Male impotency issues can threaten a regular person’s love life. It is important to understand the underlying causes to prevent this condition from damaging your relationship. Here we have tried to speculate the multiple causes of ED issues in men. Understanding the causes can help you take the right measures to correct the issues.


Health issues always pose a threat to healthy reproductive life. Many health conditions come with erectile dysfunction as a side effect. Diabetes is no exception to this rule. Men suffering from Diabetes have a lowered libido. A man gets an erection when aroused because blood rushes to the male organ causing erection. However, diabetes or high sugar levels in the body affect blood circulation efficiency. This can in turn hamper the sexual health of individuals. You need to be careful when you buy generic medicines online to tackle sexual dysfunction. It is important to check whether the medicines are suitable for people with Diabetes.

Low Testosterone

One of the most common reasons for sexual dysfunction in men is lowered count of testosterone. This hormone has a great role to play in the reproductive performance of men. Men with lowered testosterone levels will see an impact of the same on their reproductive life. Some men also observe a lowered production of testosterone in the body when they age. This could hamper the sexual performance of these individuals as they age.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is linked with a number of adverse health conditions. When your body is healthy, the arteries function smoothly. They work to reach fresh blood to the different organs of the body. However, when the person is suffering from high blood pressure, it affects this smooth flow. Fatty deposits on the walls of the arteries could result in arteriosclerosis that affects overall health. This health condition could also result in sexual dysfunction. It is important to specify any such health issues you have before you order medicines for ED from any online pharmacy.

Heart Disease

Smooth functioning of the heart is essential for the smooth functioning of the body. Heart diseases affects your overall health in a big way. Heart is responsible for the circulation of blood through the entire body. When the heart health is affected, circulation is also affected. This in turn affect sexual functioning.

Lifestyle Factors of ED

All the major health issues impact the reproductive health in a big way. However, sometimes the underlying reasons for sexual dysfunction may not seem to be as significant. The psychological and lifestyle factors that impact your reproductive health are often ignored by people. However, knowing about these underlying causes can help you correct the issue without medicines too. While it may seem easy to buy generic medicines online for ED issues, that is only a temporary solution. The permanent option is to resolve the underlying causes to get your body back in action. Here we have shared some psychological and lifestyle causes for ED in men. We have also listed what measures you can take to resolve these issues. Check them out:

Aversion Towards Intimacy: Some men suffer from an extreme aversion towards intimacy and nudity. This has a lot to do with their conservative upbringing where sex is regarded as a taboo. This mindset prevents these men from enjoying lovemaking. The individuals suffering from ED issues as a result must look for good psychologists. Behavioral therapy and counselling can help to correct this issue. 

Post-Traumatic Stress: Some men who have a good sexual drive also lose their libido as a result of post-traumatic stress. You cannot buy generic medicines online to tackle ED issues resulting from post-traumatic stress.  It is important to deal with the underlying trauma to correct the stress. This is the only way to correct ED issues arising from this underlying psychological cause.

Sleep Deprivation: Most people do not realize how important sleep is for overall health. Sleep deprivation can not just result in stress. It can also cause a hoard of other health issues. The body does not function smoothly when you are deprived of sleep. When your body lacks sleep, it also adversely affects your libido. The brain recuperates when you sleep. If you deprive yourself of the necessary hours of sleep, it will harm you in a big way. The only solution to this problem is to get the desired hours of night time sleep.

Unhealthy Diet: Junk foods do not provide nutrition. They simply kill hunger for the time being. Poor food habits can hamper your sexual health. It is wise to have a healthy diet. Include a fair share of veggies and fruits in your daily diet. Healthy food will improve the blood circulation and will also ensure better sexual health.

Sedentary Lifestyle: Another major reason for sexual dysfunction could be sedentary lifestyle. Human beings require exercise to stay fit. The modern jobs require you to be seated in the same place for multiple hours. This prevents your body from getting the necessary exercise. This in turn hampers your overall health. Sexual dysfunction or lowered libido could be other side effects. It is important that you get at least 40 minutes of exercise daily. Pursue hobbies like swimming or cycling so that your body gets the desired physical activity.

When to rely on ED medicines?

If your relationship is getting affected due to your ED issues, you can choose to resolve it for now by ordering ED medicines from our store. The medicines only help to resolve ED issues caused by malfunctioning PDE5 hormone. The medicine shows its effect soon after it is digested by the system. The medicine stays in the body for up to five hours. Check the expiry date of the medicine before you place your order. Store the medicines in a cool dry place away from the reach of children. Place order online for these medicines to have them delivered right to your door.