Birth Control For Men: Best Options To Choose From

birth control for men

In this article, we’ll discuss the best birth control for men available in the market today.


For a long time, women have become more aware of contraception and bear their total weight. At the same time, men, who appear to play dominant roles in many families, are undereducated and angry about family planning practices.

This awkwardness, coupled with the pressures of becoming a supplier and a procreator for men, leads to hurried, vague, and sometimes rough results for the couples. Consequently, it’s high time to place male birth control on the map for all to see.

Birth Control For Men

There is a small range of contraceptive options available for men. Though, over time, a few new methods have been discovered alongside some old techniques. The following are some of the ways:

1. Condoms

They are a type of obstruction contraception that likewise hinders the spread of specific STDs. Most of them are latex comprising a supply tip and base ring associated with a narrow latex tube.

The tip of the repository is squeezed between two fingers while the ring turns over the erect penis. To eliminate, handle the base ring and pull the condom off before erection is lost. Envelop the pre-owned condom with a tissue, or tie it off, and discard the pre-owned condom.

Male condoms come in various kinds, sizes, materials, colors, surfaces, smells, and flavors. Some include supply tips, unusual ointments, or spermicides. Condoms also come in different sizes, from cozy to medium to huge.

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Benefits Of Condoms

Condoms don’t genuinely adjust the fertility of the individual utilizing them. They are a solitary time “use and toss” contraception strategy. There is no obstacle to the individual having the option to consider the following time they need to have intercourse.

They have a high achievement rate as a preventative strategy when utilized appropriately. This implies that condoms are cheap methods for contraception that are effectively accessible to the majority.

Drawbacks Of Condoms

Decreased sensitivity during intercourse usually is a voiced worry with couples who decide on condoms as a contraception technique. A few couples guarantee that the delight during sex diminishes because of the hindrance presented by the latex condom.

After discharge, the male should pull out of the vagina before the penis gets limp to keep away from the condom slipping and inadvertently delivering the semen into the vagina. This might be hard to do without fail. Always keep in mind, improper removal of the condom may cause unintended pregnancy.

2. Vasectomy

Vasectomy is a surgical technique that can be used to sterilize a man or to provide permanent contraception. It is considered one of the best options when it comes to birth control for men.

The male vasa deferentia (ductus deferens) is cut and bound or sealed during the procedure to prevent sperm from entering the urethra and fertilizing a female through sexual intercourse.

Vasectomies are performed in medical clinics or a physician’s office. It doesn’t require hospitalization, since the procedure isn’t complicated, and the incisions are small.

It is performed most often in less than 30 minutes, and the patient is sent home within 1 hour after completing the procedure. Within a week, the patient can get back to their usual sex life, with almost no hassles at all.

Benefits Of Vasectomy

A vasectomy is a compelling and perpetual approach to forestall pregnancy. It’s best for men who are sure they don’t need offspring. A vasectomy doesn’t have any enduring impacts on sexual action or execution either.

Vasectomies are simpler and more affordable than female disinfection. Couples who’ve ruled against having kids in the future ought to talk about their alternatives with a specialist.

Drawbacks Of Vasectomy

The real detriment of vasectomy is that it doesn’t ensure against explicitly sent contaminations. Inversion might be conceivable in certain conditions. However, it’s not generally a choice. Inversion is more convoluted than the underlying system.

3. Withdrawl Or The “Pull-Out” Method

To avoid conception, the withdrawal method of contraception includes extracting the penis from the vagina and away from a woman’s external genitals until ejaculation. The withdrawal process, also known as “pulling back,” aims to avoid sperm from entering the vaginal canal.

Self-control on the male’s behalf is necessary when using the withdrawal method for birth control. Even so, the withdrawal method isn’t a highly successful birth control method.

If the withdrawal isn’t timed correctly or the pre-ejaculation fluid contains sperm, sperm can reach the vagina. Also beware, as the withdrawal process does not cover sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Benefits Of The Withdrawl Method

  • The withdrawal method is standard not only because it prevents pregnancy but also because it is easy and free.
  • It also does not necessitate any form of fitting or prescription.

Drawbacks Of The Withdrawl Method

  • Sometimes, the pull-out method’s failure is due to the penis not being pulled out before ejaculation.
  • Sperm cells can swim into the vagina and cause pregnancy even if semen only reaches the outer genitals (vulva).
  • They are not effective in preventing STDs.


Most missions are focused on ladies and families, as we said, barring young fellows. Over 90% of ladies talked about family arranging with their spouses. However, just 18% of them had a say in the ultimate conclusion. Keep in mind, this is only in some countries.

Up to 54% of men said that their spouses couldn’t utilize contraception without their authorization, and one-fifth accepted that a lady has to keep away from pregnancy – 31% of ladies concurred with this – said an examination on manliness led by International Center for Research on Women and United Nations Population Fund in 2014. The investigation reviewed 9,205 men and 3,158 ladies, matured 18-49, across seven states – Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra.

Most techniques for current contraception like intra-uterine preventative gadgets are focused on ladies. Simultaneously, there are just two essential strategies for contraception for men – vasectomy and condoms, which are underpromoted.

Nobody converses with youngsters straightforwardly about family arranging or clarifies how to bother free vasectomy could be. Again, this situation may be different in other countries, but traces of such behavior and misinformation are spread throughout the globe.

Birth Control For Men: Conclusion

Contraception is viewed as a critical response to populace control. Even though many explores male prophylactic techniques, the items’ real pharmacological advertising has not emerged reasonably. This has prompted lacunae in preventative options accessible to men as of now.

Most men pick vasectomy and condoms as a preventative choice at this point. Other non-hormonal methodologies dependent on sperm and epididymal targets have energizing prospects.

Before, male contraceptives have been recognized. There are not many ordinarily applied male contraception techniques like neighborhood use of warmth, utilization of home-grown meds, copulation interruptus, vasectomy, and male condoms. Every one of these strategies has had downsides that cause them to be utilized by a minority of the populace.

Warmth application and natural meds need proof of general adequacy. Intercourse interruptus has a 12% disappointment rate in any event when drilled accurately. Condoms rely a ton upon proper use and are delivered futile on account of breakage. Vasectomy has under half inversion rates. There is still no long haul, reversible preventative accessible for men.


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