Stop Premature Ejaculation: Natural Remedies And Effective Exercises

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In this article, we’ll discuss how to Stop Premature Ejaculation with the help of natural remedies and easy to perform exercises.


If you suffer from Premature Ejaculation (PE) then the odds are you already know the disruption it can cause to your sex life. If you do not know what is PE then you must equip yourself with some knowledge to be able to diagnose the issue yourself, if at all. PE refers to the secretion of sperm during sexual intercourse within a minute or two of penetration. When a man achieves orgasm in a couple of minutes of penetration, he is considered to be a victim of PE.

Stop Premature Ejaculation: Natural Remedies

There can be a number of reasons leading to PE. The underlying causes can range from psychological to physiological conditions. Stress, emotional trauma, guilt, and depression are some of the psychological conditions whereas abnormalities in the pelvic region, excess/lack of some hormones, and lower erection-generating capabilities are some of the physiological conditions.

Of course, there is medication to reduce the severity of your PE problem. Sure, one can just go on the internet and buy generic Viagra online or buy generic Cialis online. But what if a patient prefers to stay away from pharmaceutical medicines? No worries. There are several remedies and exercises that can be adopted to reduce the severity of this issue. We have curated a list for your reference below:

1. Magnesium

Magnesium is an essential ingredient that can contribute to a rise in sperm production and the betterment of reproductive health. You must get some tests done to check the magnesium levels within your body. If your results indicate low levels of magnesium then this must be considered as a sign of developing PE. Magnesium also affects muscle contractions within humans, and a lack of it can lead to contractions leading to PE.

You can simply opt for a diet that is rich in magnesium. After some time you will begin to notice that you can prolong ejaculation during intercourse.

2. Ayurvedic Solutions

Ayurvedic solutions such as Kamini Vidrawan Ras and Kaunch Beej are amazing when taken in advised doses. You can purchase capsules and have them twice a day along with lukewarm water. The ingredient composition of such herbs has elements that possess natural healing properties without the involvement of any man-made chemicals.

This could be an appropriate self-treatment solution and reduces inflammation within the body while also clearing clogged arteries. These safeguarding effects will definitely help in treating your PE issue. Common side effects are dizziness and mild gastrointestinal problems.

3. Calcium, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, And Selenium

All these minerals play a crucial role in regulating male fertility on a positive note. They directly impact the reproductive system and allow greater control over a man’s ejaculatory moment. Even if you are a victim of ED, these minerals can prove to improve your condition.

When low levels of zinc are detected in the seminal fluids of men then the impact of this directly applies to their fertility. When the body is exposed to zinc, there is a natural rise in libido due to hormonal changes. This comes with a number of positive effects on sexual health such as reduced occurrences of sexual dysfunction episodes (such as ED).

Stop Premature Ejaculation: Exercises

If you are fond of exercises or wish to begin including exercise into your lifestyle, then this decision can also contribute to prolonged ejaculatory moments and thus better performance in bed. Here are a few exercises that can help in activating your pelvic region and permitting better resistance to premature ejaculation.

1. Kegel Exercises

These exercises were designed specifically for men with ED and PE issues. Once you perform these exercises daily while also maintaining the correct posture, you can expect a sharp increase in blood flow to your pelvic region and the penis. This helps to postpone ejaculation and maintain more rigid and long-lasting erections.

The prime focus in Kegel exercises lies in stressing your pelvic muscles and the bulbocavernosus muscles. To locate these muscles you must stress the region of your pelvic area that is used when you urinate. Try to stop and start urinating in succession and you will notice a specific region needs to be stressed. That is exactly where your pelvic muscles are.

Lay flat on the ground with your hands by your side and knees bent while your sole is flat on the floor. Slowly lift your waist from the ground while maintaining the exact same posture. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions each and you will naturally realize you are stressing your pelvic region.

You can even stress your pelvic muscles while standing, sitting, or walking. Follow the format of Contraction, Holding, and then Relaxation. As and when you begin to get comfortable with these movements, you can increase your repetitions to 15 or 20 per set.

Consistent practice will definitely help you stop your Premature Ejaculation problem.

2. Squeeze Techniques

While the man is penetrating his partner he will sense when he is about to ejaculate. Either he or his partner can hold the penis at the moment and squeeze the tip of it. This stops ejaculation and the man’s erection begins to subside. Are you wondering how does this help? It basically postpones the ejaculation moment and the couple can enjoy intercourse and keep using the squeeze method whenever the male is about to ejaculate too soon.

3. Stop And Start Method

This not only helps in PE but also teaches the man how to control his ejaculation moments. As a man, once you are aware of the arrival of your orgasm, it becomes easier to stop penetration and ensure that you do not ejaculate too soon. Ideally, this can be practiced with masturbation. Just when you are about to achieve an orgasm you must stop masturbating and delay ejaculation. Self-practice makes this method more doable and effective when actually in bed with your partner.

4. Squats

When you are doing squats to mainly exercise your pelvic region, you can either do it with kettle bells, dumbbells, or no weights at all. These strength-focused exercises not only work on causing a spike in testosterone levels but also help in smoother and greater flow to the pelvis.

Ensure you keep your head up and back straight throughout the workout. Your feet need to be distanced as per your shoulder width. Slowly go down by bending your knees and popping your hips backward. Go as low as you can (slowly) and then come up in a faster motion. Follow 3 sets of 15 repetitions each for best results within a few months.


In this fast-paced world, premature ejaculation occurs in a number of males. Especially the ones who lead a sedentary and naturally unhealthy lifestyle. Exercising is the best way to put a hold to the severity of your PE condition, in fact, it has proven to improve the PE condition by a significant amount.


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