When the couple is not ready to welcome a baby, they may choose abortion as an alternative. Thankfully, the medical field has advanced greatly and there are several ways to avoid pregnancy if the couple is not prepared. It is easiest to avoid pregnancy by choosing the right means of protection. If that fails, you can go for different methods of abortion now available for women in the first and second trimester of their pregnancies. Since women’s health is now a priority, you can easily purchase abortion kits and similar generic medicines online. It is best to be well informed before you buy generic medicines and abortion kits to tackle the pregnancy dilemma.

Options Available to Prevent Pregnancy

It is always better to take precautions to prevent pregnancy rather than choosing abortion later. Thankfully, there are several ways to avoid pregnancy available to you today. Here we have discussed a few of these:

Use of Condoms:

There is male as well as female condoms available in the market. You can explore the range of available options and place your order for male or female condoms. These do not allow the sperms to interact with the eggs and thus ensure termination of pregnancy. The chances of failure of a condom due to rupture is possible. Similarly, condom offers maximum protection only when used accurately. Sometimes, the condoms sold are damaged and do not offer the required protection. If this method does not work, you may have to go for emergency contraceptive pills to avoid pregnancy.

Use of Contraceptive Pills:

There are two main types of contraceptive pills available for use for women. One is the progestin only pill and the other is combination pill. These pills must be used regularly without missing a dose to avoid pregnancy. You may consult a doctor to know how to use the contraceptive pills. The doctor will also inform you regarding the possible side effects of these medicines. 

The progestin only pack has all active pills. On the other hand, the combination pill pack has some active pills and some buffer pills. It is best to consult your doctor and know the best way to use these pills. The doctor will warn you about the pros and cons of these pills and suggest the best way to use them too.

Use of Emergency Contraceptive Pills:

All other contraceptive pills must be taken prior to intercourse but emergency contraceptive pills are different. These pills are designed to prevent pregnancy after unplanned intercourse. The medicine should be consumed within 72 hours of the intercourse to ensure its best effect. The medicine works to prevent the formation of hormones necessary for pregnancy to take place. The method is not to be used as regular contraception. The emergency contraceptive pills should only be used after an unplanned intercourse where there are chances of unplanned pregnancy.

Abortion Options in the First Trimester

It is safest to abort s early in the pregnancy as possible. The methods for abortion available to women in the first trimester are Medical Abortion and Vacuum Aspiration. Women who are under 10 weeks pregnant re recommended the medical abortion method. Women who are pregnant longer than 10 weeks maybe recommended vacuum aspiration method that is a surgical method for early abortion. Once you have undergone the abortion process, you can confirm the success of the procedure by using pregnancy tests. In the rare case that any chosen method of abortion fails, doctors may recommend a subsequent method to ensure successful abortion.

Abortion Options in the Second Trimester

The methods listed above are only helpful in terminating early pregnancy. Women who are in their second trimester of pregnancy may choose one of the two options for undergoing abortion:

Dilation and Evacuation Method: A general anesthetic is required to undertake this procedure. Doctor removes the pregnancy tissue using the forceps and then removes other tissues through the evacuation process.

Labor Induction Abortion: This method is used much later in the second trimester. The method is only recommended by the doctors in order to safeguard the mother’s life. Since the woman may experience intense cramping as a result of labor induction, a general anesthetic is provided while conducting the procedure.

Some Things to Remember While Choosing a Method for Abortion

While abortion may seem like an easy decision, it is a complex decision. There are several factors you must consider before you choose a method for abortion. Here we have shared few of these factors:

Your Phase of Pregnancy

There are different methods of abortion open to you during different phases of pregnancy. It is important that you share accurate information about your pregnancy phase. You should also state facts about past pregnancy experiences with your doctor to ensure better suggestions for abortion.

Your Overall Health

It is important to consider your overall health before you decide on a method of abortion. Certain methods of abortion may elevate certain types of unsuitable symptoms. Informing your doctor about the overall health condition will help you get better consultation from your doctor.

Your Age

The different factors associated with health vary greatly as you age. You are more vulnerable to certain diseases and health conditions as you age. If you inform your doctor about your age, he my get a better idea about the most suitable method for terminating the pregnancy.

Consult a doctor

Even when you think you know the right method for terminating the pregnancy, it is a good idea to consult a doctor. He will be better informed about the latest medicines in this field. He will be able to guide you with the best suggestions when you Buy Abortion Pills Online

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