Erectile Issues: 14 Ways To Talk About ED With Your Partner

ED Issues

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a common male health issue. But it is troublesome for couples nonetheless as it may affect love life. Rather than avoiding the issue, it is best to talk about it. So, you must discuss the erectile issues with your partner as soon as possible. Here are the ways you can do so.

Find a Good Moment for a Talk

Okay, so we understand you need to have the necessary talk about ED. But which is the right moment to do so? Certainly, not at a stressful time or when both are tired of the conversation. Rather find a moment when you know there is plenty of time at hand.

Relax over a meal and give time to each other to discuss the problem. Use a soothing and calming voice. Remember, the solution is there, and you both have to reach it together. So, steer away from fights and arguments.

Say No to Blame Game

Erectile issues are frustrating for sure. But couples need to stop blaming each other for it. ED is one of the common problems in males. As much as men need to understand that this is treatable, so does the partner. The problem is a signal to a health problem mostly.

It may not indicate a particular behaviour or fight is responsible for weak erections. So, there is no need to blame a man or woman in the relationship for it. The best you can do is stay calm and acknowledge the issue at hand. And then you can talk with each other to find a solution.

See a Doctor

Erectile dysfunction may result from several issues. Some of the common factors are cardiovascular disorders, neural system problems, penile injury, use of particular medications, psychological illness, fatigue, practices such as heavy drinking, smoking, obesity, diabetes, sedentary lifestyle, etc.

Thus, to find an apt solution to ED, as a couple, you both must see a doctor. He/she will run a few tests to determine the underlying cause. If there is a pre-existing disease, the physician will check on its condition to know if that is responsible for the feeble erection.

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Keep a Check on Health Disorders

After the tests, you will know which health conditions are causing ED. So, you need to keep a check on those. Follow your doctor’s instructions about lifestyle changes and medications to take. Involve your partner in the routine if you have to. It will feel a lot better when you approach the issue together.

Perhaps exercising daily can improve your health. In this, you can request your person to participate as well. This will serve you enough motivation to keep going. Set reminders for the medicines. Your better half can also remind you about the timings to maintain for medication intake.

Erectile Issues Are Not the Culprit Always

It is possible that a woman feels she could not arouse her man sufficiently. Maybe lack of sexual arousal does affect the erection quality. But it does not mean, this has to be the sole reason for erectile dysfunction. Of course, a proper erection needs arousal. But that is not all.

If trying harder in the bedroom is also not giving a satisfactory hard-on, then the reason is something else. And you must address it rather than avoiding it completely.

But You Can Spice Up Things

While it is not arousal, desire does play a role in sex life. As partners, you both may have a chat about bedroom activity, and take arousal to the next level. This can certainly make a difference in how stiff the penile organ can get. Try sensate focus, take up sensual activities and explore with touches.

A Reliable Sex Therapist

Sex therapists are mental health practitioners. They have professional training in human sexuality. Consulting a reliable one will help in many ways. The therapist will guide you both through a guided program that will focus on different aspects of a relationship. He/she will address how to improve intimacy.

The person will also work to strengthen your relationship psychologically and physically. A therapy session such as this can boost the morale of the couples. If not entirely, the ED may get easier to resolve after the talk session. Also, if the cause of ED is psychological, then sex therapy will assist a lot in improving the condition.

Do Not Panic, Be Calm and Cool

ED may cause mental agony. This is possible as you are unable to perform as per expectation on the bed. Talking to your partner about erectile dysfunction may make you nervous. But the key is to not panic. Gather yourself and remember the key pointer for the discussion.

Remain calm and composed. The calmer you are, the more relaxed your person shall be when you have a chat with them. If you can explain your woes and let the individual know that you need help, then it can lead to a faster recovery.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

As much as a conversation about erectile dysfunction is important, doing practical things to resolve the issue is also necessary. Couples who practice relaxation techniques together find a gradual improvement in performance on the bed as well. You can try on meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises.

These relax the mind and improve blood circulation in the body. And sufficient blood flow is mandatory for a good erection to happen. Thus, appropriate blood supply after arousal can better the hard-on quality. It is a win-win situation that you must not let go of.

A Romantic Getaway

Take some time off for each other. Go on a romantic getaway to your favourite destination. Grab some alone time and improve on your relationship. Taking a break can often do away with stress and mental issues responsible for ED. You may find a significant boost in sexual performance thereafter.

Also, a romantic outing may give you both the private moment to discuss erectile dysfunction. You can initiate the conversation here, and win your partner’s trust. He/she will easily understand your intention away from the humdrum of daily life.

Be Open About Your Feelings

Be expressive about your ED issue with your partner. Do not hide any information or associated feeling. If you are stressed about the soft hard-on, you do not have to act as if it does not bother you. The more you express your feelings, the better your person will understand your situation.

Your beloved needs to know how important intimacy is for you. If you are serious about dealing with erectile dysfunction, the opposite person will also consider it seriously. This will assist in seeking professional help sooner. Also, when you approach a doctor, you both can better express to him/her.

Give a Chance to Your Partner to Respond

Your dear one is a part of intimacy. The individual is also going through mixed emotions and experiences perhaps. When you express your side, it is critical to allow your person as well to respond. Give them the chance to ask questions and open up about their feelings.

This will improve communication between both of you. Also, you will reach a solution to ED in a better way. When both can talk freely to each other, a holistic approach to ED treatment is also underway. Then you will know when to look for therapy or treatment.

Let Your Better Half Know How to Help You

You may have a few expectations from your partner. Also, your better half may have a few expectations from you. So, you both must remain clear about the issues such as erectile dysfunction. Let your person know how they can support you. Maybe you want them to spend more time with them.

Or perhaps, you wish the individual to become more experimentative on the bed. Or, you may experiment with different positions in the bed to enhance your love life. Try all the odds and evens to see if they ease erectile dysfunction. If you want other kinds of support from them, then discuss it.

Have Regular Conversations

Recover from ED may take time. So, you need to keep expressing and hold conversations with your dear one from time to time. Just talking once about it and then keeping mum, will not always work for both. So, couples must talk about the progress of ED treatment regularly.

Finding support and encouragement from your beloved can streamline your focus and will to recover. Also, this will boost your relationship wellbeing. A word of appreciation that you are doing things right. Or, talking about a visible improvement in ED can enhance your mood and health.

Erectile Issues: Final Thoughts

Erectile dysfunction issues may hamper a man, also the relationship he is in. If you are facing ED, it is important to discuss it with your partner. By following the above-mentioned advice, you can initiate a meaningful conversation about the issue. Also, this will pave the way to coping with ED together.


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