6 Common Sexual Problems In Men: Causes And Possible Solution

sex problems in men

In this article, we’ll discuss some common sexual problems in men that can occur at any stages on life. We also discuss, in brief, their causes and solutions.


All men experience some form of sexual disorder at least once in their lifetime. Sexual health is an essential part of any individual’s life and understanding how sexual issues develop can help us avoid them. Sexual dysfunction is often a warning sign for other disorders, and can greatly affect the quality of life.

Around 31% of men suffer from some kind of difficulty during intercourse. These can range from problems concerning erection, ejaculation, or libido.

Sexual problems in men can be combated by destigmatizing sexual health and opening discussions about sexual health and its importance.
Causes can be physical or psychological, such as hormone imbalances, prescription drugs, alcoholism, mental health issues, performance anxiety, or conflicts in relationships.

Learning more about sexual dysfunction can go a long way in diagnosing disorders and getting the help you need.

Common Sexual Problems In Men

Some of the sexual problems men face are causative factors for others, such as premature ejaculation leading to erectile dysfunction. An individual can even experience more than one of these disorders at a time. Not every sexual disorder has serious complications but each can negatively affect your sex life.

1. Low Libido

Libido or sex drive is the innate desire in an individual to engage in sexual activity. Having a low libido can be linked to any number of factors such as:

  • Medical factors like diabetes, kidney diseases, hypertension, and testosterone deficiency
  • Medication like SSRIs, anti-androgens, and opioid painkillers
  • Psychogenic causes like anxiety, fatigue, depression, stress, or a history of sexual abuse
  • Addiction to alcohol, recreational drugs, or nicotine

Treatment usually includes hormone therapy, psychological therapy, counseling. Even lifestyle changes such as diet improvement and stress management are seen to improve libido levels.

Herbs like Ginkgo Biloba and yohimbine also show positive results. Foods like chocolate, maca, and red ginseng are considered aphrodisiacs and can increase sex drive.

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2.  Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile Dysfunction is a sexual condition in which men cannot get or maintain an erection. 16% of men from the ages of 50 to 59 experience this condition, but the numbers increase to 44% for men aged 70 to 75 years.

To understand erectile dysfunction we need to first understand erections. The quality of an erection is generally judged by its rigidity and whether it is functional enough for intercourse.

An erection is a physiological phenomenon in which blood flows to two chambers known as the corpora cavernosa in the penis in response to stimulation. Therefore, any disease that affects blood flow can be a risk factor for developing erectile dysfunction. Understanding exactly what causes ED is complex, and it has been linked to several other disorders.

  • Vascular causes for ED include diabetes, atherosclerosis, congenital anomalies, or arteriovenous fistulas.
  • Neurological factors for ED are multiple sclerosis, priapism, epilepsy, tumors, and spinal injuries.
  • Hormonal causes for ED include testosterone deficiencies, hypo or hyperthyroidism, and hyperprolactinemia.
  • Medication like antidepressants, spironolactone, sympathetic nerve blockers, and diuretics can also trigger ED.

Treatments for erectile dysfunction vary from lifestyle changes, medication like sildenafil and tadalafil, transurethral therapy, and intracavernous injections. In extreme cases, surgical procedures like penile vascular surgery and prosthesis may be performed. Consulting your doctor can help you understand which route is best for you.

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3. Premature Ejaculation (PE)

This is the most common ejaculatory sexual issue in men. Nearly 20% to 30% of men experience Premature Ejaculation. Men suffering from this disorder ejaculate before or under a minute of starting intercourse. Symptoms include a brief ejaculatory latency and loss of control over ejaculation.

Causes for Premature Ejaculation can be:

  • Psychological like previous sexual encounters, low self-confidence, depression, anxiety, and sexual repression and pressure to perform.
  • Biological like hormonal imbalances or deficiencies, low levels of neurotransmitters (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin), and prostate or urethral factors.
  • Emotional disturbances in relationships, stress, and communication issues.

PE can be a symptom of erectile dysfunction in older men. Treatment is usually simple, and practicing behavioral methods may help.

The start and stop method is one such cure, in which you and your partner stimulate your penis to the point of orgasm and then stop for about thirty seconds. This process is repeated up to three or four times.

Herbal medication like Qilin or Yamusake tablets can help. Exercises like Kegels strengthen your pelvic floor and can prevent both premature ejaculations as well as erectile dysfunction.

If none of the above-mentioned methods help, your doctor may prescribe therapy or SSRIs like Dapoxetine.

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4. Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease is a sexual issue in men that results from fibrous scar tissue developing on the penis and causing painful, curved erections.
This disorder causes penile shortening and worsens over time. The causes of this disease are not understood completely, but in some cases repeated injury to the penis is to blame. However, most cases have no underlying causes and the disease just develops gradually.

Approximately 4 out of every 100 men suffer from this disease. Estimates could be higher as many men do not report having the disease due to stigma or embarrassment.

Symptoms for Peyronie’s include:

  • Scar tissue called plaque building up in blood vessels- felt under the skin as flat lumps
  • Significant curvature of the penis or other penile deformities
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Gradual penile shortening
  • Consistent pain in the penis, with or without an erection

Seeing a doctor as soon as you experience any of these symptoms is vital to prevent worsening of the disease, especially as some patients develop fibrosis in other parts of the body as well.

In only 13 out of every 100 cases, Peyronie’s goes away over time without treatment.
Drug therapy, penile injections like verapamil, interferon, and collagenase, or surgical procedures are employed to treat this disorder.

5. Retrograde Ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation is a sexual issue in men that causes semen to enter the bladder instead of emerging through the penis at the climax.

This phenomenon may sometimes be referred to as a dry orgasm due to the minimal production of semen.

This disorder is mostly seen in men suffering from diabetic nerve damage. Though not harmful as such, it may lead to infertility. In this condition, problems with the bladder force the ejaculate to flow backward.

An alternate situation is one where dry orgasms occur, but there is no semen in the bladder. In this case, the problem is semen production and not retrograde ejaculation.

Generally, treatment depends on curing the underlying causes. Medication like imipramine, midodrine, and chlorpheniramine help keep the bladder neck muscle closed. They can however cause side effects like an increased heart rate and hypertension.

Due to the low amount of semen production, you may also need to undergo infertility treatments. Sometimes sperm can be recovered from the bladder and used for intrauterine insemination but most times more advanced techniques are required.

6. Impaired Ejaculation

Impaired or delayed ejaculation (DE) is a sexual issue in men in which it takes an extended period (over thirty minutes) of sexual stimulation, whether tactile or mental, for them to reach sexual climax and ejaculate.

Some patients may not be able to ejaculate at all. Complications of this disorder are low libido, infertility, and decreased sexual pleasure.

Delayed Ejaculation has multiple causes:

  • Psychogenic factors, including traumatic experiences, anxiety, depression, sexual taboos, and poor stress management
  • Prescription medication like antipsychotics, hypertension medication, and diuretics
  • Physical causes like nerve damage, prostate surgeries, vascular disorders, strokes, and congenital defects.

Some medications used to treat DE are cyproheptadine, amantadine, and buspirone. Low testosterone supplements, therapy, and outpatient recovery problems are also used. Consulting medical professionals can help treat the exact underlying cause for delayed ejaculation.

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Sex Problems In Men: Conclusion

Some sexual problems in men are preventable. The easiest way to maintain good sexual health is by taking care of your cardiovascular health. This involves quitting cigarettes, limiting alcohol, diet improvement, and regular exercise. Men experiencing any sexual dysfunction should not feel embarrassed to consult doctors. Always remember, consistent check-ups can save you from facing serious complications.


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