Second Pregnancy: Different From The First Pregnancy



The second pregnancy in anyone’s life is another eventful ride of experiences with some additional commitments and stress which they might not foresee.

The second time of getting pregnant again, to have to go through it all again, can be emotionally overwhelming, given the busier schedule, handling additional expenses, providing care, and giving your attentive concentration to both the babies. At the same time, it can be liberating as well because of the positive experiences from the first time of pregnancy.

Your second pregnancy will come with the perks of being excited and prepared for what you have already faced, along with some new experiences which you will get to explore. This is mainly because each pregnancy varies from the other. You will be equipped with the expectations of what comes next, as well as the thrill of the new experience.
Juggling between work, general life, and a newborn toddler from the first pregnancy, it can get pretty overwhelming for the mother, but this can also prepare her for the greater adjustments which are coming her way.

Additionally, the psychological strains associated with the second pregnancy can be very unpredictable and uncertain.

Symptoms That Are Associated With The Second Pregnancy

Second pregnancies can be a totally different experience from the first one, and the symptoms may vary hugely. Here are some of the different symptoms which you can face during the second time of getting pregnant:

Having a Bigger Bump:

Since the muscles of your stomach had already faced being stretched before, this time it may stretch even more. Thus, the bump will be bigger as the muscles in the stomach are now accustomed to such intense stretching.

Attention to Smaller Fetus-Related Detail:

The kicks of the baby will be felt sooner, without any doubt, unlike the first pregnancy where you had to second guess everything.

Accustomed or Unpredictable Morning Sickness:

If you did not face morning sickness during your first pregnancy, you might feel it this time. On the other hand, if you felt morning sickness, it can repeat itself, or you may not face it at all.

Braxton Hicks:

It can be possible that you may face more of the Braxton Hicks contractions, although it differs from woman to woman, as many cannot feel it.


Since in the first pregnancy there was only one toddler who needed round-the-clock feeding and attention, you had time to relax. But with the birth of the second child, you will often experience more fatigue.

Less Time in Labour and Birth:

Since you have already been through one pregnancy, your cervix has been accustomed to dilating for the baby to be born. Additionally, the steps of pushing also take a lot less time compared to the first pregnancy.

It is important that you never miss out on any antenatal appointments, as even though it is your second experience of pregnancy, your midwife should keep checking for your baby’s well-being. In case you have a USG, bring an adult who can take care of your baby.

Keep Your Mental Well-Being In Check During Your Second Pregnancy

It can be an overwhelming time during your second pregnancy, especially when you have a toddler to already look after. Often, we confuse motherhood as a period where you cannot spend some time with yourself at all. Most definitely, it is not true, and finding time for yourself does not label you as a selfish parent.

Divide the time you pour into your work, looking after your child, and that which you dedicate to yourself. If you have a friend or family member who can look after and babysit your toddler anytime, have them come over, and you can take a break in the form of an outing or a nap. Most importantly, divide time with your partner for looking after the child.

Meditation is the most mandatory step to mindfulness. Prepare yourself for parenting your next baby, plan a beautiful future, and assure yourself that you will be an amazing mother. Make sure you involve your baby (either of them and however old either of them are), to go with you on your appointments as this will make them feel involved and loved.

Socialize and see your friends, do not burden and trap yourself into investing all your hours into your baby and everyday household chores. Make sure you get sound sleep every night and make a promise to yourself to stay hydrated.

In case of negative emotions, just remember one thing, it is okay to feel low and overwhelmed. Consider going for therapy if you feel the need for the same.

Create a daily routine and abide by it. Moreover, keep a check on the regular intake of any medicines you have to consume and keep track of vitamin tablet consumption as well. It is super important to take your folic acid and Vitamin D supplements after pregnancy.

Bonus Tip: Keep it within your reach and away from your toddler.

Importance Of Exercise In Your Second Pregnancy

These points shed light on the importance of exercises before, during, and after a second pregnancy:

  • Exercises can help in regulating your thoughts and help in reducing fatigue.
  • Try to take long walks and attempt the regular intake of chamomile tea as it helps in coping with anxiety.
  • Look forward to mindful activities after the pregnancy, and remember to include exercises in your daily routine. This also helps you with the contraction aspect while delivering the baby.
  • Cycling can help a lot if you don’t have the time for exercise. Consider cycling to work.
  • Listen to calming music and meditate. This will declutter your mind and help you feel rejuvenated.
  • Good, quality sleep always keeps the body energized and fresh.
  • Indulging your child into your routine exercises will help you spend time with them and help make it a daily habit for them too.

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Even though it is your second pregnancy, it is important to know that each pregnancy requires full attention and care. Never miss out on an appointment, and always opt for therapy if you feel mentally overwhelmed. Above all, have someone to talk to and assist you in your growth and journey, and remember to appreciate yourself.

It is normal to experience more painful Braxton Hicks contractions than the first pregnancy. Trust your body and always consult your gynaecologist. Make sure your midwife knows you and your baby’s movements in your womb well. Keep in mind, anxieties are normal, and you shouldn’t lose your calm too easily. Things will always resurface.

Remember to not bottle up your feelings. Life will get challenging, and so will your happiness be elevated in being a parent to both your children.

It will be an emotionally wild rollercoaster ride – brace yourself.