Benefits And Possible Side Effects Of Malegra DXT

malegra dxt

What Is Malegra DXT?

Malegra DXT is a drug that helps in the treatment of erectile dysfunction as well as premature ejaculation. To be used only according to the health expert’s orders, this drug is made of two major components. Sildenafil and duloxetine being the two important substances in Malegra DXT.

They are effective in mutually enhancing the effects of each other to treat the symptoms of sexual disorders. Sildenafil is a common drug used to treat both short-term and long-term erectile dysfunction. Also, it is more commonly referred to as Viagra. Duloxetine is a drug with antidepressant properties and is used to improve conditions like premature ejaculation.

This drug can be taken in advance if the individual has plans for sexual activity. Make sure to note that it does not protect the user from sexually transmitted infections and maintaining safe sex practices is encouraged. Consumption of this drug is highly unadvised for teenagers.

Malegra – DXT or FXT?

It is easy to buy Malegra DXT online; but before making the purchase, the patient must know the difference between Malegra DXT and Malegra FXT. Even though the major component of these drugs is sildenafil, these drugs differ when it comes to their second major constituent; Malegra DXT has duloxetine whereas Malegra FXT contains fluoxetine.

Even though both drugs are similar and treat the same conditions, accidental switching of the drugs results in side effects. Sometimes certain individuals are tolerant to the effects of one variety of Malegra, or it may cause serious side effects in them.

While Malegra DXT improves the ability to maintain an erection and improve sexual performance, on its own, the drug does not cause permanent physical damage after ingestion. Neither does the drug reduce the individual’s sensitivity to sexual stimulation.

Benefits Of Malegra DXT

Malegra is one of the latest forms of drugs that combat impotence and other male sexual dysfunctioning. It works by removing the blockages in the arteries that restrict the blood flow towards the nether regions. In this manner, the flow of blood towards the penis is increased and the individual is able to have a proper erection and maintain it during the course of sexual activity.

Compared to other treatments of ED, hyperplasia, and such sex-related disorders, Malegra DXT has many benefits.

  • The first and foremost advantage of this drug is its relative cheapness. Pills like Viagra and Levitra guarantee effectiveness and performance but it is highly-priced for most of the population. Many pharmaceuticals offer it at very reasonable prices and thus, the affordability and availability of the drug is truly a benefit. Moreover, since it does not require a prescription, it is easy to access as well.
  • It has been noted in extensive studies that it tends to elicit lesser and milder side effects in the users. When used according to the health expert’s instructions or the guidelines on the pamphlet, the negative reactions to the drug are almost nil. Hence, a note-worthy benefit of Malegra DXT is the safety it guarantees.
  • Containing two active ingredients to treat the symptoms of the malfunctioning sex organs, Malegra DXT is highly potent and effective. Users have reported their ability to achieve erections and maintain it, without fail, after taking this drug. Additionally, users have appreciated the benefit of shorter restoration periods while using Malegra DXT before intercourse. Since the drug also improves the condition of premature ejaculation, it is one of the best drugs to treat male sex-related disorders in the market.
  • Since Malegra DXT contains two major components that treat a variety of symptoms shown by different disorders, the user does not have to take multiple pills.
  • Produced by highly recognized organizations, it contains only high-quality ingredients and is manufactured in hygienic conditions. Hence, the drug does not induce reactions due to faulty manufacture or poor storage conditions.

With all the pros offered by the Malegra DXT, it should definitely be one of the top considerations if one is looking to treat certain sex-related disorders.

Side Effects Of Malegra DXT

Though the appearance of side effects is common in the users of Malegra DXT, a select few of the population show mild reactions to the drug. It has to be noted that its intake does not interfere with the sexual arousal felt by the individual. Although one must know that the mild side effects of Malegra DXT include:

  • Dizziness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Headaches
  • Flushing
  • Indigestion or other signs of an upset stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Blurred vision
  • Nausea
  • Nosebleeds
  • Infections in the urinary tract
  • Aching of muscles

If these symptoms persist even after a while, it is advised to stop taking the medication and get medical help.

The more severe reactions to Malegra DXT, even though extremely rare, include severe allergic reactions. Signs like rashes, swollen face, swelling under the eyes, hives, severe dizziness, trouble breathing, or swelling of the throat necessitate immediate medical attention.

Also, sudden problems in hearing or a ringing sensation in the ears mean that the administration of the drug has to be stopped immediately. Loss of vision in one or both eyes, as well as the inability to distinguish between colors, are serious reactions that need immediate attention. This side effect has a higher chase of showing up in individuals with heart conditions, cholesterol, diabetes, and also in smokers.

Another extremely rare side effect is a prolonged and painful erection. If the erection lasts for more than four hours without any stimulation, then call for medical attention immediately to prevent permanent damage. This is known as priapism.

If the individual passes out soon after taking the pill or accidentally ingests more than the prescribed dose, call for poison control immediately.


  • Inform the pharmacist of your medical history, allergies, and other medications that you are currently using.
  • Be sure to consult a doctor before taking Malegra DXT in case of existing conditions like sickle cell anemia, leukemia, heart conditions, and problems related to the penis.
  • Avoid the use of alcohol or other recreational drugs before taking Malegra DXT or while the drug is in the system. Since the interaction of both substances may make the user dizzy, it is better to avoid operating heavy machinery during this period.
  • Certain drugs like azole antifungals, antibiotics, HIV protease inhibitors, and Hepatitis C protease inhibitors null the effects of Malegra DXT upon interaction.
  • Mixing Malegra DXT with other medications that treat similar symptoms is highly unadvised.


Malegra DXT is a tablet that is taken in anticipation of sexual activity when an individual has existing conditions of premature ejaculation and impotency. Make sure to note that Malegra DXT can only treat the physical symptoms behind the sexual dysfunction.

This is a highly affordable and effective drug that can alleviate the distress caused due to ED, hyperplasia, and premature ejaculation. Note that this drug is specifically formulated to treat male sexual disorders and thus, it should not be administered to women and children.


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