Health of an individual is one of the crucial factors that decide his quality of life. If a person is not lively and energetic, he cannot live life as he intends. That is why the health issues that arise with ageing may hamper a man’s life in a great way. Most men become more vulnerable to health issues once they cross 50. This post shares the common health issues faced by men once they cross this age and start ageing. Check them out!

Heart Disease: Recently, the prevalence of heart diseases has increased among men. 7% adult men above the age of 20 suffer from coronary heart diseases. In the recent past, heart diseases have claimed one quarter of the deaths in men. Men are more vulnerable to heart diseases compared to women. The chances of getting a heart disease also increases with age. Some other factors that make you more vulnerable to heart diseases are obesity, smoking, drinking and stress. It is evident that men need to be aware of this fact. They must take proper care regarding health so that they do not fall prey to this health condition.

Hypertension: High Blood Pressure, technically referred to as hypertension, is another health problem that is common in men. The modern eating habits and junk foods have further contributed to this condition. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims that high blood pressure is witnessed in 46% of American men above the age of 20. Given the same overall health, men stand a higher chance of developing this health condition compared to women. Men have an increased vulnerability to this health condition as each decade of their life passes. This means that a person in his fifties will have higher chances of developing this health condition compared to a man in his forties.

Erectile Dysfunction: Men who suffer from this condition prematurely also suffer from multiple other challenges in their lives. ED (erectile dysfunction) is a health condition in which men have a difficulty to get or retain an erection even when aroused. This men’s health issue may be caused by different underlying reasons that include physical, psychological and lifestyle causes. This condition is very common in America and 30 million men suffer from ED issues. The erectile dysfunction treatment may also vary from case to case. Some men suffer from ED issues due to psychological cases. Behavioral therapy, counselling and dealing with emotional trauma may help in such cases. Some men also become more vulnerable to ED issues due to lifestyle causes like smoking, drinking and unhealthy eating habits. Controlling these factors may help in such cases. However, in some cases, the reason for ED issues is malfunctioning PDE5 hormone. In such situations, cheap Viagra 100mg may work to tackle the ED issues. This medicine works by inhibiting the action of the PDE5 hormone for the time being. 

Obesity: The unhealthy food and sedentary lifestyle are factors responsible for increased obesity in men today. We are eating a lot of unhealthy food that is filled with preservatives and chemicals. The frozen and preserved food is suitable for health.  Since most people today work in offices, we are accustomed to being seated at one place for long hours. This also impacts our health adversely. That is why you see more overweight and obese men today. Excess body weight also makes you vulnerable to a number of other health problems such as ED, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular health problems to name a few. It is important to keep your bodyweight in check if you want your body to perform at its optimum.

Cancer: In the past, the cases of cancer were rare. Now, things have changed. More people globally are getting affected by this disease. It is a life threatening and life changing disease. 

Diabetes: Reports by CDC reveal that 11% of American men suffer from Diabetes. There is a direct link between excess weight gain and Diabetes. Studies show that 90% of the men who are diagnosed with Diabetes are either overweight or obese. Age is another factor that increases the chances of developing Diabetes. The cases of Diabetes are fewer before the age of 40. This is another health condition that is more prevalent in men.

Men are usually careless about their health during youth. However, they have to pay heavily for their carelessness later in life. Men are found to be more vulnerable than women for a number of diseases. This is why it is important that men are aware of their health and take mindful decisions regarding the same. Here we have shared some suggestions about how men could improve their overall health. Following these tips can help them lead better lives. Try them out:

Healthy Food Habits: Men should not just focus on cheap generic medicines to cure the illness. They should take steps to improve their health. They can start by improving their diet. They can avoid junk and preserved foods. They can include more fruits, vegetables, sprouts and healthy foods in their diet.

Discipline: Men who are disciplined in life find it easy to maintain better health. You should maintain a proper regime for food, sleep as well as exercise. When you follow a routine, you have higher chances of staying healthy.

Meditation: Modern life is quite stressful. This is because people constantly use their brains for office work. It is important to give your brain some rest. Meditation can not just avoid stress but also help your brain to relax.

Yoga and Physical Fitness: The above post reveals that overweight and obese men stand vulnerable to different health conditions. That is why it is important to control your body weight. Exercise and yoga help to maintain physical fitness.

Maintaining Social Circles: Man is a social animal. It is important to develop positive connections in life in order to stay happy. You can do this by maintaining your social circles in real life.

Avoiding Addiction: Any form of addiction deprives you from living your life to the fullest. You should stay away from addictions like drinking, smoking, workaholism or addictive gaming. You can avoid addiction by maintaining a balance in life.

So, all the men out there must now take their health and life seriously. Choose healthy habits and enjoy your energy to the fullest.