Switching Birth Control Pills: How To Do It?

switch birth control pills

Most women of childbearing age are often posed with the challenge of switching birth control pills. The increased awareness among the people about keeping the population growth in check has been responsible for better birth control measures.

Women are now aware of their responsibility towards the nation in preventing unwanted birth. They are also aware of the challenges posed when you have several children. This is the reason why so many medicines for birth control are available in the market.

It is now possible to easily order birth control medicines like Lo Ovral or Yasmin pills online.

In this post, we have not just tried to elaborate the use of birth control pills but also helped the readers understand why and how to switch birth control pills.

Read along to know more.

Why Use Birth Control Pills?

There are many reasons why a woman may consider the use of birth control pills. Here are some of the major reasons:

  • The first and the most obvious reason for use of birth control pills is to prevent unwanted pregnancy.
  • Women who have heavy periods may also be prescribed certain birth control pills in order to reduce the bleeding.
  • While there are many options in birth control for women these days, birth control pills turn out to be the most efficient and convenient option. This is another reason why most women use birth control pills rather than other options.
  • Menstrual cycles and periods bring along several other irritating symptoms like fatigue, headaches, and mood swings. Since birth control pills prevent women from ovulating, it is possible for women to bleed on their own terms. This could be yet another reason why women choose to use birth control pills.

Types of Birth Control Pills

There are several types of birth control pills available today and understanding them is important so that you can choose the right birth control pill for your body and needs. Here we have classified the different birth control pills:

1. Emergency Birth Control Pills

As the name suggests, emergency birth control pills are used only during emergencies. This means that the woman will have to rely on emergency birth control pills only when she has had unprotected sex with her partner and fears to get pregnant.

The number of hormones in these emergency pills is very high and hence they should not be used on a regular basis. When a woman consumes an emergency contraceptive pill, its effect may last up to 2 months and may also affect the menstrual cycle.

2. Combination Birth Control Pills

The combination birth control pills include medicines that contain both the female hormones, oestrogen, and progestin.

In these medicine strips, the majority of pills contain active hormones while some medicines do not contain any hormone and are termed as placebo medicines. These are provided so that women don’t lose the habit of having birth control medicine at the same time each day.

3. Mini Pills (Progestin Only Pills)

Often referred to as the mini-pills, the progestin-only pills contain just one active hormone. Progestin is similar to progesterone created naturally in a woman’s body.

Since all the pills in these strips have active hormones, a woman consuming these daily won’t get any periods. She needs to maintain a window period when she does not have these medicines so that the body can bleed.

It is sure the choice of the woman whether she wishes to have regular periods or whether she is comfortable without it.

Why Switch Birth Control Pills?

There could be many reasons why women choose to switch birth control pills. All birth control pills do not suit all body types.

Each birth control pill has certain side effects. Finding the right birth control pill could be a trial and error process. If one birth control tablet does not suit your body and causes adverse side effects, you may have to switch to another birth control medicine.

Here are some reasons why women may switch their birth control medicines before arriving at the most suitable option:

1. Birth Control Medicines are Causing Heavy Bleeding

Women may consider switching their birth control medicines when medicine affects their menstrual cycle adversely. If the chosen birth control medicines cause heavy bleeding, the woman may consider choosing another alternative.

2. Birth Control Medicines are Causing Sadness and Depression

Some birth control medicines can cause sadness and depression as side effects. If your birth control medicine is posing such hazardous side effects, it is time to change the birth control medicine you are using.

3. Birth Control Medicines are Causing Fatigue and Tiredness

The women today are leading extremely competitive lives. That is why they cannot afford to be fatigued or tired. If their birth control medicine is affecting their physical health and causing them to be fatigued and tired, it is time that they change their medicine.

4. Selected Birth Control Medicines Interacting with Existing Medicines

Women who have existing health problems need to be even more careful while selecting their birth control medicines. They need to consult a doctor and pick a medicine that does not interfere with the action of the existing medicine.

You may also have to make sure the medicine suits your overall health. In case there are unwanted side effects, you may have to switch your birth control pills.

How to Make Switching of Birth Control Pills Risk-free?

Here are some simple tips to make the switching of birth control medicines risk-free:

  • It is best to consult a doctor and seek his advice while switching birth control medicines
  • You may consider using a condom for dual safety when you are switching to a new birth control medicine
  • It is necessary to have your birth control pills at the same time each day so that the medicines show the maximum effect
  • When switching from one birth control pill to another, don’t use any placebo pills and switch directly from one hormone pill to another
  • Sometimes the doctor may also suggest overlapping the pills but this may not be necessary in all cases

Make your birth control decisions wisely so that you stay happy and healthy.


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