4 Lifestyle Changes That May Improve Erectile Dysfunction In Men

lifestyle changes to improve erectile dysfunction

In this article, we’ll discuss some lifestyle changes you can adopt that may improve your Erectile Dysfunction issue.


Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a medical condition in men that leads to the failure to generate an erection, in the worst cases. In less severe cases, the victim may be able to generate an erection, but for durations so short that it literally proves unworthy to indulge in sexual activity.

ED can occur due to dozens of reasons, some may revolve around surgery due to Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (also known as Prostate Enlargement), whereas some revolve around bad lifestyle habits such as:

  • Excessive consumption of alcohol and nicotine
  • Consuming foods that are high in fats and also consist of saturated fat
  • Taking the stress and frequently having mood swings that lead to depression
  • Mixing the wrong medication at the wrong time
  • Leading a sedentary lifestyle with absolutely no form of physical activity

However, lifestyle changes are something that can be altered. It is never too late. ED victims need to work on their dietary habits, perform exercises on a daily basis (even if it is a little), refrain from excessive indulgence in alcohol and smoking, etc.

Although one must keep in mind that ED is not a minor issue and can remain for a lifetime. Any medication you take or lifestyle changes you make will lead to a temporary reduction in your ED issues. The day you stop the medication and return to an unhealthy lifestyle, expect the symptoms to start becoming stronger as they were.

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Lifestyle Changes That May Improve Erectile Dysfunction

If you religiously follow the lifestyle changes that are mentioned below then there is going to be a sure-shot reduction in your ED symptoms. Inculcate the following habits and you will be able to enjoy your sex life more than you are currently:

1. Dietary Changes

It is time to get rid of all those fatty foods and shift to consuming a greater amount of fruits, legumes, and leafy vegetables. The worst element in fatty foods is saturated fats. These fats get stuck in your intestines and arteries. Due to this, excess plaque is formed and it becomes harder for blood to flow smoothly, ultimately resulting in lesser blood flow to the penis and a loss in erection-maintaining capabilities.

Replace fatty foods with meals that are rich in antioxidants, L-Arginine, anthocyanins, and Vitamin B-12. These nutrients are beneficial in repairing body tissues and also increase hormonal levels (such as testosterone) that play an important role in sexual activity.

When you eat healthy foods, your body is satisfied, muscle walls are relaxed, and blood pressure normalizes. All this eventually leads to enhanced sexual performance due to greater erection generating capabilities.

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2. Completely Stop Smoking

Smoking cigarettes means you are allowing the nicotine to enter your body. Nicotine mixes in your bloodstream and leads to clogged arteries. This happens due to the extremely harmful toxins present in nicotine. These toxins build up over time and lead to the formation of excess dead blood cells.

Due to this, the blood pressure builds up and you face consequences within critical parts of your body. Your cardiovascular health deteriorates, lungs lose their oxygen-holding capacity, and there is reduced blood flow to the penis too.

If you stop consuming nicotine then your body can complete the cycle of purifying your bloodstream and your blood pressure can return to normal. This allows normal blood flow to the penis, leading to healthier, longer, and firmer erections. Smoking cigarettes undoubtedly has a negative effect on the sex life of men.

3. Regulate Your Alcohol Consumption

There is a connection between alcohol, your CNS (central nervous system), and your penile region. Alcohol is known to be a depressant as it dulls the senses and induces the consumer into a state of dizziness. When you drink in copious amounts, you impair the ability of the brain to signal to other parts of the body.

A more precise explanation would be the failure of your brain to send signals of sexual excitation to the penis. Even if the brain manages to send signals, it is sent in a broken manner and the penile nerves never receive a complete signal. Due to this, there is only a weak and partial erection.

When your brain is not under the influence of any intoxicants there is a greater amount of clarity and it becomes easy to send and receive signals, whether it is related to sexual stimulation or any other emotions.

4. Give Up The Sedentary Lifestyle

If your body does not get any form of exercise then the insides begin to crave movement and some form of activity. In response to this, you start putting on weight and your organs function in much lower capacities. You need to overcome this issue by taking regular walks, going for jogs, or performing some form of exercise.

The real issue that you need to get rid of your sedentary lifestyle is because it adds to your inability to generate an erection. Considering this, it would be wise to perform exercises that activate the pelvic region.

The pelvic region is responsible for directing blood flow to the penile region. Perform Kegel exercises to stress that region and give rise to greater blood flow. Another muscle known as the bulbocavernosus muscle is present in this region.

When this muscle is stressed, then the nerves and tiny muscles in the penile region are given a jerk and begin to behave more responsively to signals of excitation from the brain. Some common pelvic exercises could be butt bridges or simply standing and extending your body to a full-stretch while focusing on your pelvic area.

Lifestyle Changes That May Improve Erectile Dysfunction: Conclusion

If you have no difficulty in adopting the lifestyle changes mentioned above then you can also try focusing on reducing your calorie intake. Also, obesity is a leading cause of ED. If you are obese and are facing ED issues then reducing weight would most definitely lead to a significant reduction in the severity of your ED issue.

Unless you lead an active sex life and require frequent medication to perform satisfactorily in bed, it is pointless to consume any ED-related medication. This is because the side effects can further worsen your health condition and make you even more dependant on ED pills.


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