How does the birth pill work?

Birth control tablets are a method of contraception for preventing conception, it is 99% effective when you take them every day. Hormones in the tablet help to control menstruation, reduce the chance of ovarian and uterine cancer, enhance acne, and cure endometriosis.

Contraception, sometimes known as birth control, is a means of preventing pregnancy. There are many birth control options including the pill. 

The birth control pill is a hormonal contraceptive that helps women avoid becoming pregnant. It’s called a “pill” since it’s in pill format. You can take this pill orally once a day. It is more effective if you take this pill at the same time every day.

How does it work?

Hormones in birth control pills work to prevent pregnancy by:

  • Ovulation suppression or reduction.
  • To prevent sperm from accessing the uterus, cervical mucus thickens.
  • Thinning the uterine lining to make it less likely for a fertilized egg to connect. 

 Its types.

On the market, there are two types of birth control tablets. Hormones that hinder pregnancy are present in both forms. 

Oestrogen and progestin are in combination tablets.

“The mini-pill” is another term for progestin-only pills. It is better if you shouldn’t take estrogen also if you’re nursing a baby or have a risk of clotting or strokes. 

This tablet is available in a variety of dose packets, ranging from 21-day to 90-day to 365 days of effective pill packs. Depending on the product and dosage, you should take at least three weeks of effective tablets followed by two to seven days of hormone-free (non-active) pills. This is known as cyclic dosing. During the inactive pill time, most of you may have a menstrual cycle. Some companies do not include any inactive tablets in their packaging. You should not take any medicines for a week when you’re using a 21-day package. During this time you’ll get your menstruation, just like when you’re on hormone-free medication. 

Some formulations allow for continuous dosage, which means there are no inactive pills and you need to take only one pill a day. Prolonged cycle dosing, on the other hand, occurs three to four times each year when there’s a gap in the routine. Menstruation is prevented by omitting inactive pills. A doctor can give you the best way to proceed. 

This medicine won’t help you in preventing any sexually transmitted disease. 

Benefits of taking this medicine.  

Many of you may take this medicine to improve your health. 

This pill has the ability to:

  1. Menstruation can be regulated or lightened. 
  2. Make your periods gradually exposed to avoid anemia. 
  3. Reduce the severity of period cramps.
  4. Premenstrual syndrome and Premenstrual dysmorphic disorder should be managed. 
  5. The polycystic ovarian syndrome should be treated (PCOS). 
  6. Endometriosis and uterine fibroids should be treated. 
  7. Reduce your chances of ovarian, uterine, and colon cancer.
  8. Acne can be enhanced. 
  9. Stop the growth of undesired hair.
  10. Migraines will become less common. 
  11. Control hot flashes as you approach menopause.

Negative consequences.

You may encounter some adverse effects when you initially start taking this drug. After some months the side effects generally disappear. If you’re having any negative effects, inform your doctor. You can switch to a different product if that doesn’t cause you any issues. Here are some examples of negative effects.     

  • Tenderness or swelling of the breasts.
  • Headache. 
  • Mood swings or agitation. 
  • Nausea.
  • Abnormal menstruation. 

Health risks. 

The majority of them are unaffected by birth control pills. Because the pill has been there for sixty years, there is a lot of familiarity and experience with it. If you use a combined (oestrogen-containing) birth control pill in a tiny proportion there’s an elevated risk of suffering from these uncommon side effects. 

  • Clots in the blood.
  • Thrombosis of the deep veins (DVT).
  • A heart attack has occurred. 
  • High blood pressure or hypertension. 
  • Stroke

Your doctor will discuss your risk level with you based on your treatment. If you’re unable to take an estrogen-containing pill, progestin-only pills can be used safely. 


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