Erection Pills: Working And Safety Of Different Medications

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Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a male reproductive health issue. Here, the person does not receive adequate hardness of the penile organ for intercourse. To resolve this, erection pills (PDE5 inhibitors) are available in the market. These are effective in causing a sufficient hard-on for intimacy.

In this post, we will talk about how ED medications work, different types of them, side effects, safety, and tips to get the best out of these products.

How do Erection Pills Work?

Erectile Dysfunction medicines are primarily phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) inhibitors. These relax the smooth muscles and blood vessels of the male reproductive organ. By increasing the nitric oxide production, the medication dilates the blood vessel in the penile organ. This helps the organ to stay harder for a longer time.

With sufficient blood circulation to the private parts, the user can have satisfactory intercourse. The tablet is not suitable for those who are already on nitrate medicines. Also, people with uncontrollable blood pressure must not take it.

Different Types of ED Medicines

The FDA has approved four types of erectile dysfunction medications. These are Sildenafil (Viagra), Avanafil (Stendra), Vardenafil (Levitra), and Tadalafil (Cialis). Below, we will throw light on these medicines in detail. This will help you know how effective these erection pills are.


The brand – Viagra contains the active ingredient Sildenafil. This is usually the first-line treatment for weak erections. Doctors may prescribe it as the medicine is easily available in the market. You can purchase it either from a local outlet on prescription. Or, you may get it from an online store as well.

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  • The dosage may differ as per the user’s health and requirement.
  • The FDA recommends 50 milligrams (mg) of the pill.
  • You need to take it orally with water.
  • Consume the tablet 1 hour before intimacy.
  • It can take the tablet to start working within 30 to 120 minutes after intake.

On adequate arousal, you can expect a hard-on to last for around 4 hours or more. However, none of the erection pills is great for recreational use. You must only take the medicine if a physician prescribes it to you. The good news is that apart from the branded pill, there are generic versions available as well.


You have to take the Avanafil pill orally with water at least 30 minutes before intimacy. The FDA approves 3 different dosages strengths of Stendra. These are 200mg, 100mg, and 50mg. The healthcare provider may advise on a lower dose if you are new to the medication.

Gradually, after noticing positive effects on health, the dosage may increase or remain unchanged. The change in erection pills dose will be based on how well you respond to the medication. The onset of action is anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes. The erection may last for 6 to 12 hours.


Another brand – Levitra is a well-known treatment for erectile dysfunction. It contains the active ingredient Vardenafil. You have to take the pill with water orally before an hour of the sexual activity. The FDA approves 10mg as the starting dose. But the dose may remain as low as 5mg.

  • The cap on the dose is 20mg.
  • You may take the medication with or without food.
  • It takes 30 to 45 minutes for the medicine to work.
  • Take only one ED tablet per 4 to 5 hours.
  • Your healthcare provider may adjust the dose down the line.
  • This depends on your response to the medicine.

Another medicine – Staxyn contains Vardenafil. It is a dissolvable tablet but not interchangeable with Levitra. This is because Staxyn is stronger than Levitra. It may come in 10mg dose dissolvable on the tongue. You may take it 1 hour before intimacy with or without food.


Cialis is one of the strong-acting erection pills coming in different doses. The initial dose is 5mg or 10mg. The doctor may increase it to 20mg but not necessarily. The altering of the dose depends on your requirement and tolerance level. You have to take the medicine as necessary for intimacy.

  • It may take 30 to 45 minutes for the medicine to work.
  • The hard-on may last for 24 to 36 hours.
  • Tadalafil does not break down as other ED tablets.
  • It stays in the body for a longer period.

NOTE: This medicine is also prescribed for benign prostatic hyperplasia. The dose for it is 5mg. It may help in treating the symptoms of ED and enlarged prostate.

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What Are the Side Effects?

There are a few common side effects. But these are temporary and may not result in every person. The mild encounters fade away soon. Also, these do not reduce the efficacy of erection pills. Here are the common fallouts of the medicine:

  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhoea
  • Flushing
  • Headaches
  • Nasal congestion
  • Vision issues
  • Upset stomach
  • Skin rashes

In a rare event, the erection may not go down even after 4 hours. This condition is priapism. The painful erection is harmful. It may affect the nerves and vessels of the organ. Thus, in the case of priapism seek immediate medical help.

How Safe Are ED Medications?

The erection pills are safe for the common and healthy population. For people with specific health issues, the medicine is not advisable. Also, certain medicines may interact with erectile dysfunction medicines. Thus, it is advisable to check with the doctor if these pills suit you.

Doctor’s Prescription

You must follow the indications by the physician. Do not alter the dose as per your understanding or assumptions. If you feel that the treatment is causing severe side effects, consult your doctor. He/she will either alter the dose, switch to another brand, or suggest another line of treatment.

Those with Health Issues

That being said, those with urinary issues must give at least 4 hours between the intake of erectile dysfunction medicines and alpha-blockers. Though the pills are safe to take, how beneficial the same is for individuals depends on several factors.

For instance, the pleasure and sensation factors vary from a person to another. This is because ED tablets only improve the erection quality. But they are not responsible for libido, arousal, interest in intimacy, and other intimacy-related incidences. The tablets cannot undo previous damage to health.

Like people with diabetes or neural damage cannot expect to get a strong hard-on if physically they are unable to. Here, the medicine may or may not bring an effective stiffness. But it may add to the period till when an erection happens enough for intercourse. The erection pills also do not affect ejaculation.

Tips to Take Erection Pills for Best Efficacy

It is perfectly normal for ED medicines to not work as expected or as well as otherwise the first time. This is because your body needs to come to terms with the introduction of a new medication. Once your body system adjusts to the dose, you will certainly experience a desired rigidness of the penile organ.

Here are a few tips from our end to ensure you get the best out of the erectile dysfunction medicines:

Sufficient Stimulation

You must receive enough sexual stimulation before taking the pill. You must be well aroused for the erection to happen. Without this, erection pills cannot give you a hard-on. So, enhance the bedroom activity by focusing on sensual play with your partner.

Wait for the Erection to Happen

After intake of the erection pills, wait for some time for the hard-on to happen. How soon the erection will occur depends on several things. For instance, some medicines start to give effect within 30 minutes, for others, it can take up to 60 minutes. For others, it may even take longer.

Also, your diet and lifestyle practices may have a hold over the efficacy of the pill. Heavy drinkers and smokers or those who are overweight may see a delayed effect. If you feel the erection is not sufficient and is delayed for long, talk to your doctor about it.

Give it a Go for a Few Times

If the medication does not work for the first time, do not give up. For any medicine, it can take at least 6 tries for it to function as per expectation. Thus, do not make an immediate switch to another pill. Also, do not alter the dose as per your knowledge. Give the pill a go a few times before consulting a doctor for any change.

A Light Meal Before the Pill

You can take erection pills with or without food. But if you choose to have a meal beforehand, keep it light. Also, avoid oily and trans-fat food items. Steer away from alcohol intake or consumption of interacting items. The medicine works at its maximum capacity on an empty stomach.

Also, give some interval between the meal and pill intake. For instance, you need to take the tablet an hour before intimacy. In this case, eat food at least 2 to 2 and a half hours before you ingest the medicine. This will leave room for the medication to absorb in the bloodstream adequately.

Final Words

Erection pills help men all over the world to cope up with erectile dysfunction. You can use one of these if prescribed by the doctor. Remember, medicine has its pros and cons. You should weigh these before following the treatment schedule.


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