Probiotics And Their Effects On Gut And Sexual Health


Probiotics help balance the microbiome in your body. They improve overall intestinal health. Also, they provide the essentials to boost the state of guts. Together, these have the potential to increase sex drive, get over genital problems, and sexual dysfunctions.

In this post, we will discuss symptoms of problematic intestine microbes, the relation between sex life and gut health, types of Probiotics, their benefits, and assistance in lovemaking, how gut ill health is responsible for troubled sex life, and alternatives to probiotics.

Symptoms of Chronic Gut Health

Some of the chronic problems with gut health include microscopic colitis, celiac disease, ulcerative colitis. Others include Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and irritable bowel syndrome. Some of the symptoms are vomiting, nausea, pain, tiredness, flatulence, and bloating.

Gastrointestinal conditions even have emotional effects. The physical ones are unavoidable. Both hurt your sex life. You may already have a diagnosis of disturbed gut health. Then the doctor may suggest an array of probiotics to ease the conditions.

Relation Between Microbiome and Sexual Life

Microorganisms have a major function for your gut health. It is a house of archaea, fungi, and bacteria in the intestine. It has a say in overall satisfaction during lovemaking as well. Here is how these influence your sex life:

Arousal and Desire

When serotonin levels increase, your response to sexual advances is also better. So, you can expect a good physical and psychological response if serotonin production is sufficient in the brain. This chemical also works in the genitals. It helps create desire and arousal. Your gut microorganisms affect the serotonin level in the brain and body.


The majority of serotonin – a happy hormone, is available in the gut. This amounts to 95% of the whole production of this chemical. Thus, it positively affects your mood. When you are in an excellent mood for intimacy, it shapes up better on the bed. So, intestinal health is much important for healthy sex life.


If your microbiome is unhealthy, then health issues may arise. This also includes inflammation. It can cause pain like arthritis, making the body reflexes slow. Also, it can lead to several sexual dysfunctions, including erectile dysfunction. Some people may even experience premature ejaculation due to high inflammation.

Energy Levels

Gut bacteria produce the essential vitamin B. This is necessary for an apt level of energy. These take charge of cell communication and blood sugar regulation. If this goes out of hand, the blood sugar levels may take a dip. Once that happens, your libido may also take a hit.

For men, a low level of energy can affect their performance on the bed. They may feel too tired to be involved with their partner. Also, they may not last for long. Or, they may not want to experiment much with positions and techniques.


In all the above problems, probiotics can work well. It can provide your intestine with the missing microorganisms. Also, it can boost the overall health of your stomach. Thus, you will find improvements in your sexual life as well. You will feel more energetic, be in a good mood, and suffer from less body pain.

Types of Probiotics for a Good Libido and Intimacy

Dysbiosis is an imbalance of gut bacteria. It is because of gastrointestinal ill health. If you have this problem, then probiotics will provide the necessary bacteria and yeast. These can come from supplements and food. But you need to know the right one that you need.

Usually, the higher quality ones require refrigeration. The products stored on the shelf are for general use. Lactobacillus strains are somewhat superior to others. They can reduce the symptoms of inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome, and disorder.

They also assist with acute digestive situations such as constipation, gas, stomach upset, and bloating. You may also require other medications to support treatment with microbial supplements. How much of these you need, depends on your gut health.

Sometimes more of something can do more harm than good. For instance, probiotics can make gas worse if you add it due to a small intestinal bowel overgrowth. So, do not start something without consideration from your doctor.

Benefits of Probiotics: Why You Should Take It?

Here are how these microbial supplements can have health benefits:

Digestive System

Probiotics can resolve occasional digestive issues and constipation. They can lessen inflammation from bad bacteria for a smooth digestive function. They create colony-forming units that take away digestive tract barriers. For example, Escherichia coli nissle and VSL#3 treat ulcerative colitis.

Boost Immunity

70% of the immunity system-related cells are present in the digestive tract. It forms the basis of the microbiota. A healthy balance of microorganisms in the intestine blocks pathogens from going into the bloodstream. They create a protective layer with the bacteria strain and make for a good immune function.

Cardiovascular System

Gut bacteria and materials when absorbed in the bloodstream affect blood pressure. If your blood pressure is normal then your heart health remains good. Dietary sodium levels after all determine the intestine microbe levels. If there are toxins, then the kidney/liver/cardiovascular system will go down.

Weight Management

Gut health is important for metabolism. If a natural balance of bacteria exists in the intestine, then you can easily manage your weight. Otherwise, it can cause obesity, metabolic disorders, and decrease gut permeability. So, follow a nutritious diet and add Probiotics to meet an adequate body weight.

Psychological Condition

The right balance of gastrointestinal bacteria connects well with the central nervous system. As the link improves between the brain and digestive system, it works as a second brain. It influences your emotional and physical responses and beats gut disorders. They soothe nerve cells and enhance mood.

For Men and Women

Some Probiotics can assist men and women’s health. They balance hormones, keep testosterone and pH levels in check, and solve libido issues. They protect overall health and upkeep the condition of blood vessels, responsible for sexual functions. Together, these have a great effect on the genitals.

Do Probiotics for Genital Function Work Well?

When you check out Probiotics online or from nearby medical stores, some are marketed for genital function. Is there any reason to believe that these will work? Yes, these may. As understood, a few of these products come with higher Lactobacillus levels. This microbe supports a balanced pH for the vagina.

It also fights other bad pathogens. This bacterium also improves your intestinal condition. Thus, it is a win-win circumstance if you choose Lactobacillus composition probiotics. So, if you suffer from any disorder because of a gut problem, such a product may help. It can alleviate sexual dysfunctions.

Signs that Unhealthy Microbiome Disrupts Love Life

As much as intestinal health is a mystery, so is libido. Interest in sexual activities depends on your lifestyle, hormones, relationship status, and more. However, fluctuations in libido may happen due to imbalanced microbes in the gut. And this may have several health impacts such as:

  • Sugar cravings
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Exhaustion
  • Ache in joints
  • Mood swings
  • Brain fog
  • Changes in weight
  • Problems with sleep

All these interfere with libido. Your doctor can recommend an abdomen scan, colonoscopy, or endoscope to check your gastrointestinal state. Abnormalities in the same are also possible to detect in a stool sample. Sometimes depression and stress may also affect intestinal health. This may make the microorganisms go haywire.

Your physician may prescribe probiotics and other medications for treatment. Daily or consistent medicines and microbial supplements will gradually rectify the conditions. But remember to not take any medicinal products without the recommendation of your healthcare provider.

Alternatives to Probiotics for Gut and Sexual Health

If you are not into probiotics or unsure which one to go for, there are alternatives to consider. Here are a few tips to apply:

Dietary Practices

For a short period, you may have to bring some changes to your diet. The food you eat has a great say on your intestinal health. For instance, a healthy diet in favour of your gut can undo related problems. Fermented vegetables and bone broth especially are good additions.

Watch Your Medications

Some antibiotics and medicines may influence the gut microbiome. For instance, blood pressure medications, cholesterol-lowering medicines, antipsychotics, antidepressants, anti-epileptic pills, etc can affect your sexual functions. So, it is best to speak with your doctor.

See if any of the medicines are responsible for your bad intestinal health. Your physician may switch the medicines. Or, suggest an alternative treatment for the intestines and sexual health.

Exercise Regularly

You can achieve higher serotonin levels with regular exercise. Physical fitness is also necessary for mental health. It also boosts the relationship between sex life and guts. So, move more, try out pelvic floor exercises, aerobics, breathing techniques, power yoga, and more.

A sedentary lifestyle is not good to go with for overall body health. If you exercise often, then your intestines and genitals will function adequately. It will also increase libido and sensual urges.

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Final Thoughts

From a range of Probiotics, get the ones that you require for sexual health and gut conditions. Speak with your healthcare provider about symptoms you encounter. He/she will analyze the situation and prescribe a perfect set of supplements for a balanced microbiome.


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