Will Birth Control Pills Affect Pregnancy Test Results?


Birth Control Pills And Effect On Pregnancy Test Results

If you take birth control pills, you already know these contain progestin or estrogen. Then these are combined pills that contain both these hormones. These regulate your menstrual cycle. Also, primarily they stop a pregnancy from happening. Now, many think oral contraceptives influence pregnancy test results.

Is it true or not, let us find out in the below-given post where we will discuss the working of birth control pills. We will also take you through the effect of birth control pills on a pregnancy test, how to use oral contraceptives, pregnancy symptoms, placebo pills, backup contraceptives, and how to take a pregnancy test.

Working of Birth Control Pills

To prevent pregnancy, birth controls pills work by stopping monthly ovulation. When you ovulate, the ovaries produce a mature egg. With the egg released, the chances of conceiving are high if you have unprotected intercourse. The mature egg meets with the sperm, and then you may get pregnant.

So, the tablet prohibits the release of eggs. Also, it makes the cervical mucus heavy. It gets stickier and fatter. The sperm finds it difficult to pass through the cervix. The sticky and thick mucus formed reduces the chances of sperm reaching the egg. Thus, contraceptive pills restrict a pregnancy from happening.

If you take the medicine properly, then it can remain effective 99% of the time. But there is still a 1% risk of pregnancy. This is why; if you show pregnancy symptoms, or you suspect that you have conceived, get a pregnancy test. You can either take one regularly just to get sure about the results.

It is safer to go in for a pregnancy test time and again if you are sexually active. Taking a birth control pill will anyways prevent the risk of pregnancy a maximum number of times. So, is it possible for these medications to influence the outcome of a pregnancy check? Here is what you must know.

Birth Control Pills and Effect on Pregnancy Test

The fact remains that hormones present in birth control pills do not affect pregnancy tests. It also does not have any ill impact on the outcome of the check. But some of these medicines may affect the uterus lining. The hormones from the tablets may thin out the endometrial lining.

When this happens, the fertilized egg (if any) does not attach to the uterus. With the endometrial lining breaking and thinning, you may also not experience any bleeding. This is the reason that women on birth control pills have lighter periods. Some even stop getting menstrual bleeding altogether.

But without a period, you may also suspect that you have conceived. This mistake is quite common to expect. Understand that when oral contraceptives work, the bleeding, even if non-present, will not harm your health. So, there is nothing to worry about. However, confusion about pregnancy is natural.

So, if you think you are pregnant on birth control pills, go for a pregnancy test without a delay. Because many times, incorrect usage of the medicines reduces their efficacy. This may also cause a real pregnancy to happen. Thus, you must also know how to take oral contraceptives properly.

How to Use Birth Control Pills?

As per ‘perfect use’ guidelines, you must take a pill every day. But this is not all. You should intake the tablet at the same time daily. Also, you must not skip any dose. Wait, there is something more. Do not forget to start a new pack of medicines on time. If any of these does not happen correctly, the chances of conceiving increase.

Women sometimes miss doses. Or, they may shift the timing of intake every day. Even delaying the consumption of birth control pills by a few hours can cause a pregnancy. If too many such mistakes happen, then you cannot expect complete protection from conceiving.

If you miss a dose or two in a month, then you must follow the missed dose indication. This helps to reduce the risk of pregnancy. And the efficacy rate of the tablets goes down to 91% or more. Also, avoid taking products that interact with birth control pills. The interactions also disrupt the working of the medicines.

Symptoms of a Pregnancy

Sometimes, you may not notice any symptoms in early pregnancy. But a few signs can give away if you have conceived. If you experience any of the below symptoms, then you must get a pregnancy test and know the result”

  • Missing a Period

If you do not get a period or two, then it is a warning sign. It is one of the initial pregnancy symptoms. Even if you are on birth control pills, and do not get regular periods, take a pregnancy test. Always keep a home pregnancy kit handy to check the results.

  • Morning Sickness

Another early sign of pregnancy is morning sickness. You may wake up feeling nauseous. You may even vomit in the morning after waking from sleep. The vomiting tendency may persist. Also, despite its name, you may vomit any time of the day. It usually starts after a few weeks of conceiving.

  • Frequent Urination

If you are taking birth control pills, and encounter frequent urination then hold on. It may be a sign of an active pregnancy. But the frequency of urination may increase due to health issues as well. But why take a risk, just go in for a pregnancy test to know the reality.

  • Changes in Breasts

Hormonal shifts in the body during pregnancy are common. These can bring some changes to the breast. Your breast may feel sore or tender. Also, they can get heavier or swell. If you see such changes in your nipples or breasts, then get a pregnancy check-up done.

  • Changes in Eating Habits

In pregnancy, you may develop either sudden liking or aversion to certain food items. In the early stage of conceiving, the taste buds have a mind of their own. You may develop strange food cravings. Also, the smell of particular food items may offend you. So, changes in eating patterns are another symptom of pregnancy.

  • Tiredness

Again, bodily hormones bring several alterations during pregnancy. You can face tiredness and fatigue. You may get mild headaches or mood swings. You may feel sluggish than before. So, this may indicate a pregnancy, even if you are continuing the birth control pill dose.

Placebo Pills and Backup Birth Control

If you want the best way to use birth control pills is to follow the prescription. You must not fall out of the routine. If there are placebo pills in the pack, take the dose as per indications as well. This will aid in keeping in touch with the medication routine. But missing the intake of placebo pills will not risk pregnancy.

Placebo pill does not contain the active hormone that restricts a pregnancy. But these are important to take so that you are in sync with the intake of a pill per day. Also, missing these inactive pills may interfere with your memory of starting a new pack. If you skip an active pill, at least use a backup barrier method.

Men and women can use a condom for a week. If more than one dose is missed, then you should continue with barrier contraception for a month. At the same time, keep following the routine of birth control pills to maintain the body hormone levels. This will stop triggering ovulation.

How to Take a Pregnancy Test?

If you purchase an OTC (over-the-counter) pregnancy test, then it is 99% time successful. It detects the hormone level of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). You must read the instructions for correct use for this kit. If you want to time your test, then keep a timer handy.

Tests are more accurate if you wait after missing a period. When a fertilized egg implants, the hCG level increases. So, it is easier for the test to show proper results. The check also works better in the morning and for the first urine of the day. Sometimes the test outcome is erroneous.

This happens if you take the pregnancy test incorrectly. It may take a few minutes for certain kits to show the outcome. The results are usually not valid after 10 minutes. So, you have to wait at least 10 minutes to know if you are pregnant or not. Check the expiry date of the product as well before use.

You must know how to read the pregnancy test properly. You should know how to differentiate between the two faint blue lines. If you think you could not read the pregnancy kit result then wait for a few days to retake the test. To confirm the pregnancy status, blood tests also work.

Fix an appointment with your doctor. He/she will draw your blood sample for testing. Within some time itself, you will know if you have conceived or not. If a few weeks have passed from implantation, then even an ultrasound of the uterus may confirm the outcome.

To Conclude

So, buying birth control pills online does not have any effect on your pregnancy results. If you are using a pregnancy test kit or any other method, then be free of worries. It is because oral contraceptives will not interfere in the outcome of pregnancy examinations.


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