Research says that 5 out f 15 men suffer from sexual disorders. The two main disorders are premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. To get rid of these situations, men often seek help to take Viagra. Viagra seems to be a blessing for those men who are unable to get satisfaction in sexual intercourse. Previously there were no such medicines available in the market. Nowadays Super P Force along with Viagra is also available in the market. 

People often think about whether these medicines are reliable or not. Sometimes they often think about whether there are any side effects or not. Any medicine has side effects. Now it entirely depends upon the body of the patients. Research states that Cialis lasts longer whereas Viagra and Levitra leave their effects approximately for four hours in the body.

Similarities And Differences Of Super P Force And Viagra

The common drugs for males for sexual pleasure are Super P Force and Viagra. There are also Levitra and Cialis. Both are effective and are widely used by people. Even the doctors also prescribe these two medicines to the patients. However, do not get confused with these two medicines. These two are different. The ingredients are almost the same and a little bit different from one another. The main difference is the duration of the erection. Some medicines take a long time for the penis to erect while others take less time. However, the functions of all the medicines are more or less the same. You don’t have to think much about it. 

The physicians have also analyzed and got to know that the side effects are also the same. The common side effects are nausea, tiredness, fatigue, dizziness and vomiting. Some patients face severe side effects. If you are having such effects then without any thinking contact the doctors. Another important thing about the medicines is that they will help you to erect the penis so that you can enjoy sexual pleasure. 

Keep one thing in your mind. You should not take the erection medicine if you are already taking nitroglycerin for angina. The combination of both these can prove to be dangerous. That is why you should not take it because it might create a hazard to your health. 

Who Uses Erection Medicine?

Let us tell you that even older men are using erection medicine to get sexual pleasure. You will feel better about using it. Other than that, older men also say that they are happy using it. They have even recommended it to other patients. The best part of the Super P Force is that you will not find any severe side effects. The main reason for generating sing it is that the drug enhances sexual intercourse. After intercourse, one would feel pleasure. Who told us that sex is not for older couples?

After taking the medicine, the older couples are also enjoying their sex life. As we all know as men age, the reproductive organs also age. That is why the penis doesn’t erect properly. So, during penetration, the couple didn’t enjoy the pleasure. Moreover, several couples are using medicine nowadays. That is why they have overcome their problems. 

However, several men also suffer from premature ejaculation. It means they are unable to enjoy the moments and the sperm comes out quickly. That is why Super P Force functions smoothly. 

Don’t Move On From Intercourse

Due to several reasons, couples move on from sexual intercourse as they started to age. The various reasons are dryness in the vagina, erection of the penis, lubrication aplenty and pain during intercourse. Due to all these reasons, couples feel uncomfortable to do sex. That is why they move away from one another. 

As we all know that sexual pleasure is one of the important factors in a healthy relationship. Without sex, the relationship can affect badly. That is why if you are suffering from sexual problems then you might suffer it in your relationship as well. 

It is always better to consult the doctor before taking any such medicine. People generally opt for Viagra. However, you may not have the idea which power suits you. Always try with a small power dose. If you observe that the medicine is not working then you may increase the dose as per the requirements of the body. Other than that, you may opt for Super P Force. Nowadays several people are choosing this medicine for erection problems. Another thing is that you must take the medicine with a light meal. Do not eat medicine with heavy meals. It may have an adverse effect. Several people also take the medicine on an empty stomach. The side effects may occur if you take it on an empty stomach. The medicine might not function or if it functions then you may suffer from acidity or gastric problems.

 Moving out from sex is not the solution. You have to find out the true solution to these problems. Due to all these problems, couples suffer from problems. Instead of all these things, just consult the doctors. The doctors will find out the best solution for you. Moreover, there are fewer or negligible side effects. So, you may take it. It’s always advisable to consult the doctor for the dose. 


To conclude, it can be said that Super P Force is highly effective. You can use the medicine whenever you need it. Moreover, the medicine has fewer side effects. The ingredients are almost similar to that of Viagra. However, Viagra is more famous than these medicines. You can take the medicines and can enjoy your sex life. After that, you can check your progress. Moreover, medicine is highly available in the market. Other medicines like Cialis and Levitra are not available in the market that much. That is why you should not waste anymore time and find a solution for your problems. We are sure that you will start enjoying the moments with your partner.