The 7 Best Ways To Improve Sexual Health

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Do you get the feeling that it is time to improve your sexual health? Do you want to satisfy your partner more than you have been? Do you want to spice up your sex life by making it a more happening and sensual experience? There are a number of ways in which you can boost or improve your sexual health.

Opt for taking up more exercises that help your posture during sexual activity, consider learning from sensually seductive techniques to apply on your partner, eat the correct meals, limit your alcohol consumption, get your fantasies to life, perform Kegel exercises, etc.

You may want to improve your sexual health either because your current sexual life is below par and overly monotonous or maybe because you are noticing that your ejaculatory period is getting shorter. Always remember that if you take care of your body like you take care of your belongings then your body will reward you in the best possible way it can.

Ways To Improve Sexual Health

Medical professionals, sex therapists, and a range of different kinds of medications are always available to better your sexual health. But you can always take up this mission by yourself to make it a more interactive, understanding, and intimate affair. We have curated a bunch of methods that can lead to the betterment of your sexual health.

1. Work Towards “Touching Therapy”

All humans have sensitive parts of their body that instantly sends a signal of seductiveness to their brain. The more signals like these are sent and the more control a person has over their desires, the better sexual performance comes into the picture. Sex therapists are the best teachers for these kinds of techniques and you can even find some more detailed information over the internet. This method re-establishes physical intimacy with no trace of mental pressure.

Do you want to know a combined form of touching therapy for you and your partner? Be honest with each other and tell each other how do you like to be touched, where do you like to be touched, and how much pressure is just the right amount. This way your bond in the bedroom can also grow stronger and both the individual’s sexual health will improve too.

2. Kegel Exercises

Since decades this has been a great method to improve sexual health. All Kegel exercises are focused on improving sexual fitness via stressing the pelvic floor muscles and the bulbocavernosus muscle. There is a muscle that you naturally make tight or loosen when you urinate. That precise muscle region is what you have to tighten and focus on. The best part about Kegel exercises is that they can be done anywhere – sitting, walking, lying down, driving, playing sports, etc.

3. Dietary Habits

What you eat is what you are – this is no hidden secret. Consider limiting your calorie intake to a level that it does not negatively impact your health. Also, keep away from fatty foods as much as you can. They clog your arteries and make it harder for blood to flow to specific body parts.

Due to this, these body parts function at a lower capacity and their benefits cannot be reaped. Consider including more peppers, chilies, bananas (potassium-rich fruit), onions, tuna, garlic, beetroot, zinc-rich foods, etc. into your diet. All these foods consist of nutrients that promote greater blood flow and cleansing of the toxins from the bloodstream.

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4. Regulate Your Unhealthy Habits

If you want to see an improvement in your sexual health then first and foremost you need to get rid of or at least regulate your bad habits such as alcohol consumption and smoking. Yes, no doubt a little red wine or one drink of whiskey can be good for blood circulation and heart health. But if you read carefully, it clearly says ‘little’ red wine and ‘one’ drink of whiskey.

Smoking is one of the prime causes of narrowing blood vessels, clogged arteries with dead blood cells, and abnormally high blood pressure. Whereas excess alcohol consumption impairs the brain’s ability to send and receive signals of sexual stimulation to and from different parts of the body.

5. Masturbate When Alone

Some people say that masturbation is unhealthy. The fact is that it is unhealthy only when done on a regular basis and that too in a rugged and hasty manner. If your focus is to improve your sexual health, then you need to master the control of your desire to achieve orgasm and get to that ultimate pleasure moment. For this, you need to masturbate slowly and make it last as long as you can. The positive effects of this will be evident when you are in bed with your partner.

And, if the reason for your dull sex life is Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation; you can just buy generic 100mg Viagra online and give it a shot.

6. Herbs

Consider herbal supplements that focus on bettering your sexual health. Maca, a Peruvian plant – Guarana, a Brazilian plant – and Damiana, a subtropical plant – all these are known to boost libido and enhance the overall sex drive of men and women.

Women specifically can opt to consume the evergreen shrub, Ashwagandha. This herb promotes the regulation of sex hormones and brings them back to their natural levels, thus increasing libido. Another option for females is the Chinese plant extract, Ginkgo Biloba. This herb boost brain power and sexual energy, thus sending signals of sexual excitation to and from the brain effectively.

7. Try Different Positions

You simply cannot always have sex in the same girl-on-top or guy-on-top position. You need to explore the entire spectrum of intercourse positions and figure which position turns out to pleasure your partner the most. Some strokes are only possible in specific positions and you discover that sensitive spot inside the vagina of your better half only when you try it out.

One classic example of stroking the “G-spot” of your partner is when the man gets to penetrate into his partner’s vagina from the back. This most often proves beneficial in helping the women achieve orgasm and satisfactory sexual interaction for both the individuals involved.

Other methods to improve your sexual health involve getting rid of stress, meditation, attempting foreplay, writing down and enacting your fantasies, using lubrication during times of dryness, and educating yourself weekly about sexual health.


Sexual health is a broad term and there are many factors that are involved in making an interaction more intimate than it has ever been. Rather than opting to try either of the methods mentioned above if you prefer speaking to a professional then do not hesitate to contact a sex therapist and ask for guidance. There are millions of people in the world who are constantly searching for ways to better their sexual performance by improving their sexual health.


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