3 Tips for Reducing Your Waistline

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How to stop falling asleep while studying: 17 tips to keep you awake for board exam preparation

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Do You Know the Signs of an Abusive Relationship?

Introduction  Centres for Disease Control and Prevention states that half of the population of women murdered and died at the hands of their partners. Partner abuse and violence occur to both men and women. According to National Domestic Hotline Reports, 10% of men and 30% of women suffer from physical... READ MORE

Busy Woman’s Guide: 7 Best Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets

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The Male Refractory Period: Can Viagra Shorten It?

Introduction One of the common questions asked by many is what is the male refractory period? The sex researchers stated that the refractory period is the length of time that immediately follows orgasm and ejaculation. Other than that, it is physiologically possible to achieve orgasm again. There is no definition... READ MORE

Viagra Performs Not Only in Bed But in the Heart 

Introduction Viagra is the generic brand name of Sildenafil. It is an effective medicine to treat the problem of ED in men. 40% of men are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. The problem is that the penis doesn't erect properly. ED creates problems in the relationship as well. The question that... READ MORE

Taking Viagra for the First Time? Here’s How to Get the Best Results

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STDs: What’s fact and what’s fiction?

Introduction STDs mean Sexually transmitted diseases. During sexual activity, the genes get transferred from one body to another. That is why it is essential to use condoms so that no germs can be spread from one body to the other. Many people don't have much idea regarding sexually transmitted diseases.... READ MORE

Buy Cheap Viagra with Bitcoins & Get Big Savings 

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MTP Kit usage for women at home – Step by step guide!

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