Are Masturbation And Erectile Dysfunction Related?

erectile dysfunction

Masturbation is an act performed by men to relieve them of their sexual desires and achieve an orgasm. Men with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) most often cannot indulge in masturbation due to their inability to maintain an erection.

There are many verbal opinions, blogs, articles, and even reports that link masturbation to erectile dysfunction. But all these should be considered null and void as masturbation and erectile dysfunction are not related in any way. It is simply a myth as there are no facts to prove such a claim.

Think about it, what good would all those masturbation stories over the years be if it all would boil down to becoming a victim of erectile dysfunction?

People separate in marriage and relationships due to the inability to live a satisfactory sex life. Many men who are on the negative-persona side of this problem, blame their masturbation habits for their erectile dysfunction problems when it comes to performing intercourse in bed.

Once their relationship has ended and they go through a thorough diagnosis, the real reason is revealed. It would usually be one of a depressive disorder and the building up of performance anxiety. There are also claims that state watching porn can reduce your sensitivity to actual physical touch and visual pleasure.

But all this can be scraped out and considered irrelevant as there is not one tinge of evidence that supports this sentence.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

  • Abnormally high cholesterol in the bloodstream due to the consumption of healthy fats that cannot be digested and processed by the body easily.
  • Obesity due to an unhealthy diet that comprises fried, spicy, oily, salty, and excessively sugary foods.
  • Diabetes due to excess sugar and interrupted blood supply to the arteries.
  • Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis.
  • Cardiovascular abnormalities such as Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) or blood flow blockages in the heart valves.
  • Excessive indulgence in alcohol, nicotine, or illegal substances.
  • Blood pressure problems.
  • Depression, stress, or anxiety in your personal and professional life.

Can Masturbation Lead To A Decrease In Symptoms Of ED?

Your therapist, healthcare provider, or family doctor may suggest you indulge in masturbation to reduce ED symptoms. Even mild stimulation via touches on sensitive parts that induce a sense of pleasure can prove to send a signal to the brain indicating pleasure.

The whole purpose is to give the patient several routes that can be indulged in regularly to help fight the issue of ED from disrupting one’s relationships.

Can Masturbation Lead To Impotence?

Those who complete a masturbation session release a fair amount of semen when their ejaculatory moment ends. But for a male who masturbates rather frequently, there will undoubtedly be lesser amounts of semen during ejaculation.

The amount of semen stored in the testicles will vary on how often does a man masturbates, and depending on the overall health of the individual the restoration period of this semen can vary too. Give it a couple of days at the most and you will be able to pump out enough semen to clear your head of negative thoughts. This is a logical reason that should be enough to clear your worries of masturbation and impotence.

Some men who do not ejaculate during intercourse or masturbation worry that they are getting impotent or are on the path to infertility. The sperms at some point have to be secreted by the penis so that there can be space in the testicles for the creation and storage of more sperms.

If not during the stimulation period, then it is during sleep time at night that nocturnal ejaculation occurs and the body secretes excess semen.

Impotence is a long shot away from masturbation and a human would probably face dozens of other health complications before being declared impotent by a doctor.

It is a different story if you put yourself through rigorous masturbation where you treat your penis in a rash manner during hand-practice. This can lead to wear and tear of tissues and crucial nerves within the walls of the penile structure that are critical for sending sexual excitement messages to and from the brain.

Relation Between Porn, Masturbation And Erectile Dysfunction

There is more of a psychological connection between porn, masturbation, and erectile dysfunction. Watching too much porn can disconnect an individual with actions that are performed in reality. Porn can substantially change the way people are looking at sex.

This can happen because of the diversity in available porn on the internet. There are people from all races who indulge in the viewing of full-length porn films. One can find a range of positions, sex toys, fetishes, and other not-so-common activities performed during sex.

Taking this experience, mindset, and expectation into the real world can prove to be a sad approach as expectations are not usually met. The man tends to feel out of place, anxious and due to this conflict of thoughts and emotions, he fails to maintain an erection.

Even if he does manage to generate and sustain an erection, the odds are the partner would be dissatisfied due to the premature ejaculation problem that the man is facing. Porn-induced ED is more of a mental ED condition than a realistic physical ED condition.

The preferred option for ED is to go for medicines like Viagra or Cialis which are readily available in the market. In fact, you can buy generic Viagra online or you can even buy generic Cialis online from our online store and get them delivered to your home safely and without any hassle.

However, if you want to clear your doubts regarding the relation between masturbation and ED, and you are embarrassed to speak to a doctor, you can opt for ED therapies that do not include the consumption of any medication.

No medication means no additional influx of man-made or herbal supplements in your body. You can opt for penis pumps. These pumps make use of a vacuum tube to extract air from the insides of the penis. Once the air is extracted, more blood is allowed to enter the penis and it becomes easier to generate and sustain an erection.

Kegel exercises, butt bridges, supine foot raises that focus on the pelvic muscle and the bulbocavernosus muscle has also proven to be great remedies to strengthen the muscles responsible for greater blood flow to the penis.


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