Best Tips For A Healthy Heart You Can Implement Right Now

tips for healthy heart

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best tips for a healthy heart that you can implement in your life starting today.


Every muscle in the human body has its own importance. However, no muscle in the body needs care and attention like the heart. Your heart is engaged in one of the most strenuous activities in your body. Yes, you guessed it right! It pumps blood to all parts of the body and enriches organs with oxygen at the same time. Today’s highly stressful lifestyles have made people prone to cardiac issues more than ever.

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Tips For A Healthy Heart

Risk factors like smoking, lack of exercise, and poor eating habits increase the risk of heart disease manifold. Thus, we bring you a few tips that will help maintain a healthy heart condition. Read on to know more.

1. Good Sleep

Guess who’s up late binge-watching the latest Netflix original? You may feel good about it, but your heart surely doesn’t. Quality sleep is necessary for the body. It helps the body to repair the wear and tear it is put through during the day. Good seven hours of sleep is necessary for a healthy heart and arteries. Various studies back this claim.

Moreover, staying up late also has other physiological and psychological effects. For instance, low quality sleep might affect your cognitive abilities and also increase your risk of hypertension.

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2. Tackling Diabetes

High blood sugar levels are known to cause damage to the arteries, and this includes your heart. Therefore, it is a good idea to get yourself checked for diabetes at regular intervals, especially if you’re above 45 years of age. Factors like obesity, pregnancy, and hypertension increase your chances of being a diabetic.

If you do have diabetes, take extra care to maintain your blood sugar levels. Consult your doctor, and he or she will be able to guide you about the lifestyle changes you need to make. Making appropriate changes to your diet will also help.

3. Good Fats

These are essential macronutrients required by the body for the synthesis of hormones and other functions. Your endocrine system would suffer drastically if you did not consume enough ‘good’ fats. Unsaturated fats are known as ‘good fats’. These fats promote the synthesis of good cholesterol or HDL, which is beneficial for organ tissues.

At the same time, try to avoid saturated fats and trans fats, and totally cutting out the latter from your diet. Just like good fats increase HDL levels in the blood, saturated fats and trans fats increase bad cholesterol (LDL) levels in the blood. This can lead to further cardiovascular ailments and other medical complications in the long run.

4. A Toast To Healthy Heart

‘Consumption of alcohol is injurious to health’. This phrase is true, only if you are binge drinking or consuming large amounts of alcohol regularly. A drink or two every now and then is known to have health benefits, especially when it comes to the heart.

Low to moderate amounts of alcohol increase the HDL levels, hence promoting heart health. It is also known to prevent blood clots and arterial damages. Red wine, in particular, is known to have a number of health benefits, ranging from heart health to better skin and hair.

5. Give Up A Sedentary Lifestyle

If you happen to sit for too long during the day, it is time you change that. Sitting for long periods throughout the day is linked to all kinds of health issues, from hip pain to a stroke. Today, a sedentary lifestyle is the main reason for the increased number of people suffering from cardiac issues and diabetes.

The best way to tackle this problem would be by standing up frequently while working. For instance, standing up for 15 minutes every hour would benefit your cardiovascular health. If you are someone who stays home all day, you can help in daily household chores such as cleaning and getting groceries. The idea is to avoid sitting for long hours. If possible, consider adding some form of exercise to your daily routine.

6. Balanced Diet

You are what you eat. When it comes to heart health, this phrase is something to abide by. The kind of food that we eat today is one of the major reasons for poor health and immunity. Consuming a nutritious and balanced diet is not only good for the heart but provides other health benefits as well. If you are not sure about the kind of food you should be eating, consult your doctor or a dietitian.

Chances are that he or she may advise you to follow DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension). This kind of diet focuses on reducing your salt intake and emphasizes more on nutrient-dense foods. You will be eating a lot of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. All of these foods reduce your chances of cardiac issues while improving overall immunity and health.

7. Quit Smoking

Every time you light up, the health of people around you is also at risk. Smoking is a controllable risk factor when it comes to cardiac health. You cannot control your age and even your stress to an extent, but smoking is totally up to you.

Similarly, you should avoid second-hand smoke as much as possible. Second-hand smoke can increase the risk of cardiovascular illnesses by up to 30%. For the good health of you and the people around you, quit smoking. It will also prove to be good for your pocket.

8. Shed Those Extra Pounds

Obesity is home to many diseases. If you are obese or overweight, your chances of suffering from a heart stroke are much higher than the average individual. If you have been looking for a reason to lose weight, then this is certainly the right time. Obesity also increases the risk of hypertension, diabetes, and arthritis.

Losing weight is known to improve one’s concentration along with improving health. Try taking up intense weight training. It will not only reduce your fat percentage but also build lean muscle mass. Increased muscle mass improves metabolism and adds to your strength. Additionally, looking good adds a lot of self-confidence.

Tips For A Healthy Heart: Wrap Up

Making certain changes to your lifestyle can work wonders for your cardiac health. Following the above tips will not only benefit your heart but also improve your overall health and immunity. A healthy heart will allow you to function more efficiently and also add years to your life. Eat good food, reduce stress, exercise regularly, and you will have a healthy heart.


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