Pregnancy And Hot Tubs: What Are The complications?


In this article, we shall take you through the risks implied with hot tubs in the phase of pregnancy and all the possible alternatives, safe usage suggestions, temperature, and information on hot tub germs.


Pregnancy can be quite possibly the most exciting, simultaneously, the most troubling occasion in a woman’s life. You will need to be especially aware of a bunch of things during pregnancy as countless activities are unsafe and highly forbidden too.

Taking a dip in a hot tub may be the best way to loosen up since warm water equally calms muscles. But during pregnancy, hot tubs should be used mindfully or not in any way at all.

Let us firstly put you across some serious risks related to using hot tubs during pregnancy.

Possible Risks:

There are three main risks involved if you use a hot tub or sauna when pregnant:

The major issue with using a hot tub while pregnant is the warmth and heat. Most hot tub units come production line modified at 104° Fahrenheit.

At this temperature, it takes the human body just a brief time before its ordinary centre temperature from 98.6° raises to 102° or higher, placing it in a condition of hyperthermia. Any internal heat level over 101°-102° Fahrenheit can mess up a woman’s pregnancy.

You do not have to take bitterly cold showers and baths, however, lukewarm water is good. Avoid the hot tub and sauna totally until your doctor says it is alright for you to begin utilizing them again.

What Issues Can Arise in Your Baby While Overheating Your Body?

Fetuses are generally vulnerable to temperature-related limitations in the initial seven weeks before the neural tube is closed. Even worse, high heat can cause brain, spine, and spinal cord problems in your child.

Spina bifida, which is a birth deformity that happens when a spinal cord does not shape properly as expected, is of most prominent concern since it happens in the early month of pregnancy, and the risk increases when the body overheats.

The Temperature of Hot Tub Water

Water temperature in the hot tub should never surpass 104°F (40°C). Sitting in steaming hot water can undoubtedly raise the internal heat level, which can cause medical problems for you and your growing baby.

During pregnancy, your internal heat level should not exceed 102.2°F (39°C). That can easily happen if you go through over 10 minutes in a hot tub with a water temperature of 104°F (40°C).

Although, each person’s body shows unique behaviour, which implies that your body can get overheated at some point or another in contrast with others.

Sitting in a waterway that is hotter than your body temperature levels will raise your body temperature, regardless of whether it is a shower or hot tub.

This safety measure is particularly significant during the primary trimester when an increase in temperature can cause birth defects, like brain and spinal cord defects, or complete miscarriage.

Hot Tub Germs

Germs are another disturbing element related to utilizing a hot tub while pregnant, as hot tubs are high maintenance and require a great deal of understanding and care to stay clean.

The warm, small waterway can be a favourable place for unsafe germs. However, regular maintenance and consistent observation can assist with guaranteeing the water chemistry is appropriately adjusted. In case you own a hot tub, ensure you utilize the right sanitiser and test the water by pool water strips.

The temperature of hot tub water is certainly not sufficiently high to kill bacteria and other germs. Moreover, the warm, wet climate encourages bacterial development and endurance. Germs are happy living at those temperatures and can live there for quite a long time.

Safe Alternatives to Hot Tubs

A more secure alternative in contrast to a hot tub during pregnancy is a normal steaming shower or some protected pregnancy spa treatments. This can give the advantages of relieving warm water but without the threat.

Some spa treatments for pregnant women are:

1. Prenatal Massage

It is protected if it is with an expert pre-birth specialist. This massage mitigates back pain and further enhances the mood and mindset.

2. Facials

These can treat recently spotty skin and dried-out looks. Even better, it can re-establish the guaranteed pregnancy glow.

These are a few facials:

  • Oxygen facials
  • Steam facials
  • LED facials
  • Hydrating facials

3. Acupuncture Therapy

This therapy can assist with morning sickness, headaches, and back pain.

4. Reflexology

While the feet and hands do contain pressure focuses that can cause compressions and restore labour, an expert reflexologist can undoubtedly avoid them and keep you at ease.

5. Aromatherapy

This therapy includes vital oils separated from plants to further develop physical well-being. Some fragrance-based treatment oils may revive contractions, so make sure you choose your oil wisely.

Oils that are safe during pregnancy are:

  • Lavender
  • Jasmine
  • Rose
  • Tangerine
  • Lemon

Those to stay away from are:

  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Basil
  • Peppermint
  • Oregano
  • Thyme
  • Juniper
  • Pennyroyal

Safe Use

In case you are past the main trimester and need to utilize the hot tub after getting a doctor’s advice, here is the way to remain safe:

  • Utilize the tub for close to 10 minutes, all at once, and consider a lot of chilling in the middle of meetings.
  • If the heated water jets are on, sit on the opposite side where the water temperature is somewhat lower.
  • Attempt to keep your chest over the water if conceivable.

If you experience any sort of inconveniences like light-headedness or sickness, get out promptly and ensure your body has returned to the ordinary.

Try not to utilize the hot tub if you have a fever.

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Pregnancy And Hot Tubs: Final Thoughts

During pregnancy, anything that raises your internal heat level more than 101 degrees Fahrenheit can be destructive to your child, particularly in the early months.

Disclosure to the high temps of hot tubs and saunas may grow your child’s danger of uncommon neural tube defects, which influence the mind and spine. So, it is best not to take any risks.

Even though you may need to look out for some spa benefits, it is possible to appreciate some pampering. Regardless of whether your thing is a pleasant back rub, pretty nails and toes, or a fabulous facial, feel free to pamper yourself.

If you choose to utilize a hot tub during pregnancy, play it safe and ensure you rinse for a restricted measure of time. Keep in mind all you to-be-mothers – always watch out for your temperature and well-being during pregnancy!


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