The hormonal changes that take place in women each month result in a series of mood swings. In most women, these changes in emotional states are within limits and manageable. However, in some women, the mood changes tend to affect the lives of these women. They choose to self-medicate to fight these changes in moods. Women may rely on smoking, drinking, eating or self-medication to manage these mood swings. While these methods may offer temporary relief, they tend to be harmful in the long run. It is important to educate women to tackle such emotional situations in a healthy way.

Different Conditions for Which Women Choose to Self-Medicate

Men as well as women undergo varied emotional states. If we are not educated about our emotional wellbeing, we may choose wrong ways to rectify our mental and emotional health. This can result in greater problems. Here are some of the common men’s health and women’s health issues related to mental health for which you may choose self-medicating.


Depression is a mental condition where a person encounters a series of negative emotions. The person suffering from depression may suffer from suicidal thoughts as well as increased levels of sadness. 

Post-Traumatic Stress

A serious stressful event in our life such as trauma or bereavement may cause you to suffer from post-traumatic stress. This could result in unhappiness as well as lack of satisfaction in your life. You may not enjoy your regular hobbies anymore. Life may seem vacant and meaningless.

Abusive Relationships

People living in abusive relationships feel constantly exploited and hurt. This can affect the person’s self-esteem and prevent him or her from leading a normal life. 

In each of the above cases, proper counselling and behavioral therapy may help the people to recover from their negative emotional states. However, when the individual is unaware of the seriousness of the condition, they may choose to self-medicate instead. This may pose certain risks and educating individuals about the same is vital.

Different Methods of Self-Medication

Since men and women are not aware of the right ways to deal with their emotional state, they both choose self-medication. Unlike what the term suggests, self medication may not always be the use of medicines. Here we have listed out some of the most common forms of self-medication against stress, depression and anxiety. Check them out:

Use of Alcohol: One of the most common ways used by men as well as women to tackle emotional issues is by using alcohol. This drink is readily available in the market and it temporarily soothes emotions. However, this could lead to alcohol addiction in the long run and must not be encouraged.

Use of Drugs: Even though people are well aware of the harms of drugs, they may resort to this option to relieve them of emotional pain and trauma. Cannabis, cocaine and marijuana are some of the most commonly used drugs. These are all addictive and their use can have detrimental effects on mental as well as psychological health.

Use of Nicotine:  Many people smoke cigarettes that contain nicotine to help them get relief from stress. While the use of nicotine products seems beneficial in the short run, they tend to be addictive in the long run. They are also known to increase the possibility of certain cancers.

Use of Prescription Medicines: Some men and women may choose to use prescription medicines like ADHD medicines and anti-anxiety medicines to tackle their anxiety issues. Unless used under a doctor’s supervision, even these medicines can prove harmful but people who take generic medicines 1 to 2 times have no issues when compared to other people who take 5 to 10 times a month . They can cause habit forming and the patient may depend upon the medicine to lead a normal life. Even doctors are suggesting that taking 2 to 3 times of drugs is more than enough.

The Correct Healthy Ways to Tackle Such Emotional Setbacks

If all the above methods are wrong, you may wonder what is the right way to tackle emotional setbacks in life. Here we have shared a few suggestions that may help you. Check them out:

Monitor Your Mental State: When you use alcohol or other drugs to tackle your mental state, you are aware you are facing a problem. You need to make a note of your mental state. You may try to find out the root cause of your emotional state. This will help you find a suitable solution to tackle your emotional problem.

Eat Healthy: The food we eat also contributes to our mood and mental state. When we eat fresh and healthy foods, hormones responsible for good mood are created in the body. So, if you are going through unhealthy emotional states, consider altering your diet. Get rid of junk foods and aerated drinks. Choose healthy foods that nourish you.

Exercise Regularly: Exercise also helps to create some positive mood hormones. Try to develop the habit to exercise for 40 minutes daily. You will automatically observe a positive mood change.

Communicate: Be willing to communicate your negative emotions and ask for help.

There is less understanding regarding men’s health and women’s health when it comes to emotional matters. If you seek support, you will find the desired help and be able to overcome the bad phase.