11 Best Sleep Supplements (8 Natural And 3 Homeopathic)

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In this article, we’ll share some of the best natural as well as homeopathic sleep supplements that might help you get your sleep back in order.


In this swift and overwhelming world, there remains a longing for the required amounts of sound and deep sleep. Today, most of us remain sleep deprived or even insomniacs! There are several ways to tackle a sleeping problem. You either get your lifestyle back in order, begin to obey a healthy dietary schedule or resort to sleep supplements if results yet don’t prevail.

These are supplements that may affect some aspect of sleep — namely, how quickly you fall asleep, how long you stay asleep, and how restful sleep is. They could either be natural supplements or Allopathic-based pills. The market now is well developed and equipped to even offer Homeopathic and many other kinds of sleep supplements.

Now how a supplement works depends on what actual purpose is it made for. For example, Melatonin exhibits the power of making you sleep easily and Glycine works for determining how restful your sleep is.

Best Sleep Supplements

When it comes to categorizing these supplements into a hierarchical order, Natural or Herbal supplements come to the prime position as they don’t cause any harm or addiction to the one taking them. They may come with side effects. But these side effects can be regulated or even completely avoided if you follow the right dosage and doctor’s instructions.

Whereas, allopathic medicines for sleep actually alter your psyche and hence are related to an initial stage of psychiatric medicines. They are made to tackle sleep deprivation due to stress. In the rarest of events, these medicines can be harmful and do create an addiction. If you develop a reliance, don’t be surprised if one fine day you don’t get to pop the pill and act as a night owl gazing at the ceilings.

Homeopathic becomes neutral in this order; they are not harmful however they may create addiction if excessively high doses are taken. They contain high alcoholic levels and must be strictly taken in minimal or prescribed quantities.

1. Natural Sleep Supplements

These are some supplements that are actually bagged by science and have also been proved to be exuberantly effective.

1.1. Melatonin

This is a natural/body produced hormone that rises in the morning and decreases as the sun sets. This supplement works best when there is some kind of occasional slight deprivation. For example, jet lag or acute pressure of work that disrupts your sleeping pattern for days.

This supplement is available in capsule forms and is proved to reduce the issues that come with sleep disorders. It is proven to be safe for adults when taken in small quantities. Typically around 3-10 mg.

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1.2. Valerian Root

An herb of Asian/European dissent used best to treat depression and other mental health-related problems. It generates sleep promotion and has very limited side effects. If you overdose on Valerian root, expect to experience dizziness.

1.3. Magnesium

This mineral is involved with hundreds of bodily functions. Magnesium deals with GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) release in the brain that allows the brain to induce soothing/calming effects. These supplements are suitable for ages above 18 years and can be taken in small quantities of 225 mg.

1.4. Lavender

Lavender generates a pleasing, aromatic, soothing, and nerve-calming fragrance that enhances and promotes sleep. Females and youngsters who showcase insomniac behavior can benefit from the fragrance of lavender oil. This is aromatically very safe, but if oral intake occurs it can cause nausea and stomach aches.

1.5. Glycine

This is an essential amino acid with superior roles in the nervous system. It relaxes neural activity in the brain and allows the brain to work around the body’s natural sleep-wake cycles. With 3 grams of glycine, one shows lesser fatigue and body aches in the morning.

Instead, one can expect more of peppiness in the morning accompanied by a really restful night’s sleep. This could be found in pill or powder forms that can be taken before sleep to improve undisrupted sleeping patterns.

1.6. Magnolia Bark

This bark is an ancient medicinal tool to treat sleep problems, memory retention capabilities, reduction in stress, etc. This bark functions by healing internal inflammation and anxiety. It also acts as a sedative along with its ability to protect the brain cells.

1.7. Chamomile

Many of us today drink chamomile tea to soothe and to activate its gentle sedative properties. To revive your sleep-wake cycles, you can put 2-3 bags of this tea into boiling water and let it brew for 10 minutes. Make sure you drink it 15 minutes before sleeping.

1.8. Passion Flower

These supplements are considered a widely acclaimed remedy to tackle sleep-related disorders. They nourish the brain cells and activate the area of your brain that allows regulates sleep cycles. As long as you’re an adult it is safe for consumption. Although youngsters, with budding immune systems and frequent hormonal alterations, must seek consultation.

The best way to consume passionflower is to mix it with your tea. Getting into a habit of doing this will lead to much greater sleep quality in the long run.

2. Homeopathic Sleep Supplements

2.1. Coffea Cruda

Coffee being the universal ingredient to keep you wide awake works in an alternative manner when consumed in the form of homeopathy. When the pills mix with the digestive system, they calm a restless mind and act like a great remedy for insomnia too.

2.2. Hyoscyamus Niger

A remedy for over-active children who often wake up frightened.

2.3. Arsenicum Album

An excellent remedy for restless sleep and fearful dreams. This homeopathic sleep supplement reestablishes sleep patterns and also has positive effects on brain health.

With the above options, one can actually segregate and choose what suits them the best. Further alterations for homeopathy can be referred to as a practicing doctor that can advice better. If you’re looking for natural supplements then you won’t have to get a prescription to get your hands on them.

Try and avoid allopathy. Stick to solutions that have the least or no side effects on your health. Whatever choice you make, always double-check with a medical professional to see if any drug interactions can occur with your existing medicinal palette.

Other tips include listening to relaxing music or an audiobook. These are great ways to help switch off your mind, especially if you have woken up and are finding it hard to get back to sleep. With some mobile applications, you can set the audiobook to switch itself off after 15 minutes, by which time you might just find yourself amidst sound asleep again.

Thus, there are many options available but it is you that has to make the most relevant, healthy, and easy to follow decision yourself.


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