Am I Pregnant? 4 Common Early Pregnancy Symptoms & How to Prevent It

Am I Pregnant 4 Common Early Pregnancy Symptoms _ How to Prevent It

“Am I Pregnant?” – one of the most searched queries on the internet. Today, we’ll tell you about some of the most common signs of early pregnancy & what you can do to prevent it in the future.

With proper use, birth control like condoms or birth control pills like Lo Ovral, Yasmin pill, Loette, etc. are 100% effective. Cases of it not working are very rare. And, there are only 2 reasons for it – negligence & bad luck.

Of course, negligence can be termed as missing a birth control pill, extended time frames without a vaginal ring like NuvaRing generic, heavy alcohol consumption, and more. Bad fortune is as negligible as few factors in action, including the inducted implant not functioning, forceful unprotected sex, etc.

So, here are a few common signs of early pregnancy.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

#1. Missed Period

This one’s pretty simple. The first & most obvious thought that comes to mind after missing a period is “am I pregnant”?. Well, in most cases, yes. This unusual activity generally happens with women entering into the pregnancy stage. But, this can also happen if you’ve recently had an implant insertion done. The best thing to do in such situations is to consult a doctor.

#2. Nausea

Another common sign of unplanned pregnancy is nausea. It may occur if you are on birth control pills. But, unusual climate change can also be a reason. Again, only a doctor can give you confirmation.

#3. Breast Tenderness

Both pregnancy and hormonal birth control pills have a tendency of breast tenderness when there’s a question of ‘am I pregnant’ in mind.

#4. Fatigue And Headaches

Symptoms such as excessive tiredness and headaches are common symptoms of both pregnancy and consumption of birth control pills.

How To Prevent Unplanned Pregnancy With Birth Control

Birth Control is possible using different methods, but with almost the same functioning of hormones generation among many. Few ways follow a different strategy of birth control, such as condoms, diaphragms, sterilization, etc.

Self-care is so easy, and here are few measures to prevent pregnancy while implementing doctor’s suggestions with the continuation of birth control methods:

#1. Maintain A Regular Dosage Of Pills To Reduce Thinking of Am I Pregnant

Never miss a medicine that reduces the effectiveness of birth control. Consumption of birth control pills daily and at the same time, each day is the ideal option.

In case of a missed dose or improper dosages can increase the risk of ovulation. So, a combination of ovulation and sexual activity during the fertility period without backup birth control (condom) may turn into pregnancy.

#2. Placebo Pills Are Vital

There is a need of taking placebo pills although they have no active ingredients. Having a daily routine of a structured schedule for each cycle (monthly) is better during the consumption of medicines. A keen idea of regular administration can help the doctor and yourself without confusion and also reduces the chances of ovulation.

#3. Alcohol Should Be In Limit

Metabolisms of the liver depend on how much alcohol you take when the birth control method is on. Also, the behavior or attitude when intoxicated excessively is different that may lead to unintentional sexual activity without protection.

#4. No Involvement Of Mood Swings

Few measures can keep pregnancy away and can be naturally implemented. But it is just a better understanding among the partners as a critical factor.

Withdrawal is one of the measures that is in mind to prevent pregnancy. Withdrawal works in a way that ejaculation happens out of your women’s private parts.  Indeed, semen doesn’t get in contact with the egg produced in your woman.

Secondly, lactation amenorrhea (infertile while breastfeeding) can make it possible without additional contraception methods. This natural process reduces ovulation as women maintain a fixed timetable of lactating kids for every 4-6 hours.

Thirdly, gaining knowledge through fertility awareness methods and staying away from the partner during fertile periods can reduce the chances of pregnancy.

#5. Keen Observation On Patch, Ring, Or Shot

Patches and rings work in the same way as pills function. When the patch is lately replaced or when you are unaware of a birth control ring falling, there is a real problem then. In both cases during longer intervals, the effectiveness gets low and may sometimes cause pregnancy with the combined action of sexual activity without backup. Depo-Provera shots which need a regular administration for every three months are so effective only when taken on time.

#6. Backup Protection Is Required

Doctor’s suggestions with the pills administration along with backup protection such as condoms are essential until the effectiveness of the pill is good enough in your body. The time frames vary individually with the backup protection depending on the adjustment and usage of the primary medications.

#7. Emergency Birth Control Needs To Be In Place

Don’t worry, if there’s unprotected sex after missing one or two birth control pills. Plan B pill pills as an emergency birth control method let away the fuss of unwanted pregnancy. This emergency contraception method strictly applies only after the approval of a physician.


Do let us know your views and concerns about pregnancy during birth control partner or cases that were noted with your friends or relatives when the thought of ‘am I pregnant’ arises. Visit SecurePharmaOnline for drugs related to various diseases.


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