Does Birth Control Affect Fertility? Everything You Need To Know

birth control and fertility

One reason why people hesitate to choose birth control is that they think it affects fertility. This is an important question that needs to be addressed. People need to know how safe it is to use birth control options. They also need to know how the birth control may affect their health in the long run. We hope to answer all these questions for our readers here.

Birth Control And Fertility

There have been intensive studies conducted regarding birth control and fertility. Research reveals that birth control does not hamper your fertility. The hormonal birth control pills available today contain a regulated quantity of hormones that do not harm your body in any way. The hormones are just enough for preventing the pregnancy at present.

The progestin present in these hormone pills is similar to the progesterone that is generated in the body. The regular dose of the birth control pills does not have any adverse effect on your health. That is why you may use it without hesitation.

Health Benefits Of Birth Control

Studies also throw light on several other facts regarding birth control pills. There are many benefits associated with the use of birth control pills that you need to be aware of as a user. A vast number of menstrual health problems in women are dealt with using hormonal birth control pills.

Here we have shared a few examples:

  • Women suffering from the menstrual bleeding disorder are often prescribed birth control pills by doctors. These hormonal birth control pills help to manage the bleeding and reduce the trouble caused.
  • Irregular periods in women with polycystic ovary disorder can also be regularized with hormonal birth control pills.
  • The medicines are known to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer in women by nearly 50%.
  • The medicine is also prescribed to tackle endometriosis in women.

The birth control pills or IUDs do not affect your fertility. Many women tend to associate the use of birth control pills with lowered fertility. There is really no connection. The modern birth control pills are highly advanced. They are designed to help prevent pregnancy without having any long-term effects. 

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When To Consult A Doctor?

Women who still feel they are suffering from low fertility levels should actually consult a doctor. The doctors will conduct a thorough evaluation to find out what is wrong with you. He may help you understand why there are changes in your overall health.

You need to inform him what symptoms made you feel you are suffering from low fertility. You may also have to inform him a bit about your health habits and health history. Better knowledge about your health can help him provide the right consultation.

There are some signs that may warn you regarding infertility issues.

You may consider consulting a doctor when you observe any of these signs in your health:

  • Be alert if you experience irregular menstrual cycles. It could be an indicator of some issue related to fertility.
  • Observe your libido levels. If you observe too much variance in your libido, it could be a matter of concern.
  • Mood swings, anxiety, and stress could be other signs that should make you alert.
  • Inform your doctor if you feel excessively fatigued or tired.
  • Tell them if you experience spotting between periods.
  • Inform your doctor if you miss your periods.

Mild fluctuations in menstrual cycles are nothing worth worrying about. However, if things seem to go out of hand, you must consider consulting a good doctor.

You may have to consult your doctor in the following situations:

  • You are finding it difficult to get pregnant even after staying free from birth control for a couple of months.
  • Tell him if your birth control pills are causing unexpected side effects.
  • Tell your doctor if you suddenly have stopped getting your periods.
  • Do inform your doctor if you experience any unusual pain or irritation during the cycle.

The doctor will first try to understand exactly what your problem is. He may conduct certain tests. He may also examine you to find out about your health. Ask questions about your menstrual health. Enquire regarding the birth control method you are using. 

When you speak to a doctor, be 100% honest. Tell him all the facts so that he is able to make a thorough evaluation. You must also be clear about what problem you are facing.

Some birth control pills may not suit you. If that is the case, the doctor may suggest other alternatives for birth control. Sometimes, you could be facing some existing health issue that affects fertility. The doctor’s evaluation will help to find out if that is the case. He may prescribe a treatment to deal with the underlying issue. Many of the STDs also lead to lowered libido and infertility issues. With treatment, these issues can be resolved.

If you are actually facing infertility issues, the doctors may prescribe medicines for the same. He may also suggest some lifestyle changes to ensure your health improves. You may have to include exercise and a healthy diet in your regime.

Can I Buy Birth Control Pills Online?

Now that you know birth control pills don’t cause infertility, you may use them to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It is possible now to buy birth control pills like Lo Ovral, Yasmin pill, or Plan B pill online. It is completely safe and legal.

There are many added benefits too as listed below:

  • You get the medicines shipped to your door.
  • You can shop right from your home.
  • A frequent buyer enjoys some added discounts.
  • You can make payments for medicines through online wallets.
  • You can return the medicines too if you didn’t get the right medicine.

So, go for it! Safely prevent an unwanted pregnancy with the use of birth control pills. Use it to deal with a number of other menstrual health problems. Lead a healthy life and stay safe.


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