Shipping & Refund Policy

Secure Pharma Online provides the best shipment facilities on products. Free shipment is available all over the world for bulk orders. Standard time frames and careful packaging is the criteria irrespective of order size and cost.

For products such as the MTP Kit, express transportation is available. For US customers, Express Delivery is accessible at $100. With express delivery, your request is generally conveyed inside 4-7 days (after it is sent). Overnight shipments are typically conveyed inside 24-48 hours. For non-US clients, just express transportation is accessible with a conveyance of 5-7 work days.

Free Shipping:

  • Free shipping on orders above $100 globally
  • Average delivery is 15 to 20 business days
  • Track option available for confirmed orders
  • Safe and discreet packaging.

Overnight Shipping:

  • Shipping on the same day as you order
  • Minimal shipping charges
  • Tracking Details as customer confirm the order


Is there a delivery assurance?
Yes, Secure Pharma Online (SPO) notifies customers through email as soon as the order is shipped. The notification helps estimate the number of days for the order to reach. Please write to us by email at if the time frame of average delivery surpasses from the date of shipment. By mentioning the phone number and order details via mail, our customer support representative can respond quickly to the query or concern related to the shipment. When the customer(s) face issues with courier services, SPO directly undertakes the issue. Any suitable solutions such as providing the status of the order, or reshipment with no additional charges, or a full refund for the product are assured.

How does customer(s) get notified about shipping?

Customer(s) receive two email notifications after placing an order:

Acknowledgement for the receipt of payment from our payment processor.
Acknowledgement for the receipt of order copy with the detailed invoice from us.
Once the shipping department receives an order, a notification stating the shipping and delivery details are sent to the customer(s).

Note: One or more emails related to order, shipping, or delivery may be present in junk or spam folder if not in the inbox.

How does the track option work for shipped products?
Upon confirmed orders, Secure Pharma Online (SPO) provides a tracking number/consignment number as our reputed shipping partners initiate the process of shipping. The tracking number helps in knowing the status of shipment & delivery.

Note: Shipping partners might vary depending on the country for which the product has to be delivered. But SPO provides complete information of shipping associates via mail for the confirmed orders.


A full refund for the products is assured in case the customer(s) don’t receive the product in set standard time frames. The payment option used for purchase/order will be used to refund the amount. But the refund may delay depending on the card issuer policies of the bank account you hold.

However, the reshipment is another option if customer(s) wish to go for it. After delayed delivery of package, Secure Pharma Online encourages reshipment and we see it as a special case to deliver on the right time at the right place.