Provigil is medicine to promote wakefulness. It also increases focus and concentration. The tablet targets treatment for narcolepsy. But it can have a side effect – weight loss. Now, weight reduction is a positive effect, from the point of view of most of the users.

This is why Generic Provigil is often used off-label for weight loss. The compound – Adrafinil in the medicine is responsible for this action mechanism. Adrafinil is an inactive ingredient in the tablet. But it acts on the digestive system and the liver metabolizes it.

This compound also has an impact on the central nervous system – a house of neurotransmitters. So, Modafinil 200mg influences Dopamine, Histamine, Orexin, and Norepinephrine. Together, the function of this sleepiness eradicating medicine also causes loss of weight.

In this post, we will discuss how this smart drug can achieve this effect. We will take you through the action mechanism, compounds from the medicine responsible for weight loss, impact on neurotransmitters, other chemical changes that Modafinil brings, side effects, and more.

What is the Primary Use of Provigil?

As a wakefulness-promoting agent, Modafinil is a ‘eugeroic’. It has stimulant effects. But this tablet does not cause conventional side effects as that associated with amphetamine. People who fall asleep suddenly with no control over their sleep cycle can benefit from this medication.

The brand – Provigil got approval in 1998 by the FDA to treat narcolepsy. It causes extreme sleepiness. People with sleep apnea, insomnia, shift work sleep disorder can also use this medication. It may significantly reduce fatigue. The pill also assists people to retain more information.

How Does Provigil Cause Weight Loss?

Though Provigil is primarily to combat narcolepsy, it can have a few side effects. One of these is weight loss. And the users are quite happy with the results. Because of this impact, people do not tend to put on too much fat. Also, if an individual needs to watch his/her BMI, then the tablet can work wonders.

The idea of losing weight on Provigil is not entirely problematic. Those who are looking ahead to lose weight can explore this option. But it is not wise to solely depend on this medication if one wants to set a target for a healthy weight. Along with this medicine. One has to bring necessary changes in diet, lifestyle, and more.

So, eager to understand how Generic Provigil causes loss of weight? Here is how it happens:

  • Orexin and Histamine

Provigil increases the concentration of Orexin (neuropeptide). The concentration of this chemical escalates in the central nervous system. This effect is also visible in the brain. This neuropeptide also regulates appetite and wakefulness. Another neurotransmitter, Histamine, also releases with the help of Orexin.

Histamine is also responsible for regulating the waking up and sleeping cycle. This neurotransmitter also plays a role in arousal and appetite. Together Histamine and Orexin perform several functions in the body. These suppress appetite and may promote weight loss.

  • Reduces Impulsive Eating

This medicine reduces hunger pangs and impulsive eating. Thus, people resort to eating an optimum number of meals per day rather than binge eating. Those habituated with eating junk food items or taking too many unhealthy eatables can benefit from Generic Provigil. It decreases the perception of eating more.

  • Change on Body Mass Index

With Generic Provigil, a person can experience a change in Body Mass Index up to 10-point. This may happen within a year or so. Most of the individuals using this medicine are satisfied with the weight loss effect. Along with wakefulness, managing weight naturally becomes easy with this tablet.

  • Accidental Fasting

Modafinil increases concentration level. It also enhances focus. So, people can pay more attention to work. Or, they may remain attentive to a task at hand, forgetting to take meals. Though this is not a healthy habit, accidental fasting can also lead to weight loss over time.

  • Burns Calories

When we talk about Provigil weight loss, it means that users tend to stay awake often. Because of this, the body burns a greater number of calories when one is asleep. Staying alert every day and engaging in different activities also boosts metabolism. Thus, a person can maintain optimum body weight.

  • Dopamine

The wakefulness-causing medication helps to transport dopamine. This is a neurotransmitter. An increase in dopamine level improves mood. So, a person can feel motivated throughout the day. This can encourage individuals to follow a routine. People tend to stick to diet and fitness routines better. This assists with weight management.

  • Fights Eating Disorders

Food addicts or those who tend to eat more than necessary can use Provigil. It can help control overeating habits. Excessive eating is detrimental to health. When one is trying to combat such a disorder, medicines can help. Individuals who encounter depression and stress also overeat. So, for them also wakefulness medicine can have another benefit.

  • No Serious Side Effects

Earlier pills came with amphetamines. This suppressed appetite but at the same time put a lot of stress on the body. This was because of an increase in heart rate. But with Modafinil 200mg there is no such side effect. It does lower hunger. But it does not affect the level of Dopamine and Norepinephrine negatively.

So, the user does not encounter any nootropic effect. This means the person will not suffer from strain on the heart or hypertension. But there is a possibility of other side effects such as nausea, stomach upset, and vomiting. Some even face dry mouth/skin, backache, anxiety, headache, rhinitis, and nervousness.

But these fade away with time. If any of the bothersome effects remain, then the user must have a word with his/her doctor.

To Conclude

Provigil weight loss is common. The weight change is because of a lesser feeling of hunger. If an individual does not enjoy this effect, then the doctor can suggest alternatives. Remember the loss of weight is not extreme when a person is on this medication. But one can expect a considerable change in the body mass index, which is harmless.


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