7 Ways to Lower Blood Pressure in Minutes

Lower blood pressure in minutes

Many times due to arguments, tense situations, shocking news, fights, and random aggression surges, one’s blood pressure shoots upwards. In such unfortunate circumstances, a person can go into a coma or even face a heart attack or stroke due to the extremely fast-paced pumping of blood through the arteries and heart.

One may suffer from nerve damage and blood vessels can explode too.

For example, you have your final round of interviews with Google but because of your high blood pressure, you seem hyper-tense and hyperactive, which is obviously an unpleasant way to enter the interview room. You have a couple of minutes till they call you inside, what do you do in such situations similar to this?

Now, one of the quickest ways to deal with this is to take a medicine specifically created for controlling blood pressure; but it’s entirely possible that you may not have the medicine on you at the time. If this is the case, here are a few natural things you can try to ease your blood pressure.

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How to Lower Blood Pressure Instantly?

1. Labetalol

Labetalol is at the front of the line as a fast-acting therapy option available to prevent organ damage and increase chances of survival. This is an adrenergic receptor blocker and can be bought in I.V or oral forms.

It does not compromise blood flow in the cerebral cortex while causing vasodilation to decrease blood pressure.

In case it is a hypertensive emergency, which means the patient is suffering from a skyrocketing blood pressure with a range of 120-180 mm Hg, use the I.V version of this medicine.

Without having a drug such as Labetalol, the patient’s blood vessels would probably burst, causing severe harm to various organs such as the hands, legs, head, stomach, and back.

2. Lay on the left side of your body

There are various myths regarding the most-healthy sleeping position.

Sleep specialist and Medical Director of Martha Jefferson Hospital, W. Christopher Winter from Virginia in the USA states that sleeping or laying on the left side of your body is the best remedy for naturally lowering high blood pressure.

Blood vessels that pump blood to the heart are mainly present on the right side of the body and remain free unlike the compressed left half of your body, this enables slowing the circulation of blood to your heart.

In the case of a pregnant woman, sleeping on the left side will help with the circulation of blood which prevents high blood pressure due to the baby pressing against organs and causing hindrance to the flow of blood.

3. Hot water shower or legs in hot water

Studies have proved that taking a hot water bath can considerably reduce one’s blood pressure. This happens because the heat that water dissipates on your body, helps dilate peripheral blood vessels which control or rather lower the blood pressure.

Be aware at an earlier stage, the fact that the heat dilapidates your blood vessels can also make you feel dizzy during a shower.

Also, by soaking your legs in hot water, it prevents blood from rushing to the head and keeps your neck and head cool.

Basically, blood flows from your head to your legs and blood pressure drifts back to normal.

Do remember, if you are already having some heart condition, then do consult with your doctor, as hot water can also increase your blood pressure due to abnormalities.

4. Left Nostril breathing and relaxing in Savasana

Find a comfortable spot on the floor or chair and sit with your back upright, place your left hand on the center of your abdomen and use the thumb of the right hand to close your right nostril such that no air seeps in or out.

Inhale and hold for 4-7 seconds, then slowly exhale.

Keep doing this breathing exercise via your left nostril for 3-5 minutes and advocate the relaxation of your fast-paced blood vessels along with diminishing the number of active stress hormones which are the root cause of high Blood pressure.

Another remedy would be Savasana, also known as the corpse pose, where a person has to lay down flat in an absolutely relaxed posture and keep their eyes shut.

One by one, attempt to rest each muscle in your body individually and be strict about having only one thought.

This meditative exercise reduces your heart rate which pulls your blood pressure back to normal.

5. Massage your neck and ears

In total there a 3 soft spots on your neck and head that assist in instantly lowering your blood pressure.

First one being, right above your cheekbones, but about half a centimeter from your ears.

Gently use your fingertips on both sides of your face to circle in an anti-clockwise manner and complete the circle 10-12 times.

The second one being right behind your earlobe on either side of the face, use your index finger, and simultaneously move in an anti-clockwise direction for about a minute.

Use the same technique at a point which is located in the center of your collarbone.

These three spots when massaged will help relieve the knots and tension in your neck muscles in order to re-establish a smooth and desired flow of blood to the brain – which largely contributes to reduced blood pressure.

Within 2 minutes, you can feel a whole lot relaxed and better.

6. Acupressure

There are these spots on the base of the back-end of your skull. They can be recognized via a slight depression on either side of your spinal cord (remember, it is at the back of your head).

This is called the GB 20 or the wind pool and the point can be activated by deep breathing while applying constant medium amounts of pressure using the thumbs for over a minute.

The pressure applied to this point reduces fluctuations between high and low blood pressure and proves effective in instantly lowering blood pressure.

There are other points such as GV 20 (top of the head), L1 11 (outer end of the elbow), and LI 4 (between the index finger and thumb) which can be massaged via acupressure to reduce the quick flow of blood through arteries and veins.

7. Hissing bee breathing with Classical Music Technique

Hypertension and hyperactivity are caused due to increased blood pressure.

Adapting breathing techniques such as “Hissing Bee Breathing” helps instantly get rid of migraines and headaches.

Simply sit on the floor with a straight back and shut the cartilage of both ears with your index finger.

Simultaneously take a deep breath and as you exhale make a deep humming sounds, like ‘hmmmmmmm’ and apply mild pressure as your progress.

Doing this exercise while having mild classical music in the background is one of the most natural, beneficial, and entertaining ways to reduce high blood pressure.

The prolonged and deep-toned musical notes send positive signals to your brain and that helps bring back internal order within your body.

Wrap Up

Blood pressure surges can prove to be fatal in many situations. The fact that at least 26% (972 million people) of the world population suffers from this problem, makes it all the more important for the masses to aware of remedies in case of emergencies. Everyone should be educated in common health-related matters such as these, you never know when you can save a life.


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