If you are a board-year student then you probably know how much pressure you need to handle. You need to wake up at night to complete the syllabus. Not everyone is a night owl that will stay awake at night to study. Hence, if you are looking for the answer to how to stay awake at night and study, here are 17 tips for you. You can buy Provigil online and start the tips. 

Tips To Stay Awake At Night

  1. Eat healthy: As a student, it is necessary to eat healthy. If you eat healthy then only you can stay awake. If you eat such things that might create acidity in your body then ultimately you will suffer. Try to eat protein and vitamin-rich foods. These are healthy and help you to stay awake at night. Healthy food will give you the energy to stay awake at night.

  2. Good sleep: Remember one thing that is good if you are staying awake at night it means that you need good sleep. You should have a complete sleep during the daytime. It will motivate you to stay awake at night. If you remain awake during the day then naturally you will feel sleepy.

  3. Drink water: Drinking sufficient water will help you to stay hydrated for the entire day. Try to drink at least 2 to 2 half litres of water daily. If you are unable to drink it then you must take fruit juice, coconut water and other juicy items. These things will help you to pass all the toxic materials from your body. You will feel hydrated for the entire day.

  4. Power naps: Many doctors advise patients to take power naps of 20-30 minutes if they are not getting sufficient sleep. Power naps will help you to get energy and feel fresh. The short burst of energy will help you to feel energetic for the entire day.

  5. Move around: in between your studies, you should move around the space. It will help you to feel free for a little bit. Other than that, you will be able to concentrate on your studies. You just walk around and start jogging. All your sleep will vanish. You don’t need to go to the gym. Just warm up your body a little bit. If possible, just stretch your hands and do brisk walking.

  6. Don’t study for long hours: Many students want to study for long hours like 5-6 hours. It may make you feel suffocated. Hence, take some gaps. If you feel hungry then move to the kitchen and eat something. Studying for long hours will hang your brain. In this way, you might not be able to understand the chapters.

  7. Read aloud: When you are studying at night then the best thing is to read out something. Reading will help you to stay awake at night. Moreover, you should practice writing. Writing notes and other things will help your brain to coordinate.

  8. Don’t feel too comfortable: You should not feel too comfortable. It will affect your study. You should not sit with pillows or any comfortable items. Instead, sit at the table and chair and revise the lesson. It will help. If you make your arrangement extremely comfortable then you will feel sleepy.

  9. Choose easy topics: Do not choose hard topics. Try to choose easy topics so that you can learn fast. Moreover, easy topics will help you to complete the syllabus fast. If you choose a difficult topic at night then it might take time.

  10. Wash your face: After studying for a long time you should wash your face. It will not only help you to feel fresh but also make you stay awake for a long time. So, try to splash water and stay awake.

  11. Talk to yourself: You may feel lonely while studying at night. So, you should motivate yourself while studying. Try to talk with yourself. It will help you. If you are feeling extremely sleepy then you should watch a few motivational videos. It will be better if you talk to yourself.

  12. Use chewing gums: You can take chewing gums. It is because it will concentrate your work. Moreover, chewing gums will help you to have mouth exercises. So, do that and you will not feel sleepy for a long time.

  13. Drink tea and coffee: Drinking coffee or tea at midnight is not good for your health. However, it will give you the energy to stay awake for a few more hours. Make light coffee or tea and keep it in a flask. Whenever you feel sleepy just take a sip of it.

  14. Guard your eyes: In the digital era, you need to guard your eyes. It means you can work on a computer or tablet. Instead of reading from a notebook, it is far better to use a computer. After reading from the computer you should close your eyes for a few minutes.

  15. Light music: Light music will motivate you to read or write. So play loud music either on the music system or on the mobile. Remember only to play light music instead of loud ones.

  16. Group study: Group study often helps students to study more. You can talk with your friends and study in a group. It will help you to have a better understanding of the subject. However, you all have to maintain the discipline to focus on your study.

  17. Meditation: Meditation is another way to stay awake. You can do some meditation so that you can work peacefully. Moreover, meditation will also help you to focus on your work. You can watch the videos of meditation. 


To conclude, it can be stated that there is no need to take any Provigil 200 mg if you follow all these instructions. With the help of these remedies you can stay awake for a long time. At the same time you also have to take care of your health.