Top 6 Over The Counter Adderall Alternatives In 2020

over the counter adderall

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best Over The Counter Adderall alternatives available in the market.


Adderall is a trade marketed prescription medicine. It is a combination of two drugs, amphetamine, and dextroamphetamine. Categorized under the ‘stimulant’ category- namely, a Central Nervous System (CNS) stimulant type medication, it comes in two forms, which are the Adderall Oral Tablet and the Adderall XR extended-release oral capsule.


This medicine is the first choice for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. Its application is in accordance with the changes it can make to the functions of the brain. The stimulant property assists with improving attention spans, the ability to stay focused, and to control behavioral issues.

It is also used as a prescription for certain sleeping disorders. However, Adderall has been categorized under an FDA warning for potential misuse. Several users get addicted and build up a huge dependency on Adderall.


Unfortunately, it has become a form of over the counter (OTC) medicine which is being used for way different objectives than it is intended for. People who are not diagnosed with sleeping disorders are using it for keeping sleep at bay. Fast-paced individuals administer it to themselves to combat tiredness, headaches, and to keep them active throughout the day.

The stimulant properties of this medicine give the same high and alert to the brain, as meth (an illegal drug) does. Some may even compare it to a caffeine or smoking addiction. There are many cases of Adderall abuse, and its withdrawal symptoms are just as bad. Thus, the reason to seek out better alternatives for the same arises urgently.

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Need for Alternatives

Even though the drug has been branded dangerous for its high risks of misuse, it is not uncommon for hurried college students or busy office-goers to turn up to their local pharmacy with a fake prescription for the same.

Its use as a quick-fix solution has resulted in several horror stories. But if one persists in seeking out for Adderall, there are specific alternatives, which are legal over the counter (OTC) products. These do not pose as much risk and should be chosen over succumbing to the stimulant drug. Even better, they moreover impart the same effects.

Over The Counter Adderall Alternatives

Frankly speaking, there is no actual over the counter (OTCS) alternative for Adderall (with the same intensity of its effects), nor a natural substitute for it, the reason being the drug’s composition. The two compounds it is made of are high-risk in nature. Mimicking them as they are would result in the substitute being as harmful as Adderall.

Although, this doesn’t mean that there is no other option out there. You need something that would serve the similar purposes of Adderall, if not the same.

For the best and the safest results, coupling up natural nootropics along with natural energy supplements of good quality are recommended. These would give the same benefits, minus the legal and medical risk of the potent brain drug.

Here are some Adderall alternatives you must definitely consider.

1. Citicoline

It is a nootropic available at online pharmacies but also occurs naturally in the human brain. As synthetics, it can be consumed through oral means or injection shots. It is also under the category of ‘cholinergic’ medication. Thus it rapidly increases the levels of choline in the brain.

Once initially used by doctors of Asian countries as a prescribed medicine, it upholds a lot of functionalities that Adderall has as well, such as improving brain activity, focus, memory loss, and even vision. The supplements also provide uridine to the brain, which facilitates with the RNA production.

2. Alpha Brain

The next nootropic in this list is Alpha Brain. It is readily available as an OTC drug. It is entirely natural and helps produce noradrenaline and dopamine in the brain, just like Adderall does.

It ensures to provide extra energy for the body without jitters or any type of hyperactivity issue. Due to its effects on the brain, it increases wakefulness, attentivity, and mental optimism. However, its intake shouldn’t be the same as that of a daily supplement.

3. Huperzine A

Huperzine is not exactly a natural substitute for Adderall. But because of the way it mimics the stimulant’s effects on the CNS, it is probably the best substitute on this list. Extracted from the Fir Club moss plants, it can also be manufactured in labs.

The compound contributes to the slow build-up of the brain’s primary executive neurotransmitters. In layman’s terms, this means that it provides the brain with powers to focus for long hours without tiring out or feeling lethargic.

4. Theanine And Caffeine

The former is a form of amino acid, while the latter is another form of a natural stimulant. While it doesn’t necessarily fall under the OTC category, its easy availability and potential benefits make it a much comfortable alternative to Adderall.

The effects of caffeine, such as alertness, doing away with sleepiness, etc., are all already well known. But what some individuals do not know is that it improves the cognitive functioning of the brain as well.

Theanine is known to work hand-in-hand with caffeine, on seemingly good terms. It encourages caffeine’s positive attributes while canceling out its negative ones. Theanine can be found in tea and even in some types of mushrooms.

5. Tyrosine

Another nootropic, which is also another type of amino acid which is as effective as citicoline, in terms of being a cognitive enhancer. Tyrosine is produced in the body from another amino acid called phenylalanine.

Found in food products like cheese, chicken, turkey, fish, etc., it gives a dopamine high to the brain. It makes for an ideal alternative for Adderall since it helps people go through extremely stressful situations like sleep deprivation, task overloads, and extreme colds, to name a few.

6. Vitamin B

This type of vitamin is water-soluble and helps in metabolism processes within the body. But not many would be aware that up to 50% of the vitamin Bs consumed by the body is used up by the brain. And also that it’s extremely easy for a person to be deficient in it.

Several people resort to Adderall as a solution for deficiency of Vitamin Bs. They may not even be aware of the actual deficiency, but yet go about consuming Adderall due to its conquering effects.

The many types of it, like Riboflavin, have the reputation of helping in the synthesis of neurons and hormones in the brain. Vitamin B pills may help largely with doing away with brain fog and difficulty in memory retention.

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Over The Counter Adderall Alternatives: Conclusion

It is important to note that while these alternatives may also pose the risk of making the consumer dependent, they do have far lesser side-effects and negative aspects than Adderall, and are also legally available for sale.

Self-administration of drugs, even though they might be supplements, should always be avoided. A physician’s advice and prescription are a much better way to help treat disorders, while the daily fatigue could be bettered by merely following a healthier lifestyle.


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