Erectile Dysfunction (ED) has several treatments these days. Most popular is the non-invasive method such as Lotion for Erectile Dysfunction, Creams, oral tablet, injection and even gel. These can give men a strong erection within a few minutes. In this post, we will talk about the different topical creams for the treatment of ED.


Vitaros is a prescription treatment for erectile dysfunction. It is one of the first popular topical creams for ED treatment. It came to light in 2014 year, in the United Kingdom. It contains a naturally available prostaglandin – Alprostadil. This is the active ingredient to improve blood flow.

You have to apply the ED cream to the tip of the male reproductive organ. The dosage strength differs from 200mcg to 300mcg. The effect starts within 5 to 30 minutes after you apply it successfully on the site. The hard-on it causes can stay up to 1 to 2 hours. The duration will however vary from a person to another.

Also, know the application method from your healthcare provider. Do not use the ointment more than that recommended to you. Otherwise, it may lead to serious side effects. In case of over-application, and severe reactions, visit the nearest clinic soon.

But with modernity touching science, oral pills also hit the market. People often prefer pills over injections. And those who have a problem taking tablets can switch to Vitaros instead. Your doctor will tell you how much cream you have to apply to the reproductive organ.


The ingredient dilates the blood vessels. This allows blood to properly flow to the genitals. You have to apply the cream to the penile organ. After some time, an erection will take place. But sexual arousal is necessary for this function. The hard-on can last for a good amount of time.

The ED cream, Vitaros, is like Edex and Caverject. The latter two are injectable medicines to treat erectile issues. Once injected, the medicine helps to facilitate blood circulation to the penile organ. In turn, the soft tissues and muscles smoothen. Also, the shaft of the organ begins to stiffen during sensual excitement.

Administration Method

Before you apply the ointment, empty your bladder if required. Apply the recommended amount of dose on the penile organ’s opening tip 5 to 30 minutes before getting intimate. Firstly, wash your hands and take out the plunger you receive to administer the medicine.

Roll the container of Vitaros between your hands to bring it to room temperature. Twist the plunger a few times to ensure it slips into the medicine pack quickly. After taking out the ED cream in the applicator, gently grasp the top of the male reproductive organ with one hand.

If you are not circumcised then pull the foreskin back properly to spread the tip of the phallus. Hold the applicator in an upright vertical position. Insert the plunger-tip gradually inside the penile opening a bit. Do not push it deep. Now discharge the ointment inside so that it can go down the urethral tube.

Hold the position for at least 30 seconds so that the ED cream easily goes inside. Do not urinate for a good amount of time after applying for the medicine. Now let go, and wash your hands thoroughly. The cream must not go into the eyes, or it will irritate.


In the following conditions, you must not use this ED cream:

  • If the doctor advises against sexual activity because of cerebrovascular, cardiovascular, or other reasons
  • Hypersensitivity to Alprostadil or the components of the ointment
  • Disorders such as myocardial infarction, orthostatic hypotension, syncope, etc.
  • If intending to have intercourse with a pregnant woman, unless you wear a condom
  • Problems such as polycythemia, multiple myeloma, sickle cell anemia, priapism, or leukaemia
  • If you have hyperviscosity syndrome or venous thrombosis at it may risk priapism
  • Abnormal anatomy of male reproductive organs such as Peyronie’s disease or hypospadias


Vitaros may result in an overdose with other PDE-5 inhibitors. So, avoid this ED cream, if you are already on PDE5 inhibitors for the treatment of heart conditions or erectile dysfunction. Do not take it along alpha-blocking medications such as thymoxamine or intracavernosal phentolamine

The effect of Alprostadil may be reduced when combined with appetite suppressants, decongestants, and sympathomimetics. Do not take it with platelet aggregation inhibitors and anticoagulants. Otherwise, it may cause haematuria or urethral bleeding. Also, restrict the use of vasoactive and antihypertensive medicines.

L-Arginine Cream

L- Arginine enhances sexual prowess in men. It helps them perform better in bed. It is available usually in the oral form of treatment. But topical creams for erectile dysfunction are also available. How effective the ointment is, the results for this are controversial. But the oral form works well.

As an amino acid, L-arginine allows the body to manufacture proteins. Nitric oxide is important for erectile function. And this cream aids the blood vessels to relax with sufficient NO production. When a greater number of oxygen-rich blood flows through the arteries, the better the erection is.

L-arginine and Pycnogenol

Combining this topical ED cream with Pycnogenol can give an enhanced result on erections. Pycnogenol supplements contain special extracts from Pinus Pinaster (pine bark). It may also have extracts from grape seed, witch hazel bark, and peanut skin.

L-Arginine and Yohimbine

For an erection to happen, the phallus requires stimulation and the right physiological functions. When L-arginine ED cream is combined with a Yohimbine supplement, it may have an improved effect. Yohimbine Hydrochloride can treat mild to moderate erectile dysfunction.

Sildenafil SST-6006

A topical cream for erectile dysfunction SST-6006 has Sildenafil in it. This is the same active ingredient as in the brand Viagra and other anti-impotence tablets. This product is under the launch of Strategic Science and Technologies LLC. The medical trials have shown effective results on ED patients.

If all the clinical trials remain successful, then shortly they will be available at your nearest pharmacies. The ointment follows the KNOSIS technology. This aids the medicine to permeate the penile skin more effectively. The medication may target men (for erectile dysfunction) and women (for female sexual arousal disorder).

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More of a solution than cream, Axiron comes in a pump bottle. It contains 30mg per pump. You will also receive an application cap with which you can apply for the medicine. Put the medication in the cap. Now apply it every day under your armpit. Here, the skin quickly absorbs the medicine in the bloodstream.

Rub the ED cream in the penile organ with the application cap. Remember, do not use your fingers for it. You must not touch the medicine directly as you apply it. This is because it can make the finger absorb the solution in your bloodstream. Also, you may transfer the medicine to someone else.

Wash your hands with soap thoroughly after use. Make sure you clean the site where you wish to apply for the medicine. Take a shower beforehand, this will keep you afresh for the day. Do not apply deodorant after application. You can however apply it beforehand.


AndroGel comes in a single dose. It can also come in one or two doses. It has a pump with which you can dispense the medicine. Each dose is 20.25mg or 12.5mg. You can also avail higher strengths such as 25mg, 40.5mg, and 50mg. But how you need to apply will depend on your health.

If the issue of erectile dysfunction is more, then the doctor may prescribe a higher dose. You can avail of the gel packets from pharmacies on prescription. Apply each dose every day on your upper arm, abdomen, or shoulder. Take the ED cream on your palm. Now massage it at the site gently.

Allow the ointment to dry up. Only then dress up. You can cover the site with a clean cloth. Do not apply deodorant or perfume right away. But wait for it till 2 hours at least. If you have a low testosterone-related erection problem, then this gel will work wonders for you.

Side effects of Topical ED Creams

Most of the medicines in any form – pill, gel, cream, or others, have side effects. So, topical creams for erectile dysfunction may also have a few unusual outcomes. However, these are non-serious. In case of severe issues, it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately. Below, are some things to expect:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Increased risk of bleeding
  • Change in blood sugar levels
  • Fluctuations in the potassium levels

Topical Creams For ED: To Sum it Up

Topical creams are a new concept to treat ED. Usually, people tend to choose oral pills or oral jellies. However, with time, people are looking for alternatives. And application creams are one of the leading competitors in the market. Several are at the nascent stage of testing.

But then a few are already available in restriction for the population. You may only get these on prescription. Talk to a physician who knows about the right treatment for your erectile health. He/she will prescribe an ED gel or cream if there is any available, or give you another option.