Why Young Americans Are Having Less Sex Than Ever Before?

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Sexual activity is highly needed in our life. Not only married couples do enjoy sex but also unmarried couples enjoy sexual intercourse. That’s why all of us must stay fit and fine to have sexual pleasure. Nowadays research states that young Americans are having less sex than ever before. Is it true? Well, the research says so.

Why? The reasons are of several types. Some couples say that they are too busy. While others say that they are not having time. Some say they are extremely tired. On the other hand, other couples say that they are not trying for pregnancy. You can consult a doctor and ask to use super p force pills for long-standing.

Sex a not only for pregnancy. Sex is for entertainment. It is revealed that sex can give you energy and enthusiasm. So, without wasting any more time, let’s look at the reasons for Americans having less sex.

What Should Be The Sex Frequency?

Sex frequency depends upon the couple to couple. Some like to be intimate regularly. On the other hand, others like to be intimate regularly. Generally, newly married couples of those who are in new relationships have sexual intercourse daily. The research states that couples aged between 18-44 years are generally involved in sexual activity. We have researched and given you ideas about two decades which include from 2000 to 2020.

  • The study shows that from 2000-2002, sexual activity among men is 19%. After fifteen years, it has risen to 31%. From this, it can be concluded that twenty years ago men were not that sexually interested. 
  • In 2016 and 2018, the report states that one in five women are sexually inactive. It includes 19%. 
  • Again the data report shows that married couples are having sex 71% in 2000-2002. However, in 2016 and 2018, almost 58% of married couples do weekly sex. The percentage is going down. It is estimated that in the upcoming days, the rate might reach down. 

What Are The Reasons For Couples To Not Having Sex?

Recent research states that American couples are not involved in sex. What might be the reason? Why the sex frequency rate is dropping? Several explanations have been jotted down for dropping the rate of sex. 

  • Previously females generally remained busy with their household chores. That is why they can indulge in physical intimacy with their partners at any time. However, now things have changed. Now, the females are generally working. So, they are unable to get time by doing household jobs and office work. That is why due to extreme tiredness, couples are not involved in sexual activities. 
  • Couples are getting married late. Earlier couples used to get married within 28-32. During that time, they have sexual urges. Now things have changed. People are getting married late. So, late marriage means low sexual urges.
  • Researchers have also claimed that people are visiting brothels regularly. So, they are getting sexual satisfaction from there. That is why they are not getting interested in indulging in sexual activity with their partners. Moreover, the researchers also stated that men are getting several types of sex workers in brothels. So they are getting satisfaction there.
  • Nowadays couples spend most of their time watching porn and masturbating themselves. By watching porn movies, they are getting maximum satisfaction. Naturally, they are not feeling too intimidated by their partners. This is one of the main reasons. 
  • Taking medicines often makes the couples less inactive in sex. That is why men are feeling extremely less energetic to have sex. 
  • On top of that, young men often indulge in smoking and drinking. It a sad that smoking and drinking is responsible for fewer sexual urge. That is why you should restrict your drinking and smoking habits. 
  • Moreover, an increase in anxiety and depression is also one of the reasons for American men to have less sex than ever before. People often remain busy with their smartphones and laptops. Previously couples used to spend their time watching movies and roaming here and there. Now, people love to spend their time alone. 
  • COVID plays an important role in less sex. People were doing work from home. That is why the couples are meeting every time. There may be less interaction but contact every time night can be boring. contact every time often was avoiding sex. 

How Can Men Intimate With Their Partners?

Sex is an important part of our life. Without sexual intercourse, men can get bored and feel irritating. That is why frequent sex is also necessary. However, if you observe that you and your partner are not regular in sex then you should consult the doctor. Without sexual activity, the relationship gets affected. That is why you must use super p force pills for long-standing. These medicines are good and have no side effects. However, without consulting doctors, do not take it. 

Moreover, try to spend some time with your partner. You will feel good. If possible go on vacation or outing. Spend time among one another. You will feel good. Other than that, you will also feel sexual urges among one another. This will help you and your partner to have fun with one another. Always remember that sex is as important as food. Before sex, foreplay is also important. This will help you to have fun. You can also watch porn movies to create your mood. You need to think about which one is best for you to have fun while about e sex.


To conclude we must say that if you use super p force pills for long-standing then you can overcome your problem. Other than that there are other medicines as well like Viagra. In recent decades, there has been a fall in sex among the American people. That is why you should concentrate on your relationship. Sex is an important thing and it helps you to bind your partner with you. Without sex life seems to be boring and tiring. 


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