Male impotency issues can hamper relationships. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction or other male impotency issues find it hard to satisfy their partners. This causes a major rift in the relationship. Many men who wish to save their relationship use medicines like Cialis 60mg to tackle their erectile dysfunction. This is one of the four common medicines used to tackle impotency issues in men. A wise buyer of medicines will first gather all the information about the medicine. The knowledge and information that he gathers help him decide whether or not to use the medicine for his health issues. We will try to educate you about Cialis medicine so that you can make such a well-informed decision.

What is Cialis Medicine?

Cialis (Tadalafil) is a medicine prescribed to tackle male impotency issues like erectile dysfunction. The medicine works as a PDE5 inhibitor. The PDE5 hormone is responsible for regulating the blood flow through the body. This hormone also decides to ensure a rush of blood to the male organ when a man is aroused by temporary inactiveness. When a person is unwell, he may lack enough blood for regular circulation through important organs of the body. This is when the PDE5 hormone plays a crucial role by preventing the rush of blood to the male organ. It does this to ensure proper blood flow through the important organs of the body. This temporary erectile dysfunction is the body’s reaction to illness. However, in some men, PDE5 hormone functions incorrectly. It prevents erection on arousal even when the person is perfectly healthy. Medicines like Cialis can help such men lead regular love lives. You may consult your doctor to find out the right dose for your erectile dysfunction issue.

What are the Available Doses of Cialis Medicine?

Cialis (Tadalafil) is available in many doses like 10mg, 20mg, 40mg and 60mg. The doctors usually prescribe the lowest dose at the start. He evaluates your body’s reaction to the chosen dose and gradually increases the dosage of the medicine. However, the requirement of medicine to treat an illness may vary from person to person. Some people get treated with just 20mg while others may need Cialis 60mg to correct their issue. Only the doctor can tell you what is the best dosage of the medicine. It is important that you mention the right dosage while placing an order for the medicine online. The cost of the medicine may also vary slightly depending on the dosage you select. You may choose generic drugs if you wish to buy cheap Cialis online.

What are the Drug Interactions of Cialis?

Knowing the drug interactions of Cialis is also significant to use Cialis safely. Drug interactions indicate the medicines with which Cialis interacts adversely. You will not be advised to use Cialis if you are using certain medications. Here we have shared a list to help you understand better. Check the list:

  • Amlodipine, a medicine used to tackle hypertension, is known to interact with Cialis adversely. While the interaction is minor, it is best to avoid using these two medicines simultaneously.
  • Lisinopril, yet another medicine for hypertension, is found to interact with Cialis mildly. 
  • Losartan, a medicine prescribed to deal with diabetic kidney disease, hypertension and heart failure, is also found to interact mildly with Cialis.
  • People suffering from prostatitis and symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia are prescribed tamsulosin. This medicine also interacts mildly with Cialis.
  • A major interaction is witnessed if Cialis is used alongside Viagra.

Make a note of these facts before you use Cialis to tackle male impotency issues.

Cialis medicine should not be used when you are having alcohol. The medicine and alcohol may interact adversely. The medicine should not be used by people suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure or similar health issues associated with blood pressure. This is because Cialis is a PDE5 inhibitor and it affects the heart rate of the person.

What are the Possible Side Effects of Cialis?

You must be aware of the possible side effects of Cialis medicine before you start using Cialis 40mg to counter impotence. Here is a compact list of the important side effects of Cialis medicine. Check them out:

  • Most often men using Cialis for the very first time encounter digestive health issues. They may suffer from nausea, vomiting, indigestion or diarrhoea.
  • The medicine is also known to cause headache and dizziness in some men.
  • Some men suffer from skin irritation and facial flushing after using Cialis medicine.
  • Men also complain about headaches, body ache and backache after using this medicine.

Many of these side effects are only temporary. They last till the body gets accustomed to the medicine. However, if any of the side effects persist for long, it is important to inform your doctor about the same.

Who Should Not Use Cialis?

Cialis is usually not recommended for men who have a history of heart health problems. It may not be the right treatment option for men suffering from high blood pressure. If using Cialis aggravates an existing health condition, it is best to avoid using the medicine. The medicine should not be used when you are doing some activity that requires your focus. Avoid driving or swimming while using Cialis medicine. People who are allergic to PDE5 inhibitors should not use Cialis medicine. Cialis should not be used by people who are already using other PDE5 inhibitors.

Why to Consult a doctor to Use Cialis?

There are several reasons why you should consult a doctor before using Cialis 20mg. Here we have shared some of the prime reasons:

  • The doctor can inform you about the right use of the medicine.
  • The doctor can tell you about side effects and drug interactions.
  • The doctor can see whether the medicine can be used with your existing health issues.
  • You can consult the doctor if any problem arises after you use Cialis 20mg.

What Questions to Ask the Doctor Before Using Cialis?

You must ask questions to your doctor to get all your doubts cleared. You must enquire about the time taken by Cialis to show its effect. You must also enquire why the doctor prescribed Cialis 20mg to you and why you should not go for another dose. Find out what happens if you take an overdose of Cialis medicine. You must ask the doctor how long it takes for Cialis to show its effect. Find out how long the effect of Cialis lasts in your body. Once all these queries are cleared, you can use Cialis without any fears.

What Does a Study Reveal About the Daily Use of Cialis?

People who suffer from serious erectile dysfunction issues may consider using Cialis daily. However, it is important to know whether it is safe to do the same. A study was conducted by researchers to reveal how daily use of Cialis impacts people. 1173 men were included in the trial that lasted for two whole years. The mean age of the people undergoing this trial was 57 years. Men of age groups ranging from 23 to 83 were included in this trial. Out of the ones included in the trial, 42% completed the trial for the duration of 2 years while 19.9% of the men completed the trial for 18 months. The study revealed beneficial facts. Cialis benefited all the users without causing any severe or notable side effects. Only 8.6% of the men suffered serious side effects because of Cialis medicine. This result is conducive in support of daily use of Cialis for ED issues.

How to Store Cialis?

It is important to store Cialis in a cool and dry place if it is removed from the strip. You can store the tablets in airtight containers. Make sure to store the medicine away from the reach of children. There can be dangerous side effects if children consume the medicine.

What are the Warnings Related to Cialis?

Cialis should not be used by people who are allergic to PDE5 inhibitors. It should not be used by people with a heart disease or blood pressure issues. The medicine should not be used side by side with other PDE5 inhibitors. The medicine should not be used by young men below the age of 18 years. The medicine should not be used when you are consuming alcohol. Inform your doctor about the existing health conditions before you use Cialis medicine.

How to Order Cialis Online?

It is very easy to order Cialis from Secure Pharma Online in USA. You just need to select from Cialis 20mg, Cialis 40mg and Cialis 60mg dosages. You will find cheap Cialis online in generic forms. Always check the expiry date of the medicine before you place your order. Make online payment to ensure no contact delivery. You can choose from free shipping and express delivery options. The rates for shipping differ in each case. You may order medicines in bulk to get some discount on shipping. You can track your order online to know when it will be delivered.