HPV Vaccine Pros And Cons: All You Need To Know

HPV Vaccine pros and cons

In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of the HPV vaccine.

What Is HPV?

HPV is the most commonly detected Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) in humans all over the world. Also known as the Human Papilloma Virus, this infection spreads via sexual contact such as vaginal or anal intercourse and also foreplay.

Skin-to-skin contact while perspiring during sexual activity also proves to be sufficient in cases to transfer the STI from one individual to another. Having a sexual partner who has a history of sexual interactions with multiple people is something that must be avoided under any circumstance.

The Human Papilloma Virus is not dangerous at all, until and unless you have high-risk HPV. Usually, the immune system fights the virus and flushes its STI causing elements out of the system without any conscious effort.

These STI causing elements would otherwise lead to genital warts in single or clustered formats. But, when an individual is diagnosed with high-risk HPV then abnormal cell growth begins under warts and leads to the formation of deadly cancers.

One indisputable technique and solution to evade this common STI is administering yourself with the HPV vaccine. But keep in mind, the vaccine must be given to an individual during their childhood years, somewhere around 11 to 12 years has been approved as the ideal age by the FDA and WHO.

In the event you or your kids are not injected with the vaccine by this age, please ensure that before the age of 15 the vaccine has been administered. Because after this tender age, a person is usually exposed to the ‘sexual’ domain of life, and the chances of contracting HPV increase by tenfold.

Now, undoubtedly, the pros of being given the HPV vaccine outweigh the cons. Keep reading to gather some knowledge on the pros and cons.

HPV Vaccine: Pros

1. Being Injected With The Vaccine Almost Eradicates Precancerous Cervical Lesions

Out of the 33,000 cases of HPV-related cancers caused each year, at least 90% of them would not exist if everybody was administered the HPV vaccine. The proteins, adjuvants, and stabilizers that are mixed together make the vaccine way more effective.

Sadly, there are no tests for men to screen for such cancers but there are PAP tests to detect cervical cancers in women. There is also medication that curbs the growth of warts but does not completely erase them.

In the event a substantial majority of the world population was given this population, there would be far lower cases of type 16, type 18, type 35, type 62, and type 69 cancers.

2. Lower Chance Of Formation Of Genital Warts

A wide range of studies has deduced that the formation of genital warts reduced drastically in men and women aged 20 to 59, provided they were injected with the vaccine in their childhood.

The test subjects were in contact over a periodic duration and kept reporting whether they found a presence of genital warts or not. These genital warts are ugly-looking skin patches that are shaped like an oval and have torn skin wearing off.

Direct contact with such infected areas could lead to the development of warts. But people who had the vaccine rarely faced this issue.

3. Globally Widespread HPV-related Cancer Can Be Avoided

These days there are multiplying cases of throat (oropharyngeal) cancer in women and men, the higher number of cases being reported in men. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that it is the most common HPV-related cancer.

Yes, we are aware that throat cancer also builds due to excessive smoking and frequent alcohol consumption. But irrespective of these 2 factors, individuals who had been given the vaccine reported lower cases of HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer as related to those who never took the vaccine.

4. Approved By Esteemed Health Organizations Such As The WHO And CDC

The World Health Organization and the CDC have time and again sent out articles and reminders to the people of the planet to provide their children with a mandatory dose of HPV vaccination.

When an organization with such a great reputation advocates a vaccine, it is without fail a safe, effective, and suitable solution for a problem.

Extensive research, thousands of clinical trials, and post-marketing safety surveillance data have time and again indicated that Cervarix, Gardasil, and Gardasil 9 are immunity friendly and safe choices.

5. Long-term Safeguarding Effects

The HPV vaccine is known to provide long-term protective effects against the common HPV virus.

Experimentation followed by detailed analysis has shown that the level of antibodies is significantly higher post-vaccination than after infection. This means only one thing, greater and prolonged protection post-injection of the HPV vaccine.

Medical researchers stress the fact that the inculcation of this vaccine leads to safety from the HPV vaccine for at least 15 to 20 years.

HPV Vaccine: Cons

Just as any pharmaceutical product that is to be consumed or applied, even the HPV vaccine comes with side effects. Although they are temporary, have a low frequency, and are mild, you must be aware of them as they do exist.

1. Syncope

This is a common side effect that is visible in children and teens. Post-injection of the needle, there is a chance that they can faint and feel dizzy.

2. Local Reactions

The precise spot where the injection is given is usually the arm or the butt. Individuals can expect flushing of the skin and pain at these sites of immunization.

3. Headache and Nausea

These sensations will kick in when the vaccine enters the bloodstream. This mainly occurs as the body has just started adapting to this introduction of new elements.

4. Urticaria (Hives)

Detected in one of every 1000 people, it is obviously rare but can lead to the formation of swollen and bizarre-looking red plaques all over the skin.

5. Anaphylactic Reaction

Once again, an extremely rare side effect. This usually occurs instantly after administration of the vaccine and leads to breathing irregularities, abnormal heartbeat, and a whistling sound which indicates a blocked windpipe while attempting to breathe.

The best solution for this side effect is an adrenaline auto-injector (provided you know how to use it). 15 minutes followed by the dose a second dose must be given. Also, call the ambulance immediately in case you have not injected the adrenaline properly.

6. Mild Fever

The patient may begin to shiver and develop a mild temperature.

Wrap Up

Do not worry as all the side effects mentioned above are a mixture of uncommon and self-treatable conditions. As you can read for yourself, the positive impact of the vaccine stays with you for the long run and fights off the HPV virus when and if you have some sexual contact with an HPV-positive person.

Whereas the negative effects of consuming this vaccine are much lower and taken care of by the immune system almost instantly. Follow the advice of educated and knowledgeable medical professionals rather than letting your fear of the vaccine downsides play with your mind.

At the end of the day, a decision to shy away from the vaccine can cost your life and thousands of dollars via attempted HPV treatment, which may not even work.


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