Skin Changes During Pregnancy: What Can You Expect

In this article, we will explore all the possible changes that may occur in the skin during pregnancy. Introduction Pregnancy causes more than just an increasing waistline and belly, strange cravings, and happiness. It gives rise to major emotional, hormonal, mental, and skin changes in your body. Speaking of skin... READ MORE

Bipolar Disorder And Sexual Health: How Does It Affect Me?

Introduction Bipolar disorder, or mood disorder, is a state wherein people experience extreme shifts in mood and energy, potentially impacting their daily lives. Bipolar disorder can show itself by three distinct states of mind: mania, hypomania, and depression. The episodes of mania and depression for each person may vary. These... READ MORE

Pregnancy Spotting Or Bleeding: Causes And Treatment Options

Pregnancy spotting or bleeding may happen at any stage after conception. The bleeding is usually light. But it can get heavier due to some complications. The spotting is red, dark brown, or pink. Sometimes the bleeding is just a few drops, passing of clots, or insufficient to soil underwear and... READ MORE

Melasma In Pregnancy: What You Can Do To Treat Melasma?

If you see extra pigmentation on the skin during pregnancy, then you may have Melasma. This is because colour-producing cells (melanocytes) produce more pigment than normal. This skin disorder after conceiving is termed Chloasma. It does not impact the baby, however. Also, Melasma in pregnancy does not lead to any... READ MORE

Abstinence: What Are The Benefits And All About Abstinence

Abstinence is about not engaging in sexual intercourse. It is subjective to people what they make out of it. Some restrict themselves from all kinds of intimate activities. Others may involve in outercourse but no anal or vaginal penetration. It may also have benefits such as birth control and more.... READ MORE

Probiotics And Their Effects On Gut And Sexual Health

Probiotics help balance the microbiome in your body. They improve overall intestinal health. Also, they provide the essentials to boost the state of guts. Together, these have the potential to increase sex drive, get over genital problems, and sexual dysfunctions. In this post, we will discuss symptoms of problematic intestine... READ MORE

Heartburn During Pregnancy: Symptoms And Treatments

In this post, we will discuss Heartburn during pregnancy, its causes, medications, lifestyle changes, when to see a physician, and more. Introduction If you are pregnant and get chest pain and acidity after a meal, then it is probably heartburn. This condition is common in the first and third trimesters.... READ MORE

Testosterone Therapy Side Effects: What Are The Heart Risks

This article will help you learn about the root problem, causes, and of course, the heart and health risks and all the side effects of testosterone therapy. Introduction Testosterone replacement therapy may appear to be the ideal anti-ageing solution. However, the beneficial effects of testosterone therapy for adult testosterone depletion... READ MORE

Testosterone Therapy: Potential Benefits And Risks As You Age

In today's society, testosterone therapy is common for males and even more so for females. Despite the lack of long-term research findings, testosterone prescriptions are growing increasingly popular as time goes on. The main question that arises among patients considering this particular form of therapy is that does testosterone therapy... READ MORE

Female Viagra For HSDD: Understanding How It Works

In this post, we will discuss what contributes to sexual dysfunction in women. We will also speak on how a Female Viagra works for HSDD. Introduction The function of ‘Female Viagra’ is to treat hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). It may also treat other types of sexual dysfunctions. It is... READ MORE