
  • diuretics
  • medications to treat heart arrhythmias

In case a patient is recommended with a new medication and goes through a different phase of NPT frequency, speak to the doctor right away. An alternative drug prescription may allow regular NPT. Painful erections also need to be addressed as you visit the doctor.


Morning wood is a phenomenon with the healthy functioning of the male body. Never be worried if you regularly notice erections happening while in sleep or about the morning wood. But the issues of NPT related with less frequency that include ED or other lies with other health issues should have a quick solution for a healthy life.


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