Sulbutiamine Supplement: Benefits & Side Effects

Benefits & side effects of Sulbutiamine

People with a deficiency of Thiamine (Vitamin B1) face several health problems. But, Sulbutiamine is an oral treatment, which takes care of this deficiency. It is a fat-soluble supplement and an upgraded version of Thiamine and is readily available for purchase.

The supplement is a man-made version of Vitamin B1. It is made by binding together two types of Vitamin B1 molecules.

The medication contributes towards the overall well-being of a person.

While Vitamin B1 dissolves in water, Sulbutiamine dissolves only in fat. This makes it simpler for the medicine elements to pass the blood-brain barrier.

Thus, the brain receives ample Thiamine, which it needs.

It was the efforts of a few Japanese scientists that gave birth to Sulbutiamine back in the 1960s. The medication brings the much-needed supplement to overcome Vitamin B1 deficiency. This deficiency affects a huge part of the population, and Sulbutiamine is the perfect solution for it.

How Does Sulbutiamine Work?

The medicine has a unique functioning. It enters the blood-brain barrier to increase Thiamine. In turn, the deficiency of Vitamin B1 reduces.

Sulbutiamine also produces the PDH enzyme. This enzyme takes part in the process to produce acetylcholine.

Now, acetylcholine is a part of the production process of myelin. It is myelin that assures that brain signals are sent and received without disruptions.

What Are the Benefits of Sulbutiamine?

There several benefits that Sulbutiamine has on health. This is why for decades people have been using this medication to treat different health problems. Below mentioned are the benefits this supplement offers:

1. Reduces the Ill Effects of Erectile Dysfunction

ED or erectile dysfunction is a common sexual disorder that affects men. As per researches, a majority of males experience the symptoms of ED at some point in life.

ED interrupts the process of achieving a healthy erection. It causes limpness of the male reproductive organ during intercourse. The results are anxiety and depression. These symptoms are also caused for erectile dysfunction.

The treatment includes identifying the root problem of ED. The root problem could be low testosterone level, depression, stress, prostate cancer, etc. Sulbutiamine deals with the psychological problems that cause ED.

This helps the medicine user to get over erectile dysfunction easily.

2. Lift Up Mood

The medication has a considerable effect on patients dealing with stress and anxiety. People who take Sulbutiamine report that they feel healthier and happier during the treatment.

Thus, this supplement is certainly a wise choice for those who wish to lead a good life and lower stress and anxiety levels resulting from any health condition.

3. Enhances Athletic Performance

The supplement has a significant effect on raising mood, energy levels, focus, and motivation.

All these effects help to lower fatigue in people.

In turn, medicine enhances athletic performance when necessary. Many athletes report of experience the positive effect the medicine has on their performance.

4. Perks Up Energy

The initial reason to create Sulbutiamine was to fight fatigue resulting from infections. And the medicine just does this job very well.

A study in 1999 proves the effectiveness of this supplement.

The results show that medicine can improve energy levels in people suffering from fatigue due to an infection. It has a greater effect than placebo treatment.

When a person experiences perked up energy, then he/she can deal with daily life struggles, better.

5. Brings in Feeling of Motivation and Focus

Sulbutiamine increases the level of glutamine and dopamine in the brain. Thus, it helps to enhance the patient’s motivation and focus. The medicine causes a good mood, brings feelings of euphoria and confidence within just a few minutes of intake.

6. Improves Memory

The medication shows a positive effect on the improvement of memory. This effect is visible greatly in people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

The supplement is used with donepezil (a common medication to overcome the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease). By improving memory, Sulbutiamine helps people to get rid of the anxiety related to memory loss as well.

Sulbutiamine Dosage Indications

Due to a lack of scientific research, the optimal dosage of this supplement is not clear.

However, depending on the patient’s age, well-being, gender, medical history, and diagnosis of health disorder, a doctor can suggest the right dosing.

Doctors however say that taking Sulbutiamine 200mg to 600mg per day at least 2 to 3 times can help achieve the medical purpose. Below-provided is recommended dosing for certain conditions.

However, following a health practitioner’s advice for proper dosing.

How Does Sulbutiamine Help With Other Diseases?

  • Alzheimer’s disease: Taking this medicine through the mouth for 3 months may enhance attention in patients at an early stage of Alzheimer’s disease. It may even improve memory when combined with donepezil (anti-Alzheimer’s medicine) for 3 months.
  • Diabetic Nerve Pain: Taking the Thiamine supplement daily for 6 weeks may help those with diabetic nerve pain. The medication improves nerve working in diabetics with nerve damage. But the supplement may not reduce the symptoms of diabetic nerve pain in patients.
  • Fatigue Related to MS (Multiple Sclerosis): Taking this medicine for 6 months can reduce fatigue in those with multiple sclerosis.
  • Fatigue Due to Infection: Take the medication daily for 15 days with standard care for the infection. This may reduce fatigue and weakness in people with infections. But there is not much research in the improvement of fatigue given a longer use of this medication.
  • Erectile Dysfunction: Taking Sulbutiamine for 30 days may reduce the psychological causes and symptoms of ED. This was seen in a few early pieces of evidence where 16 men out of 20 reacted positively to the intake of this supplement.
  • Depression: People with depression can see a reduction in psycho-behavioral inhibition. To bring this effect, the patient must take Sulbutiamine every day for 4 weeks. However, this medicine does not bring a reduction in other symptoms of depression.

What Are The Side Effects of Sulbutiamine?

Every medicine may cause a few possible side effects, and so does the Thiamine supplement. But, this medication is otherwise quite safe to use. In a few cases, especially if the person is using other medicines, Sulbutiamine can cause:

  • Tiredness
  • Nausea
  • Mild skin allergy
  • Headache
  • Insomnia or other sleep problems

How to Eliminate the Possibility of Side Effects?

Thus, people receiving other medicine should always speak with their doctor.

The healthcare provider must be aware of the patient’s current treatment plans and medical history. This will allow the doctor to suggest the right dosage of Sulbutiamine so that there are no side effects. Or the health practitioner may not suggest the supplement at all.

The medicine is not recommended in pregnant and breastfeeding women. This is because of the lack of scientific research on this medication use in such women.

It is noticeable that people with psychiatric problems often overuse medicine.

Thus, in this case, the patient must use the supplement with care and caution. Doctors suggest not taking medicines for bipolar disorder with Sulbutiamine.

This is because patients with bipolar disorder may develop an addiction to the Thiamine supplement.

Wrap UP

Those who experience a deficiency of Thiamine can certainly rely on Sulbutiamine.

The medication works best to improve mood and athletic performance. It also reduces the level of anxiety, stress, and fatigue.

The supplement has no or very few side effects.

It has a great effect on enhancing mood and memory.

Thus, it may help men with erectile dysfunction. Also, the positive effects of this medicine appear quickly.

So, Sulbutiamine must be bought after consulting with a doctor & should be used correctly as per the doctor’s indications. Then the patient definitely can see a significant improvement in health.


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