The 11 Best Nootropics For ADHD And Their Benefits

best nootropics for adhd

In this article, we’ll discuss the best nootropics for ADHD and their benefits.


Are you tired of forgetting things? Not being able to focus on details or pay attention?

Even though these instances can be familiar to everyone, if you have been facing these issues for a long time, chances are you are suffering from ADHD.

What Is ADHD?

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a medical condition in which chemicals in the brain (ex: Dopamine & Noradrenaline) do not function properly. It can be a genetic condition and a long-term disorder, affecting your learning and behavior starting from your childhood and even into your adulthood.

Treatments are available, however this condition cannot be completely cured.

Fortunately, making use of a category of drugs called Nootropics (also known as Smart Drugs) may help you with ADHD.

What Are Nootropics?

Nootropics are compounds that will enhance your psychological conditions such as the ability to focus, stay motivated, or maintain a good stretch of attention span.

This smart drug can benefit people of all age groups suffering from ADHD.

But picking the right nootropics could be a complicating process.

Best Nootropics For ADHD

At the end of this article, we have also mentioned one doctor’s recommended nootropic being used extensively nowadays.

1. L-Theanine

An amino acid with one of the highest number of benefits a nootropic can have. Usually consumed with caffeine for lowering blood pressure, nootropic pills with L-theanine will boost your ability to think and set a positive mood for the day.

Mostly used for boosting your brainpower resulting in relaxation in stressful conditions.


  • Increases dopamine & serotonin levels in the brain
  • Calming effect for 30-45 minutes after consumption
  • Cognition accelerated
  • Raises energy levels
  • Helps people reduce anxiety and panic attacks

2. CDP-Choline (Citicoline)

This is a popularly known nootropic among the young and elderly alike. This produces molecules not only in the brain but throughout the body, therefore helping build memory and mood-boosting cells and protecting nerve connections.

Our body is prone to transform the compound into several other beneficial compounds.

Mostly used for avoiding any kind of structural or neural damage to the brain.


  • Cognition development
  • Reportedly helps with depression
  • Makes the nervous system run smoothly
  • Improves your eyesight

3. Sulbutiamine

Recognized for increasing thiamine levels in the brain, it is ideal for people involved in a lot of physical activity (ex: athletes). Sulbutiamine is also consumed by people with Alzheimer’s syndrome, depression, and erectile dysfunction.

Mostly used for: Improving athletic performance


  • Helps in overcoming fatigue problems
  • Recovers nerve damages caused due to high sugar levels
  • Proven to improve attention

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4. Acetyl-L-carnitine

Treats mental disorders like age-related memory loss, thinking problems due to excessive alcohol consumption, and also combats poor liver functionality.

Mostly used for impotence related problems in men.


  • Improves memory issues for elderly people
  • Helps to withdraw from alcohol addiction
  • Treating Alzheimer disease
  • Boosts the quantity of blood flow to the brain

5. Aniracetam

This is a quick response nootropic with the ability to enhance cognition and lift moods. It helps in modulating the production and releasing of neurotransmitters and other brain cells.

This nootropic has plenty of scientific and fact-based proven studies.

Mostly used for increasing rate of recognizing visuals.


  • Anxiety reduction
  • Cutting down brain dysfunction instances due to aging
  • Better physical performance

6. Bacopa Monnieri

Also known as Brahmi due to its relation with traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

It includes antioxidants that shield cell damage caused by harmful molecules. This in turn also helps in the reduction of inflammation.

Mostly used for reducing restlessness or uneasiness.


  • Improves the rate of learning
  • Faster ability to process information
  • Better self-control

7. Phosphatidylserine

Responsible for enhancing and regulating the functioning of nerve cells within the brain. This helps in establishing stronger neural connections and sending messages more effectively and efficiently to different parts of the body.

Phosphatidylserine has been proved in keeping memory sharp even with the outcomes of aging. Often lauded as a natural remedy, it comprises several health benefits.

Mostly used for reducing hyperactive or impulsive behavior.


  • Promotes a healthy and adequate amount of sleep
  • Lifts your mood
  • Increase in exercise potential

8. Lithium Orotate

It is a substance said to treat episodes of abnormal brain function. It’s reported to have low availability in the form of supplements. Yet it is highly utilized by people suffering from stress, pain, or any memory-related issues.

Mostly used for prevention from over-consumption of alcohol.


  • Stress buster with instant effects
  • Relief from cluster headaches
  • Reduction in alcohol addiction
  • Fights post-insomnia issues

9. Vinpocetine

Even though it’s a manmade chemical, it has similarities with a natural plant substance making it a low side-effects medicine.

Improving the blood flow to the brain is one of its main benefits. Make sure it is only consumed after a prescription from a medical practitioner.

Apart from treating people with ADHD, Vinpocetine also cures many other disorders.

Mostly used for stopping interference of random thoughts, and also to maintain razor-sharp focus.


  • Help reduce motion sickness
  • Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease

10. Lion’s Mane

Making itself last into the list but not least, Lion’s mane mushrooms, also called Hou Tou Gu are ordinary-looking mushrooms grown in countries like Japan or China.

Above all, it’s considered to have substances beneficial to the brain and the heart. It develops stronger neural bonds within all parts of the brain. This makes it easier for the brain to send and receive messages from other parts of the body. Memory retention, quicker reaction times, faster learning, etc. are a few benefits.

Mostly used for minimizing inflammation from stroke injuries in the brain.


  • Relief from depression and anxiety
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Reduces Alzheimer symptoms
  • Bonus perk: helps fight cancer

11. Doctor’s Recommendation – Mind Lab Pro

Regarded as one of the best OVERALL nootropics available for treating every ADHD-related problem. Its high-quality ingredients cover every single aspect of your brain, ticking all the boxes.


  • Allows you to truly focus and concentrate
  • Reduces anxiety and panic attacks
  • Better mental performance
  • Ability to stay calm under stress
  • Easiness in learning
  • Quick memory recalls
  • Faster circulation of blood to the brain

More interestingly, its effect lasts long even after you stop consuming it!

The Bottom Line

Keeping in mind that nootropics are supplements and should be considered as an add-on to a healthy lifestyle, you are required to make sure you eat healthily, sleep well, and exercise regularly.

In conclusion, having these nootropics on a prescription-based plan plus maintaining a healthy lifestyle will surely bring changes to your mental as well as physical health.


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